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saizai transcript test 19:17
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guitarplayer ah, nice. it works. 11:35
guitarplayer let's see whether I can manage to watch you guys life over the weekend :) 11:36
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Enzepedon Hi 12:28
Broca Hi 12:33
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Guest1046 hey broca 15:27
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saizai and mia 15:28
saizai who's mia? 15:28
Mia Mia Soderquist... Hi there 15:28
Mia Just popping in to see if anyone happened to be on. And to see if the java chat was going to work for me 15:29
Mia Well, this seems to be working, and playing nicely with Chrome at that. Excellent. 15:33
Mia I will be back bright and early tomorrow. 15:33
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Broca Hi, Sai. 15:34
Broca Hey, that rhymes. “Hi, Sai”. 15:34
saizai salutations 15:40
saizai y'want to be in on the meeting? 15:40
saizai we'll probably start soonish 15:40
saizai pings Broca 15:40
Broca Oh crap, I forgot that. 15:41
saizai heh 15:41
Broca I don't think I'm mentally capable. I came down with a bad cold. 15:41
Broca Did I give my proxy to anyone yet? 15:42
saizai I have no idea 15:42
saizai david was handling that 15:42
saizai ... waitasec 15:42
saizai I forgot which person you are 15:42
saizai and? arnt? 15:43
Broca Arnt 15:44
Broca What's David's e-mail? 15:44
saizai peterson? dedalvs@gmail, peterson.dj@gmail 15:45
saizai but he'll be here IRL shortly 15:45
saizai can you get on skype? 15:45
saizai in fact I think he just got here 15:45
saizai yup 15:46
saizai skype? 15:46
Broca Thanks 15:46
Broca Yes I can, my handle is arjbroca 15:46
saizai ok 15:47
saizai ping me please 15:47
saizai saizai 15:47
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saizai damn jetlag 00:59
saizai does not want to be awake right now 00:59
— ing joined the chat room. 01:01
saizai 'elo ing 01:01
ing hi 01:02
saizai who're you? 01:02
ing ingolemo 01:02
saizai doesn't remember that name 01:02
ing from zbb 01:02
saizai ah 01:02
saizai cool 01:02
saizai you're early by 4h :p 01:02
ing yeah i know, just thought i'd check in 01:03
saizai m 01:03
saizai I'm gonna go take a bath and try to get a bit more sleep 01:03
saizai bbi4h 01:03
ing bye 01:04
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][mez][ hey all. 02:06
ing hay 02:06
][mez][ just testing for the 8am start. 02:06
][mez][ will bbl [round 11pm here/8am there] 02:06
saizai hey 02:10
saizai 's 5a now 02:11
— Trejan joined the chat room. 03:15
saizai hello Trejan, who are you? 03:43
Broca Good morning, Sai. Up already, or still up? 03:43
saizai yes? 03:43
saizai I woke up at 2 03:44
saizai and again at 4 03:44
— Jan joined the chat room. 03:44
Trejan Hey there. :) I'm Oli from the UK, and I'm going to watch LCC3 live stream later today. :) Just joining to get ahead of the game. 03:44
saizai and 4:30 and 5... 03:44
saizai howdy oli 03:44
Broca Awww, poor Sai. 03:44
saizai it's 6:44am here fyi 03:44
saizai and yeah srsly 03:44
saizai wanted more sleep 03:44
saizai my poor head 03:44
saizai what time is it for you europeans? 03:45
ing 11 03:45
saizai am? 03:45
Trejan I'm GMT so it's 10.45 here. 03:45
saizai oh right 03:45
saizai dur 03:45
ing yeah 03:45
saizai we're gmt-5 03:45
saizai I could've figured that out :p 03:45
saizai [see what I mean re sleep?] 03:45
Trejan Haha :) 03:46
Trejan Well, I've got work to do and stuff -- I'll be back around 9.00 your time. See ya~ 03:46
saizai yar 03:46
saizai a 03:46
saizai *ta 03:46
saizai waves to Jan 03:46
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saizai damn I'm hungry 03:48
saizai I hope durand came through with that breakfast order 03:48
Broca http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=878 03:49
Broca Seems like you're in EDT, not EST 03:49
saizai er 03:49
saizai it's 6:50am 03:50
saizai so yes 03:50
saizai fixes site 03:50
saizai good catch 03:50
Broca Thanks. 03:50
Broca Not that I think it matters a whole lot. The other time converter I used knows about daylight saving time, and gave the correct time even though I specified EST. 03:51
saizai yeah 03:52
saizai I'm surprised alex didn't get that 03:52
saizai he's picky about timezones 03:52
saizai thinks we should all just use offsets, not these silly human names 03:53
saizai fixed anyway 03:53
ing or all use utc 03:53
Broca ((silly human) names) 03:53
saizai Sai is a (silly human) name 03:53
saizai And is a silly (human name) 03:53
saizai and not vice versa :) 03:53
Broca UTC is all fine and dandy, but when something actually takes place on a location on the world (as opposed to on the Internet or something like that), local time makes sense. 03:54
Jan Hello there, everybody! 03:54
ing suppose 03:54
saizai 'allo Jan 03:54
saizai alex says: we should all just use unix time 03:55
Jan Hehe, it works! :) 03:55
saizai 'cause when we leave Earth, 03:55
Broca Mmm, reheated pizza for breakfast. 03:55
ing I have a unix time clock on my desktop 03:55
Jan Just logged in and made myself some coffee. It's 11:55 here in Poland. 03:55
Broca The joys of life as a bachelor. 03:55
saizai I'm going to shut down soon 03:57
saizai hopefully Don Boozer should be on here in the near future 03:57
saizai he's new to irc but is helping as moderator for the chat 03:57
saizai to help get questions set up for the IRL IRC-voicer to say and so on 03:57
saizai please help get him acclimatized if he shows 03:58
saizai bb@~8a 03:58
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— And joined the chat room. 04:16
And tetesttesttest 04:17
Broca And: it's working. Welcome! 04:18
And Broca is Arnt? 04:19
Broca Yes 04:25
guitarplayer he 04:30
guitarplayer y 04:30
guitarplayer sorry, I had watched movies all night long with my flatmates and then went to bed at 6 am, and now it's past noon, and I just let the computer on tonight. 04:31
guitarplayer uh... 04:31
guitarplayer sai, did you get that recording I sent you? David asked for it recenently and I said I don't know whether I can manage to make one in time. 04:31
guitarplayer you had an autoreply thing on, so I thought I'd ask 04:33
guitarplayer oh wait, he's away already 04:42
Broca He'll be back in 20 minutes or so. 04:43
][mez][ hi all. 04:52
Jan Hello hello. 04:53
][mez][ i'm mez, one of the poster creators, logging in from australia. 04:54
][mez][ ...hopefully its 5 to 8 there in RI:) 04:55
And which poster mez? Can one see it online? 04:56
][mez][ indeed, i'll just find the link. 04:57
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— saizai joined the chat room. 04:57
][mez][ http://conlang.org/lcc3/posters/Mez_Breeze-Twitterwurking.pdf 04:57
][mez][ hi sai + "guest" 04:57
][mez][ sai i just had a request to link my poster, hopefully that's ok. 04:58
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guitarplayer sai, did you get that recording I sent you? David asked for it recenently and I said I don't know whether I can manage to make one in time. 04:59
guitarplayer you had an autoreply thing on, so I thought I'd ask 04:59
guitarplayer = Carsten Becker, but you're on the ZBB, so you might know that anyway 05:00
guitarplayer ][mez][: It's 8:01 am in EDT right now 05:01
Jan Oh yes, the recording. I still haven't done that yet! Stupid me! 05:01
][mez][ excellent + thx Carsten 05:02
guitarplayer lo 05:02
Jan Would anybody know if Skype is going to work after all? Sai? 05:02
][mez][ wot's the link fro ur relay txt[s]? 05:02
][mez][ Carsten? 05:03
guitarplayer http://conlang.org/lcc3/posters/Carsten_Becker.pdf 05:03
guitarplayer had to find it first 05:03
][mez][ no prob + thx. looking now. 05:04
— guitarplayer is now known as Carsten. 05:04
][mez][ gorgeous, thank u. 05:05
Carsten Jan: I'm naranoeiati on skype. I'm on right now. 05:05
Jan My Skypeid is ijzeren_jan. 05:06
][mez][ how long did _Tahano Hikamu_ take to construct? 05:06
Carsten well, what else :P 05:06
Carsten mez: the text on the 2nd page tells a bit about it 05:06
Jan I was wondering if it would be possible to read my version of the relay text in Wenedyk life. I had a short exchange with David about that, but it seems to be unclear whether there's going to be Skype available or not. 05:07
Carsten mez: I've been working on it since 2005 05:07
][mez][ catsren>> so approx 4 years? 05:08
Carsten it's been quite stable for the past year however 05:08
Carsten yeah 05:08
][mez][ it's beautiful. i keep thinking of how it would look when morphed via Peter Ciccariello's text-manipulated forms 05:09
Jan Wow, Carsten! I just had a look at your "Creed" an I'm speechless. It's amazingly beautiful! How on Earth did you do that? 05:10
Carsten easy ;) 05:10
Carsten lots of black tea drawing very long in water 05:11
Carsten then crumbling a white sheet over and over 05:11
Carsten and putting it in there for like half an hour 05:11
Carsten then I *carefully* took it out of the water and dried it 05:11
Carsten and then ironed it a bit 05:11
Carsten iirc at least 05:12
Jan And then you calligraphed everything yourself, right? 05:12
Carsten yes 05:13
Carsten There are a couple of mistakes in there though 05:13
Broca My video thing says “Off air”. :-( 05:13
Carsten also I forgot a line 05:13
Carsten Broca: for me too :( 05:13
Jan Well, luckily no one beside you will know! 05:14
Carsten yeah 05:14
Carsten :) 05:14
Carsten also, the version of ayeri in there is not up-to-date anymore 05:14
ing have they started yet? 05:14
Jan Yeah, I guess I know what you mean... :( 05:14
][mez][ yes, off-air msg 4 me as well:/ 05:14
Carsten con-artefacts don't change automatically when you do changes to your language :P 05:14
Broca ing: from the schedule: 8am - Opening & Setup 05:15
Jan That's precisely the kind of thing that has always withheld me from doing similar stuff with my own languages. Only Wenedyk has reached such a state that it's unlikely to get changed substantially. But even then, you can never know. 05:15
Broca The real session doesn't begin until 9 05:15
Carsten what I'm really curious about is seeing that conlanger film and meeting Kári in person. we've im'ed sometimes back when he was still living in reykjavík 05:15
Carsten but since he's moved to new york I haven't seen him on msn anymore 05:16
— saizai_ joined the chat room. 05:16
Jan Hello, Saizai. 05:16
Carsten wabi sai 05:16
Broca Hi, Sai. Us online folks are wondering when you're going to turn on the video stream. 05:17
Carsten ‚Üë that was straight :) 05:17
][mez][ *waves @ sai* 05:17
Carsten lots of black tea drawing very long in water ‚Üê brewing I meant. 05:19
Carsten (in German you let tea "draw") 05:19
][mez][ its a great image either way:) 05:20
Carsten btw, broca = ? 05:21
Jan Hehe, in Dutch too. I didn't even notice the mistake. 05:21
— Guest1113 left the chat room. 05:21
Broca = Arnt Richard Johansen 05:21
][mez][ the universality of cross-modal language inflection, eh? 05:21
Carsten rather, German and Dutch are quite closely related 05:22
Carsten also in terms of expressions 05:22
Carsten at least ttbomk 05:22
Carsten or ime 05:22
Carsten whatever 05:22
][mez][ :) 05:23
][mez][ hi broca:0) 05:23
Jan Actually, how big is this thing in reality? 05:23
Carsten a little smaller than a3 05:23
Broca I had to STFW to figure out what TTBOMK means. 05:23
Carsten the paper shrunk while dyeing 05:23
Carsten Broca: I don't know what stfw means OTOH ;) 05:24
][mez][ eheh 05:24
Carsten ah, search the fucking web 05:24
Broca AFAICS it should be obvious, but YMMV. 05:25
Carsten k, nvm 05:25
Carsten brb, I need to get a very late breakfast 05:26
Carsten (that's what you get when you get up at 12:30 pm) 05:26
— Serena joined the chat room. 05:26
][mez][ hi serena + welcome. 05:27
Serena hi everyone! 05:27
Jan Hello! 05:27
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— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 05:28
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 05:29
And Carsten: tea draws in English too -- but somewhat oldfashioned & dialectal 05:30
][mez][ oo we have visuals 05:30
— saizai_ left the chat room. 05:30
; text-align: right; vertical-align: top;">][mez][ eyes sai suspiciously - its it the "real" u?;) [ghostings abound] 05:31
ing woot 05:31
][mez][ w00Ties, indeed:) 05:31
Broca Yay, I have visuals _and_ auditives! 05:32
Jan Auditives? Not here. I just here something for a quater of second, and that seems to be it. 05:32
ing wow someone hates the mike 05:32
][mez][ whoa, ear bleeding 8cringe* 05:33
Broca Tried the reload button? 05:33
Jan I have an image, but a frozen one. Somebody in a white t-shirt standing with his back to the camera. 05:33
Broca In the flash application, not the browser. 05:33
ing that was a while ago 05:33
Broca Oh, it got stuck again. 05:33
][mez][ frozen here for me now. reloading.... 05:34
Broca Black again. Maybe someone tripped over the wire ... 05:34
ing he just said they took it down 05:34
][mez][ nope, still stuck. 05:34
][mez][ ah, thx ing. 05:34
][mez][ the joys of setup huh?;) 05:35
And why are they trying to sell me james bond dvds? 05:35
Broca Who are? 05:35
And i was getting ads on the video 05:35
ing that's just ustream 05:36
— saizai__ joined the chat room. 05:36
Serena will the video applet then have sound too, or will we have to have video and audio streaming running together? 05:36
Broca I had sound on the video applet. 05:36
ing as did I 05:36
][mez][ make me a third 05:37
And earsplitting sound indeed 05:37
ing here we go 05:38
Carsten ah, cool :) 05:38
Serena it's working - great - I didn't have much faith in my bandwith :) 05:39
ing about 25 KiB/s 05:40
Carsten lots of background noise 05:40
— saizai_ left the chat room. 05:40
Carsten so the audio isn't all crisp as on tv 05:40
Jan Hey, I hear sound. Only fragments, but it seems to work. 05:40
ing it sounds pretty good to me 05:40
][mez][ yep getting both aud+vid. 05:41
saizai__ good 05:41
Serena sounds good here, too 05:41
— saizai__ is now known as saizai. 05:41
Carsten must be my bandwidth then 05:41
Jan "Call Durand". I heard that! 05:41
][mez][ they've got 1 mic! 05:42
Carsten oh, I read that as [dy."RA~] ;) 05:42
][mez][ oo drama:) 05:42
Jan But it still comes in fragments. I guess it's my bandwidth. Too bad, but all I have here is a radio connection. 05:42
saizai I'll mess with the streaming in a bit 05:42
Broca Do they only have camera-mounted mic? :-((( 05:42
saizai right now too much to do 05:42
And i think there's a mike for the speaker and we're getting mike off the camera 05:43
Broca If they are going to mike the speaker, I'll be very happy. 05:43
Carsten the people there are Sylvia and Jim, no? 05:44
And who is the lass with the camera? 05:44
Serena bagels for breakfast... did I hear thet right? 05:44
And Jim Henry and Sylvia Sotomayor? 05:45
Carsten that was my question 05:45
Jan [leaving for some breakfast, but back soon] 05:46
Carsten pity that the weather outside is damned great for late march 05:46
Carsten sunshine, only few clouds, 7C 05:46
Carsten I might be away to go outside later 05:46
— Viktor joined the chat room. 05:47
Carsten ah, the presentation of the relay is tomorrow 05:48
][mez][ hi victor + welcome. 05:48
Carsten hallo viktor 05:48
Serena hi viktor 05:48
saizai there is speaker mic 05:48
saizai hopefully 05:48
Viktor Hi everyone 05:48
ing yay 05:48
saizai how's the feed from the cam? 05:49
saizai ? 05:49
saizai *need it moved or the like? 05:49
And fine 05:49
ing look good 05:49
saizai ok 05:49
saizai goes to do stuff 05:49
Broca Why is there a camera directly in front of the camera? :-P 05:50
Carsten it doesn't seem to be all live though. you can't type and walk around in front there like that all at once, do you ;) 05:50
Carsten Broca: I guess we're watching from a webcam, and the other one is for the DVD recording or so 05:51
ing he has a doppelgänger 05:51
Broca 'k. 05:51
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 05:51
ing it might be nice if the tripod wasn't directly in front of us 05:52
Carsten yeah 05:52
Carsten lo guest from portugal 05:52
LCC3guest hi 05:54
Serena hi! 05:54
ing hi 05:54
ing do you have a more familiar name? 05:54
LCC3guest yes :) 05:55
LCC3guest I'm Jorge, but usualy go by falcata on the net. and on the conlang list too 05:55
And and who is ing? 05:56
ing ingolemo from zbb 05:56
ing I only lurk on the list 05:56
LCC3guest how can I change this lcc3 to my name? 05:56
Carsten who was that with the coat? 05:56
Broca /nick Whatever 05:56
Carsten LCC3guest: type /nick 05:56
][mez][ ji jorge + welcome 05:56
— LCC3guest is now known as falcata. 05:57
falcata txs 05:57
Carsten aha. 9:30-10:00 then 06:01
Broca Did someone just postpone it? 06:02
— timonator joined the chat room. 06:02
ing yeah 06:02
Trejan It's pretty perfect for me -- I'll get on with my work again. ^^ 06:02
Carsten meh, I wish I had a larger screen than this 15" of my laptop 06:02
Serena I have a 12" 06:03
Carsten oh 06:03
ing boasts 20" 06:04
][mez][ ok ppl. it's after midnite here so I'll have to make my goodbyes. i hope it all comes together. will check in later. 06:04
Carsten for me it looks like this atm: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/6028/screenshoteyd.png 06:04
Carsten laters 06:04
ing close the curtains 06:05
ing or whatever 06:06
Carsten yeah, the sun shines directly into the camera right now 06:06
Broca Oh wow. 06:06
Broca saizai: see above. 06:06
saizai see it 06:07
saizai will move 06:07
Carsten myeah :) 06:07
Carsten much better now 06:07
Serena we're moving... lol 06:07
Carsten oh that shaking sound on my headphones :P 06:08
Broca 14:07 < donri> OMG BLAIR WITCH 06:08
Carsten audio seems to be better now as well 06:08
— ][mez][ left the chat room. 06:09
timonator wah 06:11
Carsten hmmm 06:11
Carsten rückkoppelungen 06:11
ing sounds like godzilla is outside 06:11
Trejan ;D 06:11
Broca Funny, now the sun hit the camera again. 06:14
timonator the sun is wrong with that? 06:15
Serena curtains? 06:16
And what software are you guys using to watch the video on big screen? 06:16
ing we'd look pretty in a bonnet 06:16
Serena yes, vintage fashion... 06:16
Broca You can go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/language-creation-conference, and click the link to view in a pop-up window. 06:16
Broca That window can be resized, or maximized. 06:16
— florolf joined the chat room. 06:17
timonator useful! 06:17
florolf hi 06:17
Serena hi florolf! 06:17
ing hi 06:18
Carsten lo 06:18
falcata when the room is full, I think we'll not be able to see the speaker :( 06:21
Carsten whs 06:21
falcata nor the whiteboard... 06:21
ing yeah, keep the centre seats free 06:21
Carsten yeah, or move the camera further to the middle of the aisle 06:21
Carsten it's quite much to the left right now 06:21
ing it'll be in the sun then, probably 06:22
Carsten heh, it's kind of funny watching all these people being busy 06:22
Carsten ing: ok 06:22
— donri joined the chat room. 06:22
Broca The funny thing about watching this from home is that I can walk out in the middle of a speech without offending anyone, 06:23
donri ui coi to'e lojbo ga'i 06:23
Carsten hej 06:23
donri hej svenne :) 06:23
ing is that fortunate or unfortunate? ;) 06:23
Carsten I'm pretty much curious for lcc4 06:24
donri Funny how there supposedly are no lojbanists on the conference, but this channel is creeping of us 06:24
Carsten if it's possible I'll attend. Saarbrücken isn't too far after all 06:25
Carsten 400 km or so 06:25
Trejan Carsten: Any idea in what time of year the LCC4 will be? 06:25
Carsten no 06:25
And coi rodo i ki'e doi arnt 06:25
Broca donri: we'll make up for it on LCC4 :-) 06:25
Carsten but so far the lcc's were in spring, no? 06:25
florolf donri, timo and i will probably be there, too. 06:26
Trejan Yeah, that's true. I'm hoping it won't coincide with exams etc. :) 06:26
Carsten heh 06:26
Serena Saarbruecken, Germany? 06:26
Carsten yes 06:26
Carsten hosted by Henrik 06:26
donri lu'e lo cmavo be zo coi e zo doi cu na bridi gi'e na nitcu zo i doi and 06:27
Serena nice, that's not so far from here too... 06:27
donri when will this live feed get interesting? 06:28
Carsten sai said they wanted to try to start between 9:30 and 10 06:28
Broca donri: in two minutes or so? 06:28
donri je'e 06:28
Carsten that is, their time of course :) 06:28
ing they said they'd start before the turn of the hour 06:28
— Don joined the chat room. 06:29
Broca 30 viewers, that's pretty rad. 06:29
saizai that's the idea at least 06:29
saizai boozer on here? 06:29
Carsten hey don 06:29
Broca Don = Don Boozer? 06:29
Don Rad, indeed! Yes, I'm here... 06:29
Don just logged in. 06:29
Broca Welcome! 06:29
Carsten saizai: could you please draw the curtains? 06:29
And doi donri mi jimpe 06:29
falcata there's the sun again :( 06:29
Carsten at least those of the top windowsß 06:29
donri ua je'e 06:29
Don Carsten? Is that *the* Carsten Becker? 06:30
Carsten yes 06:30
ing I'm still convinced a bonnet is the best idea 06:30
Carsten nice to meet you :-D 06:30
Don You, too. 06:30
And FYI the ustream feed is a second or two ahead of the conang.org one 06:30
donri i do xu zvati le la frinod lojban girzu doi and 06:31
Don BTW (and OT), Carsten... my wife and I did take our trip to Germany in September. 06:31
Carsten yeah, I've heard that 06:31
Carsten so did you like it? 06:31
Don The closest we got to your location was Potsdam. 06:31
Carsten oh 06:31
Don It was a great trip! 06:31
Don If you havn't ever seen them...I definitely recommend a trip to the Bastei... 06:31
Don south of Dresden. 06:31
Carsten ok 06:31
Don very, very cool. 06:31
Carsten I've never been to saxony actually, besides the Leipzig bookfair 06:32
Serena LCC4 might be a chance for a trip to Germany - but I was planning one for the summer 06:32
And doi donri na go'i i mi glico 06:32
Carsten saaaaaaaaaaaai 06:32
Carsten the sun shines straight into the camera now 06:32
Broca Carsten: the sun always shines on TV. 06:32
Carsten indeed 06:32
donri y pei sai 06:33
Don It's like staring into some hazy netherworld... 06:33
Don Maybe it's that Lovecraft connection with Providenc. 06:33
Carsten let's hope they won't wake up the elders ;) 06:34
Serena I pictured Providence as rainy and gloomy, not this sunny 06:34
Don They're just flaunting the fact that they're there in person. 06:34
donri doi and y je'e i mu'i ma do skicu lo za'i do glico kei mi 06:34
— klaid joined the chat room. 06:34
Don Good morning, klaid.... 06:34
donri coi klaid ui 06:35
Carsten hey klaid 06:35
Don looks like things are getting set up still. 06:35
Serena hi klaid 06:35
klaid coi, hi everyone 06:35
Carsten hm, a conlang flag 06:35
ing it'd be good if we could be moved forward a little 06:36
And doi donri mi zvati la london i pau la frinod du ma 06:37
Carsten the guy in the red (?) shirt is covering the right part of the stage 06:37
Broca It'd be good if we could be moved forward a whole lot. Like, front row. 06:37
donri la'oi Freenode doi and 06:37
Carsten ah, someone is doing something about it 06:37
Serena in front of the tripod maybe... 06:37
Carsten or wait, no 06:37
Carsten he's just fetching a cable 06:37
Don I see that... 06:37
Carsten who is that guy in the white shirt on the right? 06:38
Broca Seems to be a whole lot of attendees in person. Exciting. 06:38
Don He looks familiar from the program photos... 06:38
Don I agree! 06:38
Broca Don, aren't you there yourself? 06:38
Don No, I couldn't afford the trip this time unfortuately... 06:39
Don Just a virtual interloper. 06:39
Broca Oh. :-( 06:39
Don Double :-( 06:39
Carsten still hard to listen with everyone talking 06:40
donri la frinod tcana la irk doi and to xauzma gismu pe'u toi 06:40
ing so who's mediating between us and them? 06:40
Broca It's supposed to be Sai, but I don't know who it is when Sai is AFK. 06:40
ing he mentioned something about someone else 06:41
ing but that was at, like, 4am 06:41
Broca Yes, and somehow I thought that would be Don! But, apparently not. 06:41
saizai will start in 10m 06:42
saizai ish 06:42
Broca Thanks, saizai. 06:42
Carsten yay .) 06:42
And Sai give my love to Sally 06:42
Don Sai asked me to keep an eye on things when I was online. 06:43
ing oh 06:43
Don But I can't find the command line for the IRC that makes it blink for Sai to see it... 06:43
Don I'm searching my email feverishly even as we speak/write..or chat 06:43
ing maybe if you just say his name 06:43
Carsten things usualyl get highlighted by writing people's name 06:43
Carsten don: like this 06:43
Don Thanks! 06:44
Trejan In some servers there's a /beep command, I think. :S 06:44
Don I'm digging around....we'll get his attention somehow. 06:44
Don I'll just be obnoxious and write ALL IN CAPS. 06:44
donri mi'e don sai u'i sai iu se'i sai 06:44
Trejan Hahah :D 06:44
Broca Looks like they drew the curtains or something. 06:45
Trejan Actually the /beep command depends on the IRC client, so... 06:45
Carsten same as colours and bold/italic text 06:45
Trejan Aye ;D 06:45
ing saizai 06:45
Carsten [stVp stVp stVp]... 06:45
donri mi ka'e sanga 06:45
Don It looks like we're winding down to get started. 06:45
Carsten it's 2:46 pm already here 06:46
Broca switches his KDE clock applet to show America/New York, just to make things simpler 06:46
Don We're at 9:46am Eastern. 06:46
timonator my kde clock plasmid constantly shows 12:00 06:46
timonator 06:46
Don I had almost forgotten we would be on Eastern time... 06:47
Jan Hi folks, here I am, back from breakfast. I'm going to listen a bit... 06:47
Don I was trying to remember to add 3 hours for California time.... 06:47
Carsten my gnome clock shows different time zones when I click on it 06:47
Serena 2:46 pm here too... it's cool because the lunch pause is perfect for our dinner time... lol 06:47
Trejan Maybe it's possible to have the person at the Conference to set a beep alert for a certain text that we type? 06:47
timonator does anyone else get clicks and pops and crackles? 06:48
Carsten timo: yes 06:48
Trejan Yes. :) 06:48
ing yeah 06:48
timonator OK 06:48
Jan yep. 06:48
Don 5 minute warning. 06:48
Don Yes, clicks and pops here too. 06:48
Don But just intermittently. 06:48
Don ..and feedback (evidently) 06:48
timonator just when poeple are speaking ;) 06:48
Don :-) 06:49
Don Let's make them all sit there in silence and chat. 06:49
Carsten heh 06:49
Carsten silent conference 06:49
Jan How many people are there, anyway? 06:49
Carsten hm, they'e talking about IRC 06:49
Don I heard that. 06:50
Carsten Jan: ~20 maybe? 06:50
Jan That's a lot! 06:50
Jan Actually, would it be a really weird idea if everybody who's attending would introduce himself in front of the camera? Could be nice for the folks back home! 06:51
ing heh 06:51
Carsten yeah 06:51
Don Great idea. Let's make them all line up and cross in front of the camera. 06:51
Jan Could that be arranged? 06:51
— schuyler-ouwi joined the chat room. 06:51
Don or at least turn around and wave at the camera. 06:51
schuyler-ouwi hello! 06:52
Carsten hey schuyler 06:52
Jan Hello! 06:52
Don Good morning (or afternoon). 06:52
Trejan Hei there! :) 06:52
Serena hi schuyler 06:52
ing hi 06:52
falcata hi 06:52
timonator could they wear pom-poms and dance, too? 06:52
Don :-) 06:52
Don and we get to call the dance! 06:52
Don Everybody...Highland fling! 06:53
Trejan Does anyone know what's up on the screen? Is it IRC? 06:53
Jan Did I just hear birds? 06:53
Carsten Jan: I think so 06:53
Carsten I can't see the screen either. for one, someone is standing in front of the camera, and the video quality is bad anyway 06:54
Jan That means the weather must be nice over there. Here in Poland it's not bad either, BTW. 06:54
schuyler-ouwi it's a broken safari window :-) 06:54
schuyler-ouwi atm 06:54
Carsten oh, you're in Poland then 06:54
Don low resolution. weather: it's chilly here in Ohio. 06:54
Don and we had a skiff of snow yesterday morning. 06:54
Carsten as I said, it's a sunny 7C here in Kassel 06:54
Jan I'm in Poland, yes. Nice, sunny day. 06:54
Serena it's sunny here in Italy 06:55
Jan Don't know about the temperature. I'm not much of an out-going person. ;) 06:55
ing did anyone ask to move us closer? 06:55
Trejan I've got "haar" here in Northern Scotland. :) "Haar" is the dialect word for "sea fog". 06:55
— MSoderquis joined the chat room. 06:55
timonator i'm in germany, too, and i have already mildly burnt my face 06:55
Carsten Serena: well, you're in Italy after all ;) 06:55
Jan Italy? Serena, will you marry me?? ;)) 06:55
Carsten timonator: where are you exactly? 06:55
Carsten because, round here the weather wasn't *so* sunny lately 06:55
Don Virtual proposals already this morning? 06:55
Serena It's not always sunny here... we had lots and lots and lots of rain till last monday 06:55
Don Still getting the feedback. 06:56
timonator Carsten: near düsseldorf 06:56
Carsten ok 06:56
— MSoderquis is now known as miaS. 06:56
Jan Rain? Well... just a week ago there was still snow here. 06:56
Carsten hey Mia 06:56
Jan Hi Mia! Long time! :) 06:56
miaS Hello 06:56
Don hello 06:56
Serena hi mia 06:56
miaS I just woke up. Late night. Coffee time. :) 06:57
Jan Hm, that's an idea. I've only had two coffees today, and it's almost 15:00! 06:57
Carsten heh, who is that chatting? 06:58
Broca Like, the whole room? 06:58
Carsten (IRL I mean) 06:58
Don Well, our 5 minute warning is now 10 minutes....things are right on schedule ;-) 06:58
Carsten no, I mean the two people you can hear clearly 06:58
Carsten well, clearly not anymore now 06:58
Don It sounds like Sai and someone else. 06:58
Jan Hmm, I can't here anyone clearly for now. :( 06:58
ing yeah that's mostly sai 06:59
Broca Sounds like technical video talk. 06:59
Don excuse me...sounded like sai and someone else. 06:59
schuyler-ouwi no one's by the mike 06:59
schuyler-ouwi sai was by it before 06:59
Trejan I wonder if they're aware that we're here eavesdropping. ^^ 06:59
Carsten yay, camera moving :) 06:59
miaS Oh, no! We're moving! 06:59
Broca Sai definitely knows it. 06:59
Don AAAAHHHH!!!! 06:59
ing it's an earthquake 06:59
Jan Oops! 06:59
Carsten ah, they're putting it closer to the stage 06:59
Don We're flying! 06:59
Trejan Motion sickness. 06:59
Carsten ew 06:59
Don :-) 07:00
Don Everyone hold on!!! 07:00
Carsten nice chairs you've got there ;) 07:00
Jan Gotta love it! 07:00
Don lovely shot of the chair 07:00
Broca Lovely shot of the flag. 07:00
Jan Now for sale: 50 $ 07:00
Don conlang flag alert 07:00
Don I haven't seen it since I boxed it up in Cleveland. 07:00
Don I'm glad they arrived intact. 07:01
Trejan It's quite a nice room 07:01
Don Earthquake again. 07:01
Broca I have one with me here in my apartment. 07:01
Broca Hanging off the wall. 07:01
Jan I don't know how about you guys, but I'm feeling sort of proud looking at that flag over there. For some reason, I'm among those credited for it. 07:01
Don Much better view 07:01
Serena Hurray! 07:01
Broca It looks like the embassy of conlangistan. 07:01
ing woot 07:01
And that was Denis Moskowitz creator of Rikchik that you could hear, I think 07:01
Don Conlangistan...i love it. 07:01
Broca saizai: thanks! Much better! 07:01
schuyler-ouwi showing you the flag... 07:02
Carsten –ö–æ–Ω–ª–∞–Ω–≥–∏—Å—Ç–∞–Ω 07:02
Jan Cool! 07:02
Don Yay! 07:02
ing claps 07:02
Broca schuyler-ouwi: are you the camera op or something? 07:02
timonator hah, the shining borders around the wall panels makes it look all scifi and spaceship 07:02
Don Hey! How did you get the purple letters? 07:02
And hey can we get a 360 of the room? 07:02
Carsten Don: /me blahs 07:03
Serena The room looks bigger now 07:03
Carsten also, that's the desktop of a mac book on the screen there. 07:03
Don We're recording! 07:03
Broca Yeah, looks like the default Tiger wallpaper. 07:03
Carsten yay, they're beginning :) 07:04
Don ditto 07:04
Jan Who's talking? 07:04
Carsten sai 07:04
— kiris joined the chat room. 07:04
kiris coi 07:04
Carsten hi kiris 07:04
kiris hi 07:05
Serena hi kiris 07:05
Jan Hi Kiris, just on time. 07:05
Carsten I don't know who half of you are :( 07:05
kiris =) 07:05
Broca Carsten: half of us are Lojbanists :-) 07:05
Carsten heh 07:05
Don great to have everyone aboard! 07:05
Don She's with http://www.realitysandwich.com/ 07:06
Don We should ask to be taken to the poster room at some point. 07:07
Jan That's a great idea! 07:07
Broca Realitysandwich looks pretty woo-woo. 07:07
kiris who is the moderator to whom one should direct questions? 07:07
Don I am attempting to perform that role.... 07:08
Don but, Carsten would you be able to help as well? 07:08
Don Sai, is also going to be moderating there. 07:08
Carsten Don: I won't be there all the time 07:08
— schuyler-ouwi1 joined the chat room. 07:09
Carsten I'm trying to watch as much of it as possible, but there's still IRL and a goodbye party for a friend tonight 07:09
Carsten (tonight = in ~6 hrs) 07:09
— schuyler-ouwi left the chat room. 07:09
saizai if you need to get my attention PLEASE PM 07:10
saizai I will not see it in scrollback 07:10
saizai use /msg saizai stuff to say 07:10
saizai or /msg saizai and then say stuff 07:10
Broca nods. 07:10
Carsten the guy who's talking now, is he from the Brown staff? 07:10
Broca saizai: you don't sound at all like you didn't sleep all night :-) 07:11
And david durand 07:11
Jan Private message? How does that work? (Sorry, this is the first time in my life I'm doing something like IRC. 07:11
Carsten Jan: use /msg saizai stuff to say 07:12
schuyler-ouwi1 it means only the person you sent it to receives it 07:12
Jan Just tried it on Carsten and it works! :) 07:13
ing it usually opens a new tab for you to talk to them 07:13
Jan Clever, all this. Just noticed this is the XXIth century already. 07:13
Carsten :) 07:13
Serena lol 07:13
Don Great! Thanks. 07:13
Carsten it's awesome all the technology, isn't it? 07:13
Jan It is. I'm impressed. 07:13
ing today is the future 07:14
Don Alright, no futher ado. 07:14
ing liiiiiiiiive 07:14
Don LIVE! 07:14
Jan Ha! 07:14
Carsten YAAAAAAAAAAAY :) 07:14
Trejan :D 07:14
timonator cheers 07:14
Don THAT's US! 07:14
miaS (BTW, this is live.) 07:14
Trejan Hahahah 07:14
Don blahs YAY 07:14
Carsten miaS: orly? ;) 07:14
miaS Srsly. 07:15
Carsten nowai 07:15
miaS I KNEW you were all cats too! 07:15
Don :-) 07:15
Jan Oj, ludzie. Tak dla ciekawo015bci, co si0119 dzieje tam na ekranie? 07:16
Don This is David Durand. 07:16
Carsten who is that talking? 07:16
Don speaking. 07:16
Don David Durand. 07:16
Carsten also jan, your polish special chars get messed up :( 07:16
Don The local arranger. 07:16
Jan Sorry, I didn't even mean to write in Polish. I was asking what's on the screen. 07:16
Carsten ekran :) 07:17
Don I can't really tell what's on teh screen 07:17
Carsten seems like a photo 07:17
Don Exactly. 07:17
And monet 07:17
Jan Of a tree. And a sunset. 07:17
Don That's what I thought. 07:17
Broca Oh wow. I tried the audio feed, to check if it was any better than the one on the webcam. But it's just as noisy, and twice as fast. Sounds like chipmunks. 07:17
Don is everyone else's audio ok? 07:18
Carsten mine is 07:18
ing advanced smanced 07:18
Don Mine sounds fine. 07:18
Don That's good that he's not expecting us to read it. 07:18
Serena it's fine, not perfect but comprehensible 07:18
Jan Not too bad. A little hollow. 07:18
Don Carsten..you made the presentation. 07:18
Carsten ah :) 07:18
And namecheck for carsten 07:18
ing anyone got the link 07:19
Broca Sounds good to me, for a camera-mounted microphone. But I was hoping for a microphone closer to the speaker. 07:19
Don We all have our noses to the window of the conference from the outside looking in.... 07:19
kiris my audio with the flash player is just fine, so is the video 07:19
Don ...but at least we're "there" 07:19
schuyler-ouwi1 there's a mic by the speaker 07:20
schuyler-ouwi1 is it not getting picked up? 07:20
Don I think that's their audio system for the room...not connected to us. 07:20
saizai audio is totally separate 07:20
saizai mic is into speakers 07:20
Serena yeah... a weekend in Providence without getting off the bed... for me this is good enough 07:20
Don thats what I figured. 07:21
Don :-) 07:21
saizai haven't backread log now but now that I have a little downtime 07:21
saizai a couple things 07:21
kiris someone just rang me on the phone and I said "gotta go, watching live conference on the internet". technology, eh? 07:21
— pgadey joined the chat room. 07:21
pgadey Hello! 07:21
Don hello, welcome. 07:21
Carsten hey 07:21
saizai #1 Hello everyone! 07:21
ing hey 07:21
Jan Hullo! 07:21
Trejan Ahoy! 07:21
Don Hello Sai 07:21
Serena hi pgadey 07:21
saizai hopefully this thing should be nice and obvious 07:21
saizai Marc, are you on here? 07:21
pgadey Hey saizai, are you on the laptop in the live stream? 07:21
saizai no, Marc is :p 07:21
pgadey Ah - I just saw some fingerspelling, thought I'd say hello. 07:22
Don LC categories! Darn you Library of Congress! 07:22
Don Sally aka Dr. Sarah Higley, Univ of Rochester. 07:23
pgadey Ah. 07:23
saizai hm, will have to poke him irl 07:23
saizai ok 07:23
saizai so 07:23
Don author of Hildegard of Bingen's Lingua Ignota. 07:23
saizai if you want to ask questions or have a comment voiced IRL 07:23
Carsten sometimes I wonder whether I shouldn't have used a pseudonym too. but now it's too late. 07:23
saizai then 1. tell Don 07:23
saizai 2. write as if you're talking directly to the speaker 07:23
Don All the good pseudonyms were taken. 07:23
saizai Don will send it to me or whoever the voicer is 07:24
Don Sai: Can I simply use the purple text to get your attention? 07:24
saizai it will be read literaly 07:24
Don like this? 07:24
saizai Don, I just opened a private chat w/ you 07:24
saizai should be another tab 07:24
saizai put it there 07:24
saizai there you go 07:24
ing it's not purple for everyone 07:24
Jan I have to say I can hardly understand what Sally is saying. 07:24
kiris I can't hear her too well 07:25
schuyler-ouwi1 btw, David mentioned the Codex Seraphinianus which we were kind of drooling over last night. At an earlier point i made some hi-res scans available here: 07:25
schuyler-ouwi1 http://www.graffitiweb.org/codexseraphinianus/ 07:25
Jan If it would be possible to put the mike a bit closer... 07:25
miaS Better 07:25
kiris ah, better 07:25
Jan Better indeed. 07:25
Don Thanks 07:25
Trejan That's much better! :D Thanksss. 07:25
saizai anyway, yes you will get my attention by either mentioning saizai here 07:25
kiris =] 07:25
saizai or by using /msg 07:25
saizai but if you really need me to do something, use a PM 07:26
saizai schuyler-ouwi1: you on? 07:26
schuyler-ouwi1 hello 07:26
schuyler-ouwi1 on what? :-) 07:26
saizai on chat :p 07:26
saizai schuyler there is one of the two people controlling the cam 07:26
schuyler-ouwi1 no. where's 'chat' 07:26
saizai right here :p 07:26
saizai so, if the cam looks off, TELL HIM 07:27
schuyler-ouwi1 should i move the cam? 07:27
Don Camera seems fine. 07:27
saizai or wasshisname 07:27
saizai but probably not right now 07:27
saizai Denis? 07:27
schuyler-ouwi1 better? 07:27
saizai anyway, the cam should be just talking head 07:27
saizai slides cut in later. 07:27
kiris does the cam support zoom? 07:27
saizai I think that's everything. Any questions before we just get back to chat? 07:27
saizai webcam does not 07:28
saizai real cam does 07:28
saizai your feed is through webcam 07:28
kiris ok 07:28
Don my opinion...webcam with fuller view of speaker and slides gives us online more verisimilitude of being there. 07:28
schuyler-ouwi1 ok, now it's just a talking head on the video 07:28
schuyler-ouwi1 for the recording, that is 07:29
saizai Don: let's experiment w/ that during lunch 07:29
saizai please remind 07:29
pgadey saizai: So - I couldn't come out because of money, it turns out I'm 'chairing' a philosophy symposium today. Giving an intro. speech and organizing questions. 07:30
saizai sounds fun 07:30
saizai hope you enjoy 07:30
— Deinjur joined the chat room. 07:30
Carsten hey deinjur 07:31
Serena hi deinjur 07:31
pgadey I don't think I'll enjoy it as much as I'd enjoy LCC. 07:31
Deinjur Hey this is Matt Haupt 07:31
saizai howdy 07:32
saizai btw you got elected yesterday 07:32
Deinjur Howdey 07:32
Deinjur Noice! 07:32
saizai ok, speed test 07:32
saizai I'm going to write what she says 07:32
saizai say yes immediately when you hear her say these words: 07:33
saizai looked at 07:33
Carsten yes 07:33
Serena yes 07:33
Jan yes 07:33
saizai ok 07:33
saizai good enough 07:33
saizai in test runs it was lagging like 15min 07:33
Deinjur This is Diana Slattery right? 07:33
saizai nope 07:33
saizai though they look very similar 07:33
Carsten Sally Caves 07:33
Jan Sally Caves. 07:33
Don Sarah Higley 07:34
saizai laughs 07:34
Carsten same person 07:34
Don Univ of Rochester. 07:34
Jan Teonaht 07:34
Deinjur Uhh... Not on the schedule? 07:34
Don Author of http://www.amazon.com/Hildegard-Bingens-Language-Translation-Discussion/dp/1403976732/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237646069&sr=8-3 07:34
Carsten Deinjur: is 07:34
Don She's on teh schedule with DAvid Durand 07:34
Deinjur Oh wAIT 07:34
Deinjur Just found her 07:35
Carsten it was scheduled for 9am 07:35
Don They're running a little behind schedule. 07:35
Carsten there was a 50-minute delay though 07:35
Deinjur Brb 07:35
— Deinjur left the chat room. 07:35
saizai any Q? 07:35
saizai new format: 07:36
ing \me claps 07:36
Carsten *clap clap clap* 07:36
timonator waaah 07:36
ing damn 07:36
saizai if you have a q please write something like this 07:36
timonator my head just almost exploded from the clapping 07:36
saizai QUESTION: What do you think of the markov chain hypothesis 07:36
— Deinjur joined the chat room. 07:36
Deinjur Back 07:36
pgadey Likewise timonator 07:36
Jan QUESTION: I know it hasn't anything to do with the subject, but I'd love to hear Sally saying a few words in Teonaht live! 07:37
Deinjur Yeah, I enjoyed that too at teh First LCC 07:37
pgadey The script is on wikipedia 07:37
ing link 07:37
pgadey http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Litterae_ignotae.png 07:37
saizai Jan: please write in 2nd person 07:38
saizai I will read things verbatim 07:38
Don Sally's book really is fantastic. I bought a copy for our library. 07:38
Jan QUESTION: Hi Sally, this is Jan van Steenbergen speaking. I know it hasn't anything to do with the subject, but I'd love to seize the occasion and ask you to a small favour... I'd love to hear a few words in Teonaht live! 07:39
saizai thanks 07:39
And sai: LARS MATTHIESEN 07:39
saizai ? 07:39
— cpdavis joined the chat room. 07:39
And SECOND OWNDER OF COnlang 07:39
saizai ? 07:40
And david was trying to remember his name so he cd be acknowledged 07:40
Carsten I can barely understand anything :( 07:40
pgadey Jan: Yay! Good question. 07:40
pgadey A song, woo! 07:41
Don CLAP! 07:41
Trejan :D 07:41
falcata Claps 07:41
Jan Wow, thanks a lot, Sally! :) 07:41
Carsten claps too 07:41
Serena clap! clap! 07:41
Don Everybody join in!@ 07:41
Carsten 's ears fall off 07:41
Deinjur Pretty cool 07:41
Carsten (from the clapping) 07:41
timonator is there a way to make the sound not explode when people get loud? 07:41
Carsten ask the people next to the cam not clap? :P 07:41
kiris timonator: turn down the volume on the flash thing but turn up your normal volume? 07:42
timonator that would be rude 07:42
Don SAI: How many people raised their hands? 07:42
Carsten kiris: that'd change nothing 07:42
pgadey Carsten: Just mute your speakers. 07:42
schuyler-ouwi1 2 07:42
Jan Ha, Amanda! 07:42
kiris Carsten: well, turning up the volume to full on the flash thing makes it worse for me 07:42
Don YAy! David J. Peterson's up next! 07:42
Jan * claps 07:42
Carsten kiris: oh, ok 07:42
Deinjur Oh cool 07:42
pgadey Don: Groovey. 07:42
ing I love seats 07:42
Deinjur Look around the room for us 07:42
Carsten hm, chairs again now :( 07:43
Trejan Whoa 07:43
pgadey AH THE WORLD IS BLACK. 07:43
Broca Carsten: we could ask everyone to clap the deaf way. 07:43
Serena just mute the speakers when the clapping starts 07:43
Jan I love darkness. Mwahahahaaaa!!! 07:43
Carsten Broca: heh 07:43
Don HElp! We've fallen and we can't get up! 07:43
Trejan :D 07:43
Deinjur Pan the camera around the room so we can check it out 07:43
Deinjur :P 07:43
Don SAI: Could we pan the room? 07:43
pgadey seconds the panning. 07:43
Broca (Both palms facing forward at eye level, rapid rotation back and forth of the wrists.) 07:43
Deinjur Deinjur thirds 07:43
Trejan I feel so helpless here in IRC. :P 07:43
Carsten yeah. being there live is certainly more convenient 07:44
Jan How do you get the purple text? Just curious. 07:44
Carsten still awesome 07:44
ing we are ghosts in the wind 07:44
— schuyler-ouwi1 left the chat room. 07:44
timonator Trejan: much like an infant strapped to their mothers/fathers chest, i suppose 07:44
Deinjur So who else in here is on the West Coast 07:44
Don I'm looking forward to hearing David's talk on fonts. 07:44
Don Oh, man! Coffe, too! 07:44
Deinjur Yeah me too - I'll probably be working then :( 07:44
Carsten oh, coffee break now? 07:44
miaS I have coffee. :) 07:44
Jan Yay, coffee! 07:44
Don While they're taking a break...could we just go through ourselves on IRC and say where we're from? 07:44
pgadey Hee! I have coffee IRL. I feel so _included_. 07:44
Carsten it's 3:44 pm, so coffee time IRL 07:45
Don I'm Don Boozer, here in Ohio, USA. 07:45
ing jan: /me says something 07:45
Deinjur East Bay Area, CAlifornia here 07:45
pgadey North Eastern, Ontario. 07:45
Jan Sure, Don, why not? I'm Jan van Steenbergen, from the Netherlands but most of the time living in Poland. Several languages, including Wenedyk and Vozgian. 07:45
Broca This is Arnt Richard Johansen, live from Oslo, Norway. 07:45
falcata I'm Jorge Cristino, from Portugal 07:45
florolf i just had coffee :/ 07:45
Serena Venice, Italy here 07:45
Don We're panning. 07:46
Deinjur Wow! 07:46
miaS I am Mia Soderquist in Pennsylvania, USA... In a town called Johnstown, most famous for flooding. 07:46
cpdavis Sorry, changing tapes on camera. 07:46
florolf introductions? 07:46
pgadey Don: For what it's worth, I was massively impressed by your Dritok lecture. It's a wonderful creation. 07:46
Deinjur We're from all over in here 07:46
Don Thank you very much.... 07:46
pgadey Deinjur: Yeah, really. 07:46
miaS Seemed like a good point for an introduction. :) 07:46
And I am And Rosta, in London (England) 07:46
Deinjur Yeah me too Don - very cool atuff 07:47
ing yeah, dritok was awesome 07:47
Don Thanks everyone. Have you guys seen the PDF files I posted on the web for it? 07:47
Deinjur I was there in person for that one 07:47
Deinjur I did 07:47
pgadey Don, I watched it quite a few times before posting my rant on Conlang about mutli-modal languages. 07:47
florolf Florian Larysch, Freiburg (Germany) 07:47
Trejan I'm Olivier Mayeux in Aberdeen, Scotland. :) 07:47
Carsten Don: what pgadey said. I heard that interview on that radio show (forgot the name :() 07:48
Don The SETI one? 07:48
Carsten yeah 07:48
pgadey So - More Euros that Americans here? 07:48
And LotS OF your names I've never heard of before... 07:48
miaS It's nice to meet you all (sort of). 07:48
ing probably, it's further from europe 07:48
Don We are officially an international conference then? ;-) 07:48
Carsten ‚Üê Carsten Becker, Kassel, Germany 07:48
Jan Well, if you don't count the Merkins who're present at the conference... 07:48
pgadey (Even in the inclusive North and South American way) 07:48
Don Conlangers rock, man! 07:49
pgadey Oh - I forgot to mention my name, I'm Parker Glynn-Adey. 07:49
Deinjur I'll represent Bulgaria just for fun 07:49
Don Glad to make all your acquaintances. This simulcast, IRC is very cool! 07:50
Jan Quito so! 07:50
pgadey Okay - The guy on the left in the video stream, that is Sai right? 07:50
Jan (quickly running away to make myself coffee) 07:50
pgadey Sorry, our left, their right. 07:50
Don SAI: Say hello to David for me if you get a chance. 07:50
— And98 joined the chat room. 07:50
miaS I am enjoying this so far. 07:50
Don ditto 07:50
Carsten it's fun how there are 3 germans on here, but usually only 1 (me) on #isharia 07:50
Deinjur Yes that is Sai 07:50
Carsten *funny 07:51
Don and the famous David J. Peterson is up next to talk. 07:51
Jan Well, if LCC4 is going to be in Germany, that would make sense! 07:51
— schuyler-ouwi joined the chat room. 07:51
florolf Carsten, i'm usually not on OFTC 07:51
pgadey Deinjur: Okay. Check. 07:51
Carsten OFTC=? 07:51
Carsten btw, co-germans, www.beckerscarsten.de/sprachbaukasten just fyi :P 07:52
Carsten oh wait, wrong link 07:52
Carsten .../sbk 07:52
Don BTW, Carsten...excellent work on the Sprachbaukasten! 07:52
Carsten thanks 07:52
Jan Hmm, perhaps I'd do a Dutch version one day. "Taalbouwdoos". 07:52
Carsten I think the "irregularities in esperanto" page still contains some minor mistakes 07:53
Carsten or mark made mistakes and i translated them 07:53
Carsten idk, I don't know any esperanto 07:53
Don :-) 07:53
Don "Here we see the conlangers in their natural habitat.... 07:53
pgadey How many languages are present at LCC3? 07:53
Don mingling about looking for coffee... 07:53
Don and a place to sit" 07:53
miaS I am planning to learn Esperanto this year. On a lark, as a break from Irish, which is killing me. 07:53
Deinjur Do you mean conlangs or real? 07:54
pgadey don: I was marveling at the Babel like cacaphony. 07:54
florolf Carsten, neat. i'll look into it later 07:54
Don pgadey: exactly. Let's make them all talk in their conlangs at once too. 07:54
pgadey Deinjur: I wasn't going to note the difference. ;) 07:54
Carsten is that sally singing again? 07:54
pgadey Don: YES! 07:54
Don it sounds like it. 07:54
miaS My con-people don't have songs... mainly because I can't sing. I REALLY can't sing. 07:55
Trejan I assume everyone here has (a) conlang(s), right? :) 07:55
Carsten yeah. I'd can't sing particularly well and I'd like to be able to draw better 07:55
Carsten pity that talents aren't equally shared ;) 07:55
timonator Trejan: do you mean "their own"? 07:55
pgadey Trejan: I wanted to go, but I don't have a fully developed lang. or a lot of money, so I didn't go. 07:55
Trejan timonator: Yeah, sorry. :) 07:56
Don Trejan: I don't know about that.Some might just be curious and others might just have neographies. 07:56
timonator i think i should leave :( 07:56
Don WHy? 07:56
Carsten pgadey: I think even though you don't have a full-fledged conlang it might've be interesting anyway 07:56
miaS I am actually working on one of my languages today. Sort of a penance for not showing up. hehe 07:56
Trejan :D 07:56
Don Looks like we're almost ready. 07:56
Deinjur Hey I started attending LCCs when I had NOTHING - and these have really helped me advance my conlaning 07:56
timonator i'm just a lojban enthusiast without an own conlang 07:56
Don I see some Mac images on the screen. 07:57
Carsten looks like powerpoint 07:57
Deinjur I promise you're going to learn something if you stay Timonator 07:57
Don Enthusiasts as well as conlangers are great. 07:57
Trejan Yeah, precisely. 07:57
schuyler-ouwi well, i think a lot of people have conlangs, but most of us ALSO have unfinished conlangs 07:57
Don Exactly. I learned a LOT at LCC2. 07:57
Carsten well, I regard my conalng as constant work in progress 07:57
Don Plus we all started somewhere...this is great inspiration. 07:57
Don DAvid J. Peteson everyone. 07:57
Deinjur Carsten: I think most of us do 07:57
Don agreed. 07:58
saizai David's slides: http://conlang.org/lcc3/talks/David_Peterson.pdf 07:58
Trejan Thanks, saizai. :) 07:58
cpdavis It's 90% macs. The rest are Linux 07:58
pgadey Awesome, saizai 07:58
saizai bows 07:58
saizai just in time 07:58
saizai literally. 07:58
ing we've got to download it yet 07:59
Deinjur Either a big file or a slow download 07:59
Carsten 12.5 m 07:59
ing the stream doesn't help 07:59
saizai schuyler-ouwi: you good on cam? 07:59
Don The slides are great at the site. So, I'm going to be going back and forth. 08:00
— donri left the chat room. 08:00
Trejan Deinjur: Well, there're ~49 slides, so. 08:00
Serena i opened it almost at once, fast download 08:00
pgadey Hmm - I am lacking enough resolution to watch the vid, read the slides, and IRC. 08:00
schuyler-ouwi looks good 08:00
saizai coo 08:00
Carsten his [X] sounds weird ;) 08:00
Serena I feel blessed by my connection today, it's also managing the stream quite well, and it's so slow usually 08:00
Don slide 5 08:01
— Jan left the chat room. 08:01
Don Uh, oh.... 08:02
Don My screen just froze 08:02
pgadey Yeah. 08:02
pgadey Big uh oh. 08:02
Deinjur Me too 08:02
Carsten meh :( 08:02
Broca Same here. 08:02
Trejan Ditto. 08:02
timonator oh my 08:02
falcata same here 08:02
Don SAI: No VIDEO FEED 08:02
timonator someone pulled the firewire 08:02
Serena uh-oh 08:02
ing cries 08:02
Deinjur Help us! We are in darkness! 08:02
timonator and microphone 08:02
Don OR AUDIO!! 08:02
Trejan Out of the wormhole. :D 08:02
Carsten ah, back now 08:02
Serena we're back 08:03
Don Whew! 08:03
— Jan joined the chat room. 08:03
miaS There we go... This is being recorded too, right? 08:03
Carsten slide 9 now 08:03
Don yep. 08:03
Jan Oh no, got logged out. 08:03
— falcata left the chat room. 08:03
saizai yes 08:04
saizai recording 08:04
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 08:04
Deinjur Crud 08:04
Don SAI: okay, now we have audio but not the video....it's frozen... 08:04
pgadey BLA OUT 08:04
Don oops...now nothing again. 08:04
Trejan Typical, Firefox scrashed. 08:04
Don Crashed again. 08:05
Carsten no, not just firefox 08:05
Carsten the stream crashed 08:05
Don Evidently, David's talk is just WAY too potent for the feed. 08:05
Trejan I mean /my/ Firefox. ^^; 08:05
LCC3guest \nick falcata 08:05
Carsten Trejan: ok 08:05
— LCC3guest is now known as falcata. 08:05
Jan What's going on? I have neither image nor sound. 08:05
Don Sai: Off Air again. 08:05
Trejan The slides are really cool, though. 08:05
Carsten I hope it's back on in time for slide 14 08:05
Don agreed. 08:05
Don CRASHED - no audio or video - IRC active though 08:06
ing if irc weren't on do you think he'd get the message? 08:06
Don Probably not. 08:06
timonator 08:07
Trejan I'm sure the conference-side people are trying to fix it atm. 08:07
Don I'm sure they are too. 08:07
Don Let's all imagine them frantically plugging and unplugging cables.... 08:08
pgadey Mhmm 08:08
schuyler-ouwi we're scrambling 08:08
Don It figures...David's is the one I was most looking forward to this morning, too. 08:08
schuyler-ouwi we're on 'orthography's purpose slide' 08:08
schuyler-ouwi DAVIS SAYS: 08:08
ing 15 08:09
schuyler-ouwi David flurian 08:09
Don Thanks! 08:09
schuyler-ouwi (reading) 08:09
schuyler-ouwi (from always remember) 08:09
Carsten slide 36: Schreibgefühl heh 08:09
schuyler-ouwi all systems across world, this is true 08:09
Carsten still no video for me :( 08:09
Don same here. 08:09
Serena no video and no sound here 08:09
schuyler-ouwi now 'what to do first' 08:09
cpdavis The recording is still continuing. The tape should be ok. ;( 08:09
schuyler-ouwi 'pretty crucial' 08:09
— Serena left the chat room. 08:09
— broadcaster joined the chat room. 08:10
schuyler-ouwi need to have what the language is (in mind) 08:10
schuyler-ouwi 2nd, 3rd 08:10
Don Any luck on getting the feed back? 08:10
schuyler-ouwi really important to 'obtain \said/ implement' 08:10
schuyler-ouwi (what why slide) 08:10
— Serena joined the chat room. 08:10
Jan I'm having the feeling that we're missing something really great. :(( 08:10
Don schuyler-ouwi: any luck on getting the audiovideo feed back? 08:10
broadcaster trying 08:10
schuyler-ouwi medium and instrument shapes how it's used what it's used for and how it changes 08:10
schuyler-ouwi they're working 08:10
Don double :-( 08:10
Don THanks. 08:10
schuyler-ouwi 1337 speak 08:10
schuyler-ouwi 'teh' means ~ stupid 08:11
— falcata left the chat room. 08:11
schuyler-ouwi if anyone watches strongbad 08:11
Don so slide 20 08:11
schuyler-ouwi ... 08:11
Carsten alas, non-linear writing systems in a linear framework. it's a pain in the ass if your conscript is alphasyllabic (like mine) 08:11
Don David's really ripping throughthem. 08:11
— falcata joined the chat room. 08:11
schuyler-ouwi pronounced 'Pone' 08:11
schuyler-ouwi means "pounded them to the dirt" 08:11
ing hah 08:12
miaS As in, our audio and video feed has been pwnd. 08:12
schuyler-ouwi PWN/teh - is connected to the keyboard layout 08:12
Don I pronounced that "pon'd" (pone-d) before my daughter corrected me. 08:12
Don excuse me...pooned...before I was corrected. 08:12
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 08:12
schuyler-ouwi p==q 08:12
broadcaster video bacck? 08:12
Don not yet 08:12
schuyler-ouwi hitting shift/1 is kbd related 08:12
schuyler-ouwi !11!!!! 08:12
ing yay 08:13
Trejan My video is back. :D 08:13
schuyler-ouwi from audience: someone says "I've seen someone spellout 'eleven' 08:13
schuyler-ouwi video/audio back?\ 08:13
broadcaster try using the audio only feed as backup 08:13
Don not mine. 08:13
miaS It says On Air now... But I am not seeing it yet. 08:13
pgadey Likewise. 08:13
schuyler-ouwi i'll continue paraphrasing talk then 08:13
ing mine is 08:13
schuyler-ouwi "These things naturally evolved" 08:13
ing try refreshing 08:13
— pgadey left the chat room. 08:13
Don Okay, got it.... 08:13
broadcaster good 08:13
schuyler-ouwi characters are becoming more rounded/simplified--but not on keyboard 08:14
Don Try the reload at the bottom left of screen. 08:14
— pgadey joined the chat room. 08:14
Serena let's hope it doesn't freeze again... 08:14
miaS I've got it working on the Ustream page. 08:14
schuyler-ouwi talking about cuneiform 08:14
schuyler-ouwi related to medium of wedge into clay stone tablet 08:14
— miaS left the chat room. 08:15
schuyler-ouwi (nat = simple slide) 08:15
Don okay..we're all good now. 08:15
schuyler-ouwi great 08:15
schuyler-ouwi I will now stop 08:15
Don which slide are we on? 08:15
schuyler-ouwi (nat=simple) 08:15
— MSoderquis joined the chat room. 08:15
Trejan Slide 21 08:15
— MSoderquis is now known as MiaS. 08:15
broadcaster I'll be able to keep more of an eye on it now. We're on "Natural = Simple, Right?" 08:15
ing yeah 08:16
saizai broadcaster = Marc 08:16
— MiaS is now known as MiaSMa. 08:16
saizai Denis Moskowitz' brother 08:16
pgadey I really want to see his comments on his last couple slides. 08:16
saizai at least at the moment 08:16
Don agreed. 08:16
pgadey Particularily that crazy diagram he drew. 08:16
saizai LCC3guest: please type: /nick your_real_name_here 08:17
pgadey saizai Hey could you say hello to Denis and Marc for me? 08:17
saizai say hello yourself, they're in chat 08:17
saizai points to broadcaster at least 08:18
broadcaster Howdy. 08:18
saizai Denis, you here? 08:18
pgadey Hey guys. 08:18
Don I absolutely love David's enthusiasm and speaking style. I'd love to take a class from him. 08:18
pgadey Likewise. 08:18
Trejan Seconded! 08:18
Trejan Thirded, even. ^^ 08:19
broadcaster Parker, he doesn't have a laptop on him. I'll say hey after the talk. 08:19
ing me too 08:19
pgadey I had an embarassing moment yesterday, I started looking Rikchik morphemes last night, and realized how much I've forgotten. :( 08:19
saizai doh 08:19
pgadey broadcaster: Okee. 08:20
— Serena left the chat room. 08:20
— Serena joined the chat room. 08:21
— Deinjur left the chat room. 08:21
— saizai was promoted to operator by ChanServ. 08:21
pgadey "This one just looks like an elbow"!! 08:21
— saizai made this room secret. 08:21
— saizai made this room no longer a secret. 08:22
— broadcaster was granted voice by saizai. 08:22
— Don was granted voice by saizai. 08:22
— schuyler-ouwi was granted voice by saizai. 08:22
saizai goddamn he has a lot of slides >< 08:23
Don Do I need to worry that my mode has been set to plus v? 08:23
— Deinjur joined the chat room. 08:23
saizai that was me 08:23
Don Yes, but it makes it great for us online. 08:23
saizai everyone should still be able to talk 08:24
saizai it just makes you more visible 08:24
Don to be able to see all the slides. That was a great idea to post them on the conlang site. 08:24
saizai someone else please say something 08:24
schuyler-ouwi hi 08:24
ing hey 08:24
— MiaSMa left the chat room. 08:24
Jan Like this? 08:24
saizai good 08:24
saizai so yes I didn't mess it up :p 08:24
saizai oftc doesn't seem to have half-ops? 08:24
saizai or I forgot how to do it 08:24
— pgadey left the chat room. 08:24
— MiaS joined the chat room. 08:25
— pgadey joined the chat room. 08:25
saizai waves to MiaS 08:25
saizai btw you can reload the slides page 08:25
— mib_gu9be4 joined the chat room. 08:25
saizai it will get updated as I have new stuff 08:25
Don for those of you keeping score, we're on slide 32 08:25
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 08:25
pgadey "You're a sane person"!! 08:25
— mib_gu9be4 left the chat room. 08:25
saizai yeah, presumptuous of him 08:26
MiaS I think he's overestimating the sanity of the average conlanger. Or the ambition of said conlanger. 08:26
pgadey Has anyone tried learning Chinese or Japanese to get their head around orthgraphic-wtf? 08:26
Deinjur Don: My wife was just remembering who you were; we were both there the first day last time. She remembered you as the guy with the moustache that did the clicks with the tongue - heh. 08:26
— Trey joined the chat room. 08:26
pgadey MiaS: You mean underestimating said ambition. 08:27
Don very clever. 08:27
MiaS Yes. :) 08:28
pgadey What did they just bring by? 08:28
Carsten yeah 08:28
saizai a big notepad 08:28
Deinjur I was like - he was the guy that did 'Dritok', the voiceless language, with genstures... and she was like no... he did the clicks with his tongue 08:28
ing looks like tengwar 08:28
saizai needed for later 08:28
Deinjur :P 08:28
saizai looked like we might not have it 08:28
pgadey Ah - Groovey. 08:28
pgadey Tilted fish burn the criterion 08:29
Carsten which slide are we on? 08:29
Don slide 35 08:29
Carsten ah 08:29
pgadey I thought that was very transparent... 08:29
saizai pgadey: the pdf is incomplete here 08:29
— Trey left the chat room. 08:29
saizai he's using transitions 08:30
saizai pdf doesn't have 'em 08:30
Jan At least we can get the picture. 08:30
saizai the upper one was the 2nd version 08:30
Don exactly 08:30
saizai 1st version is the bottom half 08:30
Carsten ah, my conscript has meaningful stuff under letters as well. I find that a bit hard to read sometimes 08:30
Don Tengwar would be tricky just looking at the top half too 08:30
Carsten ["SpRa:X.g@.fy:l] 08:31
saizai schuyler-ouwi: get him 08:31
Carsten ["SRAep.g@.fy:l] 08:31
pgadey Hmm - I like the way he has emphasized the /play with your writing implement./ 08:32
saizai Brian, you on irc? 08:32
saizai mr non schuyler-ouwi camera man 08:32
broadcaster What should I ask him? 08:33
saizai feh, I'll poke him later 08:33
saizai I'd like him on here 08:33
saizai he's got laptop open 08:33
pgadey Who? 08:33
saizai brian distin? I think 08:34
schuyler-ouwi should i tap someone on the shoulder? 08:34
saizai schuyler-ouwi: the guy on your left. has a laptop or no? 08:34
saizai yes him 08:34
saizai big guy, has camera cord 08:34
schuyler-ouwi he's typing 08:34
broadcaster He's on. 08:34
cpdavis What can I do for you? 08:34
saizai ah, 'k 08:34
saizai just wanted to know if you're on 08:34
— cpdavis was granted voice by saizai. 08:35
saizai thanks 08:35
saizai which one of you has the cam control? 08:35
cpdavis Sorry for the pans. The webcam is zoomed way out on the same tripod as the recording 08:35
schuyler-ouwi him 08:35
saizai recording takes priority, cpdavis 08:35
saizai webcam hopefully will be good enough for everyone here to follow along ;) 08:36
Deinjur Hmm... so what implements could there be besides the basic stick in the hand (whether its an actual stick or a pen, quill, etc.) and a stamp-tool, like cuneiform? 08:36
saizai (23 people - not bad :) 08:36
schuyler-ouwi a keyboard, of course :-) 08:36
Deinjur True, but I'm thinking a little more primtive than that 08:36
pgadey Deinjur: Scultpure 08:36
MiaS there's the handy chisel and hammer 08:36
broadcaster brush, set of stamps... 08:36
ing we lost a few when it went down 08:36
Serena hands? 08:37
schuyler-ouwi knot writing 08:37
schuyler-ouwi e.g. quipu 08:37
pgadey Deinjur: Knotwork. 08:37
Deinjur Aha 08:37
schuyler-ouwi toe-painting :-) 08:37
Deinjur pgadey: I'm thinking a little quicker than that too, LOL 08:37
Serena a knife on wood 08:37
Deinjur But the hands and knot-writing are good ideas 08:37
Don very much so. 08:37
schuyler-ouwi but that's only for humans 08:38
broadcaster thumb-printing... 08:38
pgadey Deinjur: I've thought about sticking things in holes before. But I never thought I could make that work. 08:38
Don Fiat lux! 08:38
Carsten no flip chart? :( 08:38
Carsten it looks like just a pole to which the block is attached 08:39
Deinjur Pgadey: LOL That coudl so be taken out of context 08:39
Carsten without a hard back 08:39
pgadey Deinjur: Yup ;) 08:39
Jan Poor David... Right-handed, not bearded, not Lithuanian... and yét a conlanger! incompatible encoding 08:39
pgadey So far I think that pen + paper is the most wildly robust medium for writing I can think of. 08:39
Don :-) 08:40
pgadey Jan: Awww. 08:40
Carsten Jan: non-gay, non-glasses-wearing also 08:40
Jan }:-> 08:40
Carsten pgadey: pen + paper + scanner is most simple indeed 08:40
Carsten it's quite tedious though 08:40
Carsten at least I find it tedious 08:40
schuyler-ouwi robust-yes. efficient-now 08:41
schuyler-ouwi no 08:41
Don I don't know about anyone else, but I'd love to see DAvid put a tutorial of this on his web thing. 08:41
— florolf left the chat room. 08:41
Carsten ah, zero width characters. 08:41
Carsten that only works *very* well without anchors and other fancy means when you have a monospaced font 08:41
Carsten "Oh my God, I have to know numbers" :) 08:42
saizai how can you guys hear? 08:42
Don yes 08:42
Jan Not bad! 08:42
ing fine 08:43
saizai good 08:43
Carsten could be better, but it's good enough to listen 08:43
saizai any more inerrupts on vid? 08:43
Carsten and understand most 08:43
Jan David has a good and clear voice, and articulates well. 08:43
Deinjur I'm hearing pretty good 08:43
Don everything's been okay for awhile now 08:43
saizai heh, especially when he's in front of the mic :p 08:43
ing it's skipped a couple of times, but that's probably me 08:43
saizai john cayley talking 08:43
Deinjur Fiat nox! 08:43
Don :-) 08:43
Deinjur :P 08:44
pgadey Gah - I want to ask a whole bunch of questions, but I need to grab a bus. 08:44
pgadey Toodles. Thanks everyone. 08:44
Carsten I'm hungry 08:44
Carsten bye pgadey 08:44
saizai waves 08:44
saizai have fun chairing 08:44
saizai will you be on tomorrow? 08:45
Don bye carsten 08:45
Carsten no, it's not me who goes ;;) 08:45
Carsten at least not now 08:45
Deinjur See ya Pgadey 08:45
Don oops 08:45
Serena bye pgadey 08:45
Don bye 08:45
Jan Bye! 08:45
Deinjur *tries an emote* 08:46
timonator BA; 08:46
timonator BAM* 08:46
Jan * claps * 08:46
Deinjur Feh 08:46
timonator claps, too 08:46
ing claps 08:46
Carsten claps 08:46
Deinjur How do you emote on here? 08:46
Serena claps 08:46
Trejan Like /me 08:46
saizai any Q? 08:46
Jan is trying to write something in purple. 08:46
Deinjur writes something in Fauleethik 08:46
Deinjur Nice 08:46
Carsten Deinjur: I always read that as "faule Ethik", "foul ethics" 08:47
Don question: Hi, This is Don Boozer. Nice work, David, and sorry I couldn't be there. Is there anyway you could post a tutorial on your web thing for what you covered on the flip chart? 08:47
Deinjur LOL Its said like "Faw-LEE-thick" 08:48
Deinjur Literally means mouth/tongue sounds 08:48
Carsten [fQ."li:.TIk] then 08:48
Deinjur One of these days I'll learn z-sampa or whatever that is 08:48
Carsten you should 08:49
Deinjur x-sampa I meant 08:49
Carsten *-sampa 08:49
Carsten :) 08:49
— pgadey left the chat room. 08:52
Jan asks a question: David, what is in your opinion the relationship between a conlang and a conscript? A conscript can be used for a natural language, an existing script can be used for a conlang. But suppose, someone builds a pictographic language that uses its own grammar but can still be used for expressing a natlang. How would you classify such a thing? 08:53
Deinjur Ooo I like that question 08:54
Carsten has it been read out already? 08:54
Carsten I haven't payed attention 08:54
saizai 1m 08:54
Deinjur No 08:54
Deinjur Sai is reading the first one now 08:55
Deinjur Ok now 08:55
Carsten ah 08:55
saizai just read 2nd 08:55
Jan : Like Blissymbolics, yes. 08:55
Deinjur My conscript can be used for Fauleethik or English, and personally I built it that way JUST so I could use it as a code if I wanted. Heh 08:56
Carsten I did the same with TN 08:56
Deinjur high fives Carsten 08:56
Trejan I've always tried to develop my own shorthands for English out of my conscripts for in-class notetaking and stuff. 08:57
Carsten well, I intended mine to be for the language, but I have also used to code stuff 08:57
Trejan Somehow it's difficult to utilise it irl, though. 08:57
Jan Who's talking? 08:57
saizai sally 08:57
Don sarah Higley 08:57
Carsten saizai: Annotation to David: There's also for example FontForge, which is free and highly functional. 08:57
saizai ok 08:58
Don i have to go. taking son to his soccer game. hope to be back this afternoon and/or tomorrow. good to "meet" everyone online. 08:58
Carsten laters don 08:59
Jan Cheers! 08:59
saizai 'bye 08:59
falcata bye 08:59
saizai ttyl :) 08:59
— Don left the chat room. 08:59
Deinjur Later 09:00
Deinjur Saizai: Another annotation - yourfonts.com and fontstruct.com are other free resources 09:01
Broca The webcam is attached to the top of the DV cam? 09:02
Carsten too late :( 09:02
Carsten anyway, I'm off for a while too 09:02
broadcaster Yes. Sorry it gets shaken around when we switch tapes between presenters. 09:02
Jan Me 3, but I hope to make it back before Jim's talk. 09:03
saizai yes, the cam is on the dv 09:03
saizai feh, we're .5hr behind + the 1hr late start 09:05
And98 is there a pdf for this one? 09:05
saizai sky's presetnation link is on the page 09:05
saizai http://ouwi.org/presentation/html/nl2dws.html 09:05
Trejan Cheers! :D 09:06
And98 Weird. How COME I@M called "And98" now... I'd bEEn wondering who "And98" was 09:06
Deinjur You have to put in a name when you join the IRC channel 09:06
saizai also I just saw this 09:07
— schuyler-ouwi left the chat room. 09:07
Jan Alright, peeps, I have to leave you for a while. Thanks for talking & Seeya! 09:08
broadcaster Cya. 09:08
saizai taa 09:08
saizai come back soon :) 09:08
Serena bye jan 09:08
— Jan left the chat room. 09:09
Trejan Yeah, I have to get moving and do some work on my disseratation. See ya later tonight/today/this morning~ 09:09
Trejan And by disseratation, I mean dissertation. :) 09:09
— davidduran joined the chat room. 09:11
Deinjur Can't really see the screen 09:11
Deinjur But I guess we just follow along 09:11
saizai Deinjur: use the url 09:11
Deinjur Yep 09:11
Deinjur This is really interesting stuff 09:12
— aya joined the chat room. 09:12
Deinjur I love that we're talking some more about the Ilaksh system 09:17
Deinjur Sai: Is John Quijada just saying the welcome on Sunday in his conlangs, or is he also going to talk about something? 09:19
saizai Deinjur: he's not present 09:19
saizai he sent in posters. 09:19
saizai see the posters page 09:19
saizai conlang.org/lcc3/posters.php 09:19
Deinjur OIC 09:20
saizai broadcaster: could ou confirm that it's still recording from vid? 09:20
Deinjur Thats too bad - I really enjoyed having him there at the prev. two LCCs 09:20
saizai likewise 09:20
saizai he prefers to be mostlly withdrawn from the community thing for now 09:20
— aya left the chat room. 09:21
saizai cpdavis: issues? 09:24
broadcaster Sai, it's recording, but it's getting low on space. 09:24
saizai what? 09:24
saizai it's been <.5h 09:24
saizai should be a 1h tape 09:24
saizai oh, wrong space 09:24
saizai I'll check 09:25
broadcaster Yes, on the disk. 09:25
Carsten so 09:25
Carsten back 09:25
Deinjur I like the concept of these writing systems, but practically, it seems that you can just write faster and fit more into a space writing in sentences. But it makes me wonder if anything like this has been tried in the past, then forgotten to history because no one wanted to adopt it 09:25
Carsten who's on now? 09:25
Deinjur Me 09:25
ing 09:25
Carsten I mean whose talk is it in the stream 09:26
saizai sky 09:26
ing Schuyler Duveen: Non-linear writing systems 09:26
Carsten ah 09:26
saizai get the link to see slides 09:26
ing http://ouwi.org/presentation/html/nl2dws.html 09:27
cpdavis Sai, just hard to cover his laser gesturing. 09:28
saizai don't worry about it 09:29
saizai I figure you probably can't 09:29
saizai oh well 09:29
— Viktor left the chat room. 09:29
cpdavis Using a slightly wider shot to get what I can :( 09:30
saizai don't bother trying to cover the slides i think 09:30
saizai it's probably lost cause 09:30
cpdavis Unless you would rather stay tight on him 09:31
cpdavis Ok 09:31
saizai most of it is nonessential pointing anyway 09:31
saizai not strongly deictic 09:31
— Trent joined the chat room. 09:31
saizai hey trent 09:31
saizai sky's talking, you should like 09:31
— davidduran was granted voice by saizai. 09:32
Trent Indeed. As you know I have a few non-linears. 09:32
saizai oh I know :) 09:32
saizai you good for panel in a few hours? 09:32
And98 the talk & slides look dead interesting, but I can't follow it at all. Need a properly written up version 09:33
Trent Yes. Audio or video (I have a face for radio) 09:33
saizai I think I'm gonna have coffee break after this 09:33
saizai alioth needs caffeine :) 09:33
Trent excellent. 09:33
saizai pic: http://ouwi.org/images/texts/babel_07.gif 09:34
Carsten *that* Trent Pehrson? 09:34
saizai yes, that one 09:34
Carsten :) 09:34
Carsten well, then kudos to you and your creative work regarding con-artefacts! 09:35
Trent Most kind. Thanks. 09:35
Deinjur I now want to know more about Trent Pehrson 09:37
saizai Trent: link to your site? 09:37
Deinjur Ooo I just found the site 09:38
saizai Qs? 09:38
Deinjur http://idrani.perastar.com/ISMS_artifacts.htm 09:38
Trent Artifacts at http://idrani.perastar.com/ISMS_artifacts.htm 09:38
Carsten btw, what materials do you use for your calligraphy? is that also dyed paper, or do you use real parchment? 09:39
Trent Both 09:39
saizai Trent: how close is the new site to done? 09:39
Trent I have about 2 days consecutive work remaining. 09:40
— B-rat joined the chat room. 09:40
saizai 'allo 09:40
saizai dana paxson electronic literary macrame 09:41
saizai sally speaking 09:41
Trent Yes, right on. WHo is that? 09:42
saizai john cayley talking now 09:43
saizai orno 09:43
Trent thanks Sai 09:43
saizai jim rosenberg 09:43
saizai sorry 09:43
saizai cayley's sitting next to him :p 09:43
saizai dunno who's talking now 09:44
saizai haven't met 09:44
Deinjur I have a question: in practice, wouldn't this type of writing system be inferior to ours in terms of speed of writing and conservation of space (the amount of information that can be conveyed in a space)? 09:45
saizai what's your name? 09:45
Deinjur Matt Haupt 09:46
saizai oh 09:46
saizai k 09:46
Deinjur Or maybe I shouold say inferior to a linear system 09:46
Trent Matt, only if those considerations are relevant. It's relative. 09:46
saizai asked 09:47
Trent Exactly 09:47
Trent ...Relative 09:48
Deinjur Hmm... okay I see 09:48
Deinjur Good points! 09:49
Deinjur Trent: So it seems that non-linear is a form that can exist in a computer-and-online environment, at least much more readily than a paper-and-pen environment. I hadn't thought about this before. Is this your opinion as well? 09:52
— B-rat left the chat room. 09:52
Trent There are implementations in both media, in my opinion. 09:52
Deinjur Please elaborate! 09:53
Trent On line, metaspace is limitless. So an implementation there could be used to say, weav in and out of the entire human text corpus-- to swim through it. 09:55
Trent A physical codex has limited space... 09:55
Trent so it could be used to connect and offer myltiple paths and connections through a finite work-- such as a collection of poetry. 09:56
broadcaster It relates a bit to Scott McCloud's idea of the "infinite canvas" usable in online comics. 09:56
— ing left the chat room. 09:56
Trent Hey, Sai. Could you point the camera so I can see Jim Rosenberg? 09:57
broadcaster Not easily. 09:57
Trent NP 09:57
Deinjur Hmm... I think I get the concept. 09:57
broadcaster We'll be mostly away while lunch happens. 09:58
Trent Sai, is Dirk Elzinga in attendance? 09:58
Deinjur It seems as though hyperlinks kind of do this - giving links to other material relevant to the text, or are the connections you speak of different than this? 09:59
Trent Yes. Exactly. However hyperlinks are only one possible mode. 09:59
— Trent left the chat room. 10:07
— Trent joined the chat room. 10:07
— MiaS left the chat room. 10:09
— MiaS joined the chat room. 10:12
MiaS I like to call this piece "Empty Room"... The empty chairs symbolize the emptiness we all feel inside when it is lunchtime and we haven't eaten yet. 10:15
Broca Lunchtime? I'm getting ready for dinner. 10:15
Broca :-) 10:15
MiaS True enough... but in the picture, it's lunchtime. :) 10:15
Carsten 18:17 10:17
Carsten a little early for dinner imo 10:18
Broca You think so? 10:19
Broca I am out of step with my compatriots. It seems that most everyone else is having dinner between 16 and 17. 10:19
— Jan joined the chat room. 10:22
Deinjur Well I'm going to work 10:22
Deinjur See you all back here later 10:23
— Deinjur left the chat room. 10:23
saizai restarting in 20 min 10:40
Jan Good! Does that mean everything is back on schedule? 10:42
— falcata left the chat room. 10:44
— falcata joined the chat room. 10:44
Carsten oh it seems to go on 11:00
Carsten or well, preparations for the next talk 11:00
— schuyler-ouwi joined the chat room. 11:02
cpdavis 5 minutes 11:04
— saizai is now known as davidp. 11:04
davidp handing control over to david peterson here 11:05
davidp Trent: no dirk sorry 11:05
Trent David, will you tell Sai thanks for putting this together on my behalf? He did a great job. 11:06
davidp I just did. Hey, Trent! You're here! 11:06
— falcata left the chat room. 11:07
Trent Yes. 11:07
— falcata joined the chat room. 11:07
Trent This is really fun. 11:07
davidp Did you happen to see my talk? 11:07
MiaS settles back in. 11:07
Broca Is that Alex who is wearing a t-shirt with “Jernalderlandsbyen” on? 11:07
davidp If its green, yes. 11:07
broadcaster Yes, it is. 11:08
Broca Cool. 11:08
MiaS We were having technical difficulties here during your talk.... but what I saw was good. 11:08
davidp Note: Apparently Diana's .pdf is not available. Sai sends his apologies. 11:08
Trent Mic up? 11:09
davidp Can you not hear her? 11:09
Trent It's just a bit quiet. 11:09
davidp Jeff B.'s on it. 11:09
broadcaster Is that better? 11:09
davidp Let us know when it's good. 11:09
Trent There we go. 11:10
davidp Okay; great. 11:10
davidduran can we get the power amp down if the send to internet has to be so loud? 11:11
davidp Jeff's trying. 11:11
Jan Who's talking? 11:12
davidp This is Diana Slatterly. 11:12
Jan Ah, thanks! 11:12
davidp Excuse me, typo: Diana Slattery. 11:13
davidp Quick question: How are the levels now? Is it okay? 11:14
Trent Good here-- focus is out though 11:14
broadcaster the text was something like: If you like the experience of having your entire ontological structure collapse out from under you, you'll probably love psychedelics. 11:14
Carsten does she read that off? 11:15
— cpdavis left the chat room. 11:15
Trent Can focus be adjusted? 11:15
broadcaster It was up on the screen. 11:15
Serena i can't see nor hear... is that my computer or is someone else having problems at the moment 11:15
Serena ? 11:15
davidp Just had a crash. 11:15
davidp Maybe I can ask about focus now. 11:15
Carsten 11:15
Jan I'm having a clear unclear image, but the sound is ok. 11:15
Carsten not because fo the out-of-focusness, but the whole thing 11:16
Serena i probably need to refresh the whole thing cause I left it on and it might have timed out or something like that 11:16
— Serena left the chat room. 11:16
— Serena joined the chat room. 11:17
davidp I've checked around, and I'm not sure there's a way we can adjust the focus without interrupting the talk... 11:18
davidp Let me see if I can pass an analog message. 11:18
schuyler-ouwi hello? 11:18
davidp Hi. 11:18
davidp OH! Schuyler! 11:18
— cpdavis joined the chat room. 11:19
schuyler-ouwi *waves 11:19
davidp You're next to the camera dude. 11:19
davidp They say it's a bit out of focus. 11:19
davidp Can you let him know? 11:19
schuyler-ouwi he says he can't do anything 11:19
schuyler-ouwi is there a control on it? 11:19
cpdavis The camera for the sum cast is a simple webcam 11:19
broadcaster It's Sai's camera, I think. 11:19
schuyler-ouwi so how to fix the focus? 11:19
cpdavis No dials on it. 11:20
davidp I know little of technology. :( 11:20
davidduran wow. waas it that bad before? 11:21
broadcaster No. It wasn't that bad earlier in the talk. 11:21
davidp Sai says the camera autofocuses, and there's no way to manually change it. 11:22
Jan It appears to be a little better now. Although I still can't see more than that the lady has a lot of hair and that there's somebody with a hat next to her. 11:24
— cpdavis left the chat room. 11:24
— cpdavis_ joined the chat room. 11:24
Trent david ask: Arent there ways to do this without the use of substances? 11:24
davidp Will do. 11:25
Trent my 'this' meaning 'integrating the brai'n 11:25
And98 what is being projected on screen? on the webcast it looks like heavily pixellated slowmo copulation 11:26
davidduran not really so much live... 11:26
davidp It's text on the left, a picture of a man on the right, and glyphs on the bottom. 11:26
davidp The man is clothed. 11:26
schuyler-ouwi a lot of the text she reads 11:26
broadcaster Until the last two slides it's been abstract psychedelic images. 11:26
davidp That are animated. 11:27
And98 i guess abstract psychedelic images and heavily pixellated slowmo copulation are pretty similar 11:27
davidp Geez, I simply do not have the scientific background to evaluate any of what I'm hearing. 11:28
schuyler-ouwi i will never look at glide symbols the same way now 11:28
davidp Ha. 11:28
schuyler-ouwi the image she has now is really cool 11:29
schuyler-ouwi looks chalk-drawing colors 11:29
— falcata left the chat room. 11:29
davidp I'm sure we'll be able to get these slides afterwards to upload. 11:30
schuyler-ouwi is there an irc log somewhere? 11:30
davidp If there's a way, I'm sure Sai knows what it is, and is doing it. 11:31
schuyler-ouwi heh 11:31
Trent Beings? 11:32
schuyler-ouwi xenolinguistics! 11:32
Trent Mnemes? 11:33
davidduran Memes 11:33
Trent She uses 'beings" = 'memes'? 11:33
schuyler-ouwi interesting. her letters are kind of bended versions of i ching letters 11:33
davidduran No, McKenna;s claim is the beings trade memes and ideas. Ithink she is in agreement... 11:34
Trent What beings-- that is what I don't get? 11:34
schuyler-ouwi are they from McKenna's book, perhaps? 11:35
broadcaster The beings one encounters in psychedelic experiences, I think. The Others. 11:35
davidduran Well it depends on how you interpret the psychedelic experience of commiunicating with alien thought forms. Are you comminicating ot just tripping, and thinking you are communicating. 11:36
schuyler-ouwi ah 11:36
davidduran exactly. 11:36
Trent Ah. 11:36
Trent Very native American 11:36
Broca Well, if you had asked Terence McKenna, you're not just tripping; what you experience while on psychedelic drugs is more real than reality itself. 11:36
davidp Oh... Terence is MALE! 11:36
— davidduran left the chat room. 11:37
— davidduran joined the chat room. 11:37
davidp Her computer crashed again. 11:38
davidduran POwerpoint is evil... 11:38
Trent That's because it's MS. 11:39
schuyler-ouwi html slides, all the way! 11:39
davidp Would've saved me a lot of trouble later on... 11:39
broadcaster Hm. I didn't know that VRML was so connected to the psychedelics movement. Makes some sense. 11:39
— davidduran left the chat room. 11:41
schuyler-ouwi david: question: How do we know they are in harmony. what if the relationship is hegemonic? 11:42
davidp You're here; why don't you ask? ;) 11:43
schuyler-ouwi ok 11:43
davidp lol It seems simpler that way. Though if you're concerned about forgetting your question, I can remind. :) 11:43
schuyler-ouwi that was my point--i figured i might as well put it in the channel to remember 11:44
davidp Ah, got ya'. 11:44
davidp This .ppt file must be just enormous; no wonder it's been crashing! 11:48
broadcaster david, tell Sai I have the timing sheets here. 11:49
Trent Aren't they preferable? 11:51
davidp Fasting? 11:51
Trent Means that aren't physiologically distructive. 11:52
davidp Right. Did you hear the response? (I did ask the follow-up.) 11:53
Trent Yes. thanks. 11:53
— davidduran joined the chat room. 11:53
broadcaster I'm not sure that regular fasting to the point of psychedelia wouldn't be physiologically destructive, but I'm not speaking from any experience. 11:54
davidp That's how Jim Morrison lost his baby fat (he was a chubby child, apparently). 11:54
Trent I think integrating the brain requires only mental discipline. 11:55
Trent One doesn't have to injure the body. 11:55
davidp I'm right with you there, Trent. It seems often you hear about things like this, and the speaker will espouse the idea that no one can *really* understand unless they do drugs. 11:55
Trent I think communication *is* speech-- regardless of mode, thus the phrase 'communicating without speaking" seems like a paradox. 12:00
schuyler-ouwi communication doesn't have to be linguistic 12:00
Broca Linguistic communication doesn't have to be vocal. 12:01
Trent That's just relative to definitions 12:01
schuyler-ouwi e.g. more formal systems (math, e.g.) 12:01
davidp By "regardless of mode", I assume you include sign language? 12:01
Trent anything that communicates 12:01
Trejan I assume you can't download LiveGlide, right? 12:01
schuyler-ouwi well, if you define 'speech'=='communication' then it will be so 12:01
schuyler-ouwi you can 12:01
Trent as i did, right 12:01
schuyler-ouwi or there's something you can download 12:01
Trejan Oki-doki, I'll do a search and stuff. 12:02
Trent Interesting talk. 12:02
schuyler-ouwi browse her site (the all flash one) 12:04
schuyler-ouwi its in there 12:04
schuyler-ouwi http://www.academy.rpi.edu/glide/base.html 12:04
davidp How's the focus? 12:06
Trent Best yet. 12:06
schuyler-ouwi btw, after my talk, Denis told me rikchik isn't non-linear. they're just sentence diagrams on his site 12:06
schuyler-ouwi oh, good, he said 12:07
broadcaster Can folks out there hear okay? 12:07
Trent I can 12:07
— MattHaupt joined the chat room. 12:08
Trejan schulyer-ouwi: OK, cool. I found one thing it's a lexicon and a collabyrinth. I'm not really sure if it's that LiveGlide 3D program, though. 12:10
schuyler-ouwi i know i d/l'd something before the conf. one was a composer thing, which i think was called liveglide (and fits her description of it--other than the input devices) 12:12
Trejan Oh, cool. 12:14
Trejan Thanks, I'll just have to search about in there a bit more. 12:14
Trent Oh that's way better 12:17
MattHaupt Is Alex speaking now? 12:19
davidp Yes, Alex and Sai. 12:19
MattHaupt Ouch, broadcaster, I feel like I have a hangover when you talk 12:20
MattHaupt :P 12:20
Trent Oooo, this is a good idea. 12:22
And98 is someone monitoring irc for questions for sai and alex? 12:25
davidp Yes. 12:27
MattHaupt It looks liek there might be, but the lack of response makes me think no 12:27
MattHaupt Aha 12:28
davidp w/ one hand 12:28
MattHaupt LOL 12:28
MattHaupt This is a great little concept. I think I'm going to explore this idea 12:28
davidp In practice, quite difficult! 12:29
Carsten oh, so it's sai's and alex's gripping language what is on now? 12:29
Carsten (I'm not watching atm) 12:30
cpdavis_ Carsten: Yes 12:31
Carsten ok 12:31
Carsten anyway, I'm off, we're about to start the goodbye party for a flatmate 12:32
And98 question: Dear Sai and Alex, (A) What is a tropical math geek; (B) Why call this a grip *language* rather than a grip *phonology*? 12:32
MiaS Have a good party :) 12:32
Carsten I will 12:32
MattHaupt Cheers 12:32
And98 And98 = And Rosta 12:32
Carsten we're even doing a little bbq with a disposable grill :) 12:33
Carsten outside, in the backyard 12:33
davidp Got your question, And. 12:33
broadcaster Sorry about the hangover effect from my speaking. 12:34
Trejan schuyler-ouwi: Sorry, I can't find that anywhere. :S Can you recall where you got it from? 12:36
— davidduran left the chat room. 12:36
schuyler-ouwi i'll look some more 12:37
davidp Jim Henry's up and speaking now. 12:37
broadcaster changing batteries, sorry for the shakiness. 12:37
Trejan schuyler-ouwi: Thank you SO much! :))) 12:38
schuyler-ouwi i'm on a linux computer now, which doesn't have shockwave, so I can't poke into the oracle/collabyrinth links 12:39
schuyler-ouwi i think that's it though 12:39
— Carsten is now known as guitar[partey]. 12:39
— guitar[partey] is now known as Carsten[partey]. 12:39
— cpdavis_ left the chat room. 12:40
schuyler-ouwi yeah, it was collabyrinth 12:40
Trejan Thanks a lot! :D 12:40
And98 are the slides available for this? 12:41
And98 this = jim 12:41
broadcaster I don't think so. 12:42
Jan http://www.conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Jim_Henry-Fluency_Overall.html 12:42
Jan and: http://www.conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Jim_Henry-Fluency_Comparison.html 12:42
— pgadey joined the chat room. 12:48
pgadey Hey there. I'm back. 12:48
broadcaster hey, we're on Jim Henry's talk. 12:49
pgadey Wonderful. I was just looking it up. 12:49
pgadey I'm sad I missed the Grip lang talk, and Rikchik talk. 12:50
pgadey I was at a philosophy gathering. 12:50
davidp They'll eventually get up on the web. :) 12:51
pgadey Yay. 12:51
pgadey davidp: David Peterson? 12:52
broadcaster yes. 12:52
pgadey davidp: I really enjoyed your presentation. It has sparked some old thoughts in me. I'm also an 'orthophile'. 12:53
davidp I'm glad! In addition to creating them, I love looking at orthographies. Do you have any up anywhere? 12:53
pgadey davidp: Nope. 12:54
Carsten[partey] davidp: btw, do you know about stuff like FontForge? 12:54
Carsten[partey] because, that actually has lots of features but is under GPL 12:54
Carsten[partey] so $0 instead of $700 12:54
pgadey davidp: I'm really curious how we can really break out of the linear structure of 99% of orthographies to get to more exotic forms of featural writing. 12:54
Carsten[partey] except it takes some effort to make it run on windows 12:54
davidp At the time when I was first made aware of FontForge, it was only for Windows, as I recalll... 12:54
broadcaster It was mentioned immediately after his talk. 12:55
Trent A community of one is still a community in my opinion. 12:55
davidp pgadey: Creating an orthography that's non-linear is one incredible task, and then creating a font that does that is an even bigger one! 12:56
pgadey davidp: Yeah. It's a problem I think only Quijada has really tackled. 12:57
schuyler-ouwi hey! :) 12:58
davidp pgadey: And his orthographies, of course, don't have fonts. schuyler-ouwi: Well, yeah, but what you do is just going overboard! ;) 12:58
pgadey davidp: I would really like a language whose native orthography looks like your Toy Orthography "David" plus more. 12:58
davidp You know what my absolute favorite orthography/language is that has never been fully elaborated? Elephant's Memory. 12:59
pgadey Agreed. 12:59
davidp Or perhaps it has been elaborated, but not enough of it is on the web. 12:59
schuyler-ouwi i think pinuyo is worth looking at, too. I don't like his ideograms, but those can be replaced pretty easily 12:59
pgadey schuyler-ouwi: Yeah - Sorry, you're correct. I like Ouwi, also Rikchik, which is a move in the direction I like. 12:59
davidp By the way, Schuyler, were you aware of Elephant's Memory? 12:59
schuyler-ouwi i saw it a couple years ago 13:00
pgadey Elephant's Memory is really neat, do we still have contact with the person who made it? Are they here? 13:00
davidp I never had contact with him; don't know anyone else who has... 13:00
pgadey Likewise. 13:01
davidp Oh my goodness, I just noticed my workshop is next... 13:01
davidp I wanted to talk about it with you first, Schuyler. 13:02
pgadey schuyler-ouwi: I'm showing off Ouwi to a friend. 13:02
MiaS My conlangs have 2 cultures-- Each has an underdeveloped fictional culture, and then the culture of Me. 13:04
schuyler-ouwi cool. 13:04
MattHaupt Ouwi? That reminds me of aUi - is it related? 13:15
schuyler-ouwi don't know about it 13:15
schuyler-ouwi it used to be 'ouwiyaru' but i decided that was too long 13:16
MattHaupt KK 13:16
schuyler-ouwi what's aUi 13:16
schuyler-ouwi ? 13:16
davidp It's the "Space" language. 13:17
davidp Based on semantic primes. 13:17
davidp The two are decidedly unrelated. 13:17
— pgadey left the chat room. 13:18
Trent Is the orthography pannel next? 13:19
davidp No; first is the workshop. 13:19
Trent Hmm Sai told me the pannel was at 3 EST, I may have to excuse myself from participating in it. 13:20
davidp If that were the case, we may be able to switch things up. 13:21
davidp We started an hour late. 13:21
davidp At least. 13:21
davidp If you're concerned, I can see about moving the panel up. 13:21
Trent How many people would that inconvenience? 13:21
davidp Talking to Sai right now. 13:25
davidp Okay, we're doing to do it. 13:25
davidp Orthography panel is next. 13:25
Trent Are you sure that isn't too big an upset? 13:25
davidp No, not at all--actually, I prefer it. 13:25
Trent It is most kind. I'm sorry for imposing. 13:26
davidp No, it's all right; that's how these things go. :) 13:27
Trent Is that Jeff speaking? 13:33
broadcaster any questions from y'all? 13:33
davidp Yes. 13:34
broadcaster Switching tapes etc before the panel. 13:39
davidp Hey, guys, I'm going to be doing what's left, so I'm going to sign off. :) Been a pleasure! 13:39
davidp (Oh, and how do I sign off?) 13:39
MiaS See ya! 13:39
davidp Oh, Mia! Hi! 13:39
Jan Bye David. "See" you tomorrow! :) 13:40
davidp I didn't realize that was you! 13:40
davidp RIght on. :) 13:40
MiaS hehe... I've been lurking mostly quietly. :) 13:40
— davidp is now known as saizai. 13:40
MiaS I am working on documenting a "found" conlang-- looks like over 100 words, mostly verbs, that I wrote in a notebook and then forgot. 13:41
Jan Hehe, I didn't know David P. and Saizai are the same person. 13:41
— saizai is now known as Guest1171. 13:41
Broca Jan: they aren't. 13:41
Jan I know, but it looked funny. 13:42
— pgadey joined the chat room. 13:42
pgadey Are we preparing for or taking down the orthography panel? 13:42
Jan Anyway, I'm going to sign off for today. It's getting late here. Have a nice afternoon/evening everybody. I'll try to be back tomorrow! 13:42
MiaS They are preparing for it. It got moved up to follow Jim Henry, who just finished. 13:42
pgadey Yeah yeah. His talk was nifty. 13:43
pgadey I thinkkkk I am going to put the orthography panel live on the radio. 13:43
MiaS I enjoyed it, since fluency (my own and others) is a point of interest in conlanging for me. 13:43
pgadey I work at a radio station and no one has been showing up this afternoon... Thus, I cshall infict conlanging on their ears. 13:43
Guest1171 Trent: do you have video? 13:44
— Guest1171 is now known as saizai. 13:44
Trent No. My camera has gone missing. 13:45
— schuyler-ouwi1 joined the chat room. 13:45
saizai ok 13:45
saizai audio only 13:45
saizai please listen through headphones 13:46
Trent already switched. 13:46
saizai good 13:46
— schuyler-ouwi left the chat room. 13:46
pgadey Haha - Wait, we're doing an audio only orthography talk? 13:46
saizai no 13:47
saizai trent's in on it 13:47
saizai skype 13:47
saizai anyway, trent 13:47
pgadey Ah groovey 13:47
saizai try to listen in to skype audio on it and to 'cast audio 13:47
saizai go w/ whatever works better 13:47
saizai be aware that 'cast has delay 13:47
— Jan left the chat room. 13:48
pgadey Is that Alex talking to one of the Moskowtizes? 13:48
saizai trent, talk 13:49
saizai now 13:49
saizai yes 13:49
saizai cany ou hear us 13:49
saizai ok 13:49
broadcaster Possibly. 13:51
broadcaster pgadey: not me. Probably Denis, in the denim shirt. 13:51
pgadey Ah okee. I saw Alex, and a lot of red hair, so I figured... Hmm. 13:53
pgadey Could someone spell out who is here? 13:56
saizai 1m 13:57
saizai david p 13:57
saizai david d 13:57
saizai sky 13:57
saizai denis 13:57
saizai diana 13:57
saizai and trent by skype 13:57
MiaS Thanks 13:57
pgadey Ah thank you. 13:57
— Serena left the chat room. 13:58
— Serena joined the chat room. 13:58
broadcaster Trent, you may want to mute your mic while you're not talking. We're getting some random sounds here. 14:02
pgadey Hey saizai, I just read your slides, thank you so much for the credit. I wish I could have been listening. 14:04
saizai pgadey: 'course 14:05
saizai do you remote people get trent ok? 14:06
pgadey Yup. 14:07
pgadey Trent is _very_ clear actually, slightly more clear than some of the live speakers :) 14:07
saizai O.o 14:07
Broca No! I missed the gripping lang thing! 14:08
Broca Better watch it on recording. 14:08
pgadey I think it's because he's being eq'd via Skype, AND more over being broadcast at a high volume. 14:08
saizai sorry 14:08
saizai Broca: it should be recorded on ustream...somewhere 14:08
saizai dunno yet how/if that works 14:08
saizai if not you'll have to do w/ either audio only 14:09
saizai or wait a few months 14:09
Broca I suppose the audio is much better on the DV recording, since you have direct mic in? 14:09
saizai no 14:10
saizai cams are on their onboard mic 14:10
saizai I have a direct feed from mixer to this laptop tho 14:10
saizai and am recording it 14:10
saizai (that's why it's at the front - the audio tether is short) 14:10
Broca Oh, that's good. 14:10
saizai hopefully it works and such 14:11
saizai hasnt been fully tested :p 14:11
saizai trent, you type loud 14:12
saizai plz mute your kb 14:12
saizai or rather our mic whennot talking 14:12
saizai trying to up vol 14:12
Trent ooops sorry 14:12
saizai but feedback a problem 14:12
saizai upcoming q for you 14:12
Broca Re Glossotechnia: is it fun for board game geeks too, or do you have to be a language nut to enjoy it? 14:13
saizai Broca: sorry, out of order q 14:14
saizai this is orthography panel only 14:14
saizai and ~6m to go 14:14
Broca Not a q for the panel 14:14
saizai then for whom 14:14
Broca Anyone present who cares. 14:14
broadcaster For the irc, I assume. Broca, it assumes a lot of technical knowledge. 14:15
Broca (In the channel) 14:15
Broca nods. 14:15
saizai fwiw he's intending to create it such that it doesn't 14:15
saizai there are a couple variants 14:15
saizai we've got a semi ongoing thread on making it commercializable towards language-liking geeks 14:15
saizai you're welcome to join that if you want, email me if yes 14:16
saizai trent, your q 14:19
saizai final comment 14:19
— schuyler-ouwi1 left the chat room. 14:20
saizai thanks trent! 14:20
Trent Thanks Sai. i goota go. i enjoyed it. 14:20
MiaS All of the things on orthography have been really good for me today, since that's one of the things I feel I am not good at. 14:21
— Trent left the chat room. 14:21
saizai good to hear :0 14:23
saizai *:) 14:23
MattHaupt Gotta love the orthography stuff 14:26
— MattHaupt left the chat room. 14:27
saizai ok, this is the last presentationthing 14:37
saizai probably not going to b e as fun for remotes, sorry 14:37
— ][mez][ joined the chat room. 14:37
][mez][ hi again all. 14:38
][mez][ how's it all progressing? 14:38
][mez][ looks hectic:) 14:40
— MiaS left the chat room. 14:58
— ][mez][ left the chat room. 15:18
saizai hectic indeed 15:42
saizai leaving now 15:42
saizai byeeee 15:42
saizai see y'all tomorrow 15:43
Serena bye! 15:43
— Serena left the chat room. 15:44
— saizai left the chat room. 15:45
— cpdavis joined the chat room. 15:53
— Trejan left the chat room. 15:54
— pgadey38 joined the chat room. 15:55
— broadcaster left the chat room. 15:57
pgadey38 Hey - Is there stll discussion going on here? 15:59
— pgadey left the chat room. 16:00
— cpdavis_ joined the chat room. 16:23
— cpdavis left the chat room. 16:23
— cpdavis_ is now known as cpdavis. 16:23
— And left the chat room. 16:39
— And98 left the chat room. 16:42
— pgadey38 left the chat room. 16:45
— klaid left the chat room. 17:09
— zaintaom joined the chat room. 17:42
zaintaom hi, i saw here mentioned somewhere else, thought to sneak by or take a look 17:42
Carsten[partey] so. the food was tasty, the film was good. I'm tired as hell. good night. 17:44
— Carsten[partey] is now known as Carsten. 17:44
— Carsten left the chat room. 17:44
— zaintaom left the chat room. 17:47
— cpdavis left the chat room. 18:14
— saizai joined the chat room. 18:36
— saizai is now known as Guest1204. 18:37
— Guest1204 left the chat room. 20:22
— saizai joined the chat room. 20:22
— saizai is now known as Guest1216. 20:22
— ing joined the chat room. 02:08
— And joined the chat room. 02:11
— guitarplayer joined the chat room. 03:44
— Guest1216 left the chat room. 04:28
— guitarplayer is now known as Carsten. 04:32
And is it supposed to be starting now, or in an hourfrom now? 05:04
Carsten morning and 05:05
Carsten I think the first thing is scheduled for 9am 05:06
And what time is it there at LCC? 05:06
Carsten 8:06 am 05:07
Carsten *07 05:07
— broadcaster joined the chat room. 05:12
broadcaster aaand we're back 05:13
broadcaster good morning everyone 05:13
broadcaster or evening or wahtever it is for you Europeans 05:13
Carsten noon 05:15
Carsten central europe is 5 hours ahead of you 05:16
Carsten western 4, eastern 6 05:16
— kiris left the chat room. 05:17
And Broadcaster -- how will the film be shown to the online gang? I've seen it, so I'm not so much asking on my own behalf. 05:18
And I guess the organizers shd post an url for the onliners to download it from? 05:19
Carsten [@n 3`:l], interesting 05:20
And rhymes with CURL. GIRL 05:21
Broca I've heard that “sequel” is the recommended pronunciation for “SQL”, but you'll never catch me saying anything but “ess cue ell”. 05:22
— saizai joined the chat room. 05:25
— saizai was promoted to operator by ChanServ. 05:25
— broadcaster was granted voice by saizai. 05:25
Carsten [Es ku "El], [?u ?E6 "?El] 05:26
Carsten or wait, I say [uE6"?El] actually 05:26
Broca I just say [ˈliŋk] :-) 05:30
Carsten …™ rather, no? 05:31
Carsten go go YA*PT 05:32
Broca No, Norwegian has no …™ 05:33
Carsten ok 05:33
Carsten I didn't know you were norwegian 05:33
Carsten and actually I say [lINk] as well 05:33
And Arnt, how did you type that eng? 05:35
Broca And: I turned on SCIM, switched it to X-SAMPA IPA, and typed N 05:35
— And88 joined the chat room. 05:35
Carsten I have ŋ on AltGr-G 05:36
Carsten haven't yet played with scim 05:36
And what is scim? 05:36
Carsten http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCIM 05:37
And SAI: how will film be shown to online attendees? 05:41
— Jan joined the chat room. 05:47
Jan Good morning everybody! 05:49
Carsten hey jan 05:49
And coi 05:50
saizai ok, the movie is currently reencoding for web use 05:51
saizai it's gonna take longer than we have till showtime 05:51
saizai soooooo y'all are gonna have to wait to see it 05:52
saizai dunno how visible it'll be via webcam 05:52
Carsten oh, what is the past of "fiat"? 05:52
And88 what about posting the url to download it? 05:52
Carsten 3rd person plural 05:52
saizai that's the thing. real one is 3GB 05:53
saizai tried uploading and it failed 05:53
Carsten bittorrent 05:53
saizai reencoding to smaller version is running now 05:53
saizai but my laptop ain't exactly a supercomputer 05:53
And what happened to the version BoD saw? 05:53
saizai it looks like it'll take an hour or so 05:53
saizai it's changed since 05:53
saizai significantly 05:53
Carsten I'm curious for the presentation of the Relay 05:53
saizai so I'm going to honor their request not to post the previous version 05:54
And fair enough 05:54
— And3 joined the chat room. 05:55
Jan @Carsten: past tense of "fiat": "fieret" 05:55
— And88 is now known as And2. 05:55
Broca saizai: is it longer than before? 05:56
Carsten also, I asked that yesterday: sai, I emailed you a recording of my relay text, since David asked for recordings. The mail bounced with a message saying that you aren't at home. Did you receive the file anyway? 05:57
broadcaster Jan, Carsten, "Let there have been"? And that's singular, not plural. 05:58
Carsten broadcaster: "they have let there be night" 05:58
Carsten man I wouldn't even know how to say that in my conlang 05:59
Carsten sie haben es Nacht sein lassen 05:59
timonator gau ko'a pu nicte ;) 06:00
Broca u'i 06:00
broadcaster Actually, since fit is in the passive voice, the subject is night, so it's singular. 06:00
saizai Broca: not certain 06:00
broadcaster was a Latin major. 06:00
Carsten it's 9 am for you guys in Prov. now 06:01
broadcaster We're just getting tapes and things set up. 06:02
And are you online folk getting an unfrozen picture? 06:03
Carsten I get an unfrozen picture 06:03
Carsten pretty macos is pretty 06:04
And2 damn. Have to reboot. Running windows. See you in half an hour. 06:05
— And3 left the chat room. 06:06
— And2 left the chat room. 06:07
— And left the chat room. 06:07
broadcaster Is that video shot okay for y'all? 06:07
Broca It looks very blocky in the dark areas 06:08
Carsten you can see the stage, but not much of the screen because of the pure quality 06:08
broadcaster Not much of the screen? 06:08
— cpdavis joined the chat room. 06:08
saizai we're on 06:09
— schuyler-ouwi joined the chat room. 06:09
saizai like I said - will post the movie as soon as I can 06:09
Broca Thanks, saizai. 06:10
saizai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFc3CvMMY48 for the yt clip 06:11
— cpdavis_ joined the chat room. 06:11
saizai can y'all hear ok? 06:15
ing pretty much 06:16
— cpdavis left the chat room. 06:16
— cpdavis_ is now known as cpdavis. 06:16
cpdavis Sai, try downloading the perian codec pack 06:17
broadcaster Do any of y'all have questions? 06:17
timonator when is the 9am stuff? 06:24
timonator oh, it already way. damn, 06:24
timonator heh. i recall that scene from the trailer on youtube 06:25
ing corny, oh so corny 06:25
timonator is this the full movie by chance? :) 06:25
Broca timonator: no, just the yootoob clip 06:26
timonator OK 06:26
— pgadey joined the chat room. 06:26
— And5 joined the chat room. 06:27
timonator claps 06:29
Broca Mine ears! 06:29
broadcaster Sorry about the sound level on the applause. 06:29
timonator what am i not seeing now? 06:30
Broca Here we go. The real deal. 06:30
timonator this is the actual movie? 06:30
saizai yes 06:30
Broca AFAICT, yes. 06:30
timonator "äääääääääh" :)) 06:30
saizai will post later today 06:31
And5 damn i'm missing it all! 06:31
saizai so you can see it better 06:31
saizai sorry, murphy 06:31
And5 problems my end 06:31
timonator yeah, i'll not have the movie spoiled by a totally sucky pirated filmed-from-the-silver-screen edition 06:31
— And5 left the chat room. 06:31
timonator bootleg is the word, is it not? 06:31
Broca Conlang_the_movie_[CAM] 06:31
pgadey Yup 06:31
— MiaS joined the chat room. 06:32
MiaS hello 06:32
pgadey Hmm - I lost my carton of soy. *hunts* 06:33
Carsten oh, the movie is already airing 06:40
pgadey This is nice for Sunday morning cartoons. :P 06:41
pgadey Awwwww. 06:43
Carsten how long has the movie been running now? 06:44
Carsten I've just had lunch 06:44
Broca < pgadey> Ewwwww. 06:44
Broca There, fixed it for you. 06:44
ing 15 mins 06:44
Carsten k 06:45
Broca What was the thing in the credits that made the room burst out in applause? 06:45
pgadey The Conlang Logo? 06:46
Broca No, before that, in the blackboard sequence. 06:46
broadcaster Just the beginning of the credits, I think. 06:46
Broca Ah. 06:46
saizai any q? 06:46
saizai the applause was just from credits starting 06:47
Carsten [str_0OuNk "aIslEndIk "Ehks@n_0ts sAUn_0t fAni], Baldvin seems to speak English OK though. 06:50
pgadey saizai: "Hi - I'm Parker Glynn-Adey. I'd like to say, great work. How did the vocal coaching for people who had in conlang dialogue work, were actors 'embarassed' to be speaking another language or were they all sufficiently linguistics-friendly to make it happen without much coaching?" 06:50
Carsten good question 06:51
pgadey Oh poop. 06:51
broadcaster He's got it parsed now. 06:52
saizai that's a significant - 06:52
saizai in conlang != in-conlang 06:52
saizai damn punctuation :p 06:52
pgadey saizai: Yeah. Yeah. 06:52
saizai good q tho 06:53
saizai any more? 06:53
pgadey That was a sentence, just with a gross clause shoe-horned in. 06:53
saizai yes 06:53
pgadey saizai: "There were a couple of very conlang-centric jokes, e.g. 'I don't think you're an auxlanger or anything.' at the beginning. Have you made any effort to explain this in an addition to the film, or are these jokes something you want to leave as is?" 06:55
saizai . 06:55
pgadey Shit. I meant 'an addition' in the sense of an explanatory website, or DVD-booklet. 06:58
pgadey saizai: Thaaaaannks Sai. 07:00
ing well that's pleasant view 07:00
Broca If only people could talk by clapping their hands. Then I'd had nooo problems following the LCC stream. 07:00
Carsten whose stomach is it we see now? 07:01
Carsten and now just black 07:01
pgadey Broca: Don't make it. Don't make a clap-lang. 07:01
pgadey Hello blurry gesticulator. 07:01
broadcaster changing tapes, sorry. 07:01
Carsten waah, hands grabbing 07:02
saizai that's durand 07:02
ing clap clap. clap, clap clap clap? clap. 07:02
saizai pgadey: you're welcome :) 07:02
Broca pgadey: it's been done already. Sort of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tap_code 07:02
pgadey saizai: I'll forever be known as the guy who didn't ask a question that was a sentence that time. 07:02
saizai :p 07:03
saizai next time watch your hyphens! 07:03
Carsten rattle rattle rattler 07:03
pgadey For sure. 07:03
pgadey I'm really excited about this Xu Bing talk. 07:03
Broca Wow, what a mess you've made of the conference room! 07:03
Carsten *-r 07:03
pgadey Broca: Agreed. 07:04
pgadey "These chairs are remarkably comfortable"! 07:04
ing that's conlangers for you; notes everywhere 07:04
Carsten they're not designed to be comfortable apparently though 07:04
Carsten :P 07:04
pgadey ing: And doesn't sit in a chair properly or something. 07:05
ing eh 07:05
pgadey ing Someone said something like "if you sat in it properly" 07:05
ing I know 07:06
pgadey brb. Coffee! 07:06
broadcaster We're back, I think. 07:06
saizai yes 07:06
Carsten I can hardly understand him 07:07
Carsten oh well, better now 07:07
Carsten a little 07:07
broadcaster Do y'all have the slides? 07:07
pgadey Nope. 07:08
ing who is it 07:08
saizai yeah 07:08
saizai I don't have acopy 07:08
Carsten John Cayley apparently 07:08
broadcaster John Cayley. 07:08
saizai will post when I do 07:08
saizai sorry 07:08
— cpdavis left the chat room. 07:09
pgadey "He made himself famous by producing an unreadable chinese book." Awesome. 07:09
broadcaster There are three urls on the screen: writingdigitalmedia.org is the first. I missed the others. 07:10
pgadey http://www.booklyn.org/artists/book_from_sky.jpg 07:10
pgadey That's the image he has up right now. 07:10
pgadey This is much larger http://english.cri.cn/mmsource/images/2007/12/10/book.JPG 07:11
— pgadey left the chat room. 07:13
— pgadey joined the chat room. 07:13
pgadey So - He's an art history dude, and reads his writing verbatim. Philosophy people do this tooo. 07:14
— pgadey left the chat room. 07:14
— pgadey joined the chat room. 07:15
Carsten 10:15 am over there 07:15
— Serena joined the chat room. 07:17
Carsten bon giorno 07:17
Jan Hello! 07:17
Serena hi all! 07:17
— parkerglynn-adey joined the chat room. 07:17
Serena Buon giorno! :) 07:17
Carsten oh, I missed a U 07:17
— pgadey left the chat room. 07:18
— parkerglynn-adey is now known as pgadey. 07:18
Serena you got the venetian dialect actually, 07:18
Carsten heh :) 07:18
Serena that doesn't have the u 07:18
pgadey He seems to be really riffing off of Joyce and Borges, I wonder if he is going to mention them. The "reading the unreadable books" bit, was veryyy Borgesian. 07:19
broadcaster He mentioned Borges in his opening. 07:20
pgadey Ah good. 07:20
Serena is there a link to the slides for this talk? 07:20
ing no 07:20
broadcaster Sai will put them up when he has them. 07:20
pgadey Who is broadcaster right now? 07:21
broadcaster Still Marc Moskowitz. 07:21
broadcaster url on screen: programmatology.shadoof.net/myWS/ 07:22
Carsten it's all in chinese 07:23
broadcaster He's explaining it now. 07:23
— And joined the chat room. 07:24
pgadey *does his funky cultural theory dance* 07:26
— stephenb joined the chat room. 07:28
And are the slides available for this one? 07:29
MiaS (afk for a bit. Kids. If you feed them once, they want to eat every day.) 07:29
pgadey And: Nope 07:29
broadcaster Apparently, they will be available later. 07:30
pgadey Book from the Ground is neat too: http://www.bookfromtheground.com/yishu.htm I wonder if he'll mention it. 07:32
broadcaster I feel like I'm in _on a winter's night a traveler_. 07:33
pgadey broadcaster: Yeah. Or The Library of Babel by Borges. 07:33
broadcaster With more disclaimers. 07:33
Carsten at least that seems to be readable 07:34
Carsten the book from the ground thing 07:34
pgadey Carsten: I think that's the joke. 07:34
And "*if* on a winter's night a traveller"? 07:34
pgadey And: Yup. 07:34
broadcaster Yes. 07:34
And what is that yishu page? 07:35
pgadey And: Another work by Xu Bing. 07:36
broadcaster The screen is showing "Square Word Calligraphy". 07:36
pgadey I liked his bit about monolingual inertia. 07:37
pgadey Mmm "talked to each other until they understood each other." Hot. 07:38
saizai heh 07:39
broadcaster And here's book from the ground. 07:39
pgadey broadcaster: That was a rapid transition. 07:40
broadcaster I think we're in more detail on sky, now. 07:41
pgadey broadcaster: Yeah, we ar. 07:41
pgadey "If you've read your Derrida"!?!?! *rolls on floor* 07:42
pgadey Oh god. The checking part would be painstaking. 07:44
broadcaster It helps to use radicals. You just have to use the radical index. 07:45
pgadey broadcaster: Yeah, but it would still be a pain. I suppose if you're carving these characters into wooden blocks one by one, you've got some time. 07:46
— kaleissin joined the chat room. 07:48
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 07:49
broadcaster I wonder whether anyone's trie to analyze this the same way they have the Voynich manuscript? 07:50
broadcaster And my question is answered. There's very little repetition or apparent grammar. 07:50
— vincent joined the chat room. 07:51
pgadey broadcaster: I wonder how he did /that/ then. Tossed dice? 07:51
pgadey The video has crashed on my end. 07:52
stephenb me too 07:52
ing me too 07:52
And me too 07:52
kaleissin aol 07:52
vincent me too 07:52
stephenb yay! 07:52
broadcaster Is that back? 07:52
stephenb Yeah. 07:52
kaleissin back 07:52
pgadey Yup! 07:52
And yes 07:52
saizai any q? 07:53
saizai thanks, broadcaster 07:53
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 07:53
broadcaster sai, the webcam recording isn't working. 07:53
saizai :/ 07:53
saizai coming 07:53
kaleissin the quality is a bit low too. helps on focus but I can't see what he's presenting 07:54
pgadey 07:54
kaleissin still better than just sound 07:54
broadcaster gonna interrupt broadcast, 1m 07:54
vincent what happened 07:55
stephenb Stuff's being fixed. 07:55
broadcaster Not sure. 07:55
saizai needed to restart it to get recording working 07:55
saizai hopefully it should be good now, said it was 07:55
broadcaster We have a malfunctioning fluorescent bulb that's flashing, too. 07:56
kaleissin live is so fun :) 07:56
broadcaster And now it's working. 07:56
saizai it's off color too 07:56
saizai maybe related? 07:56
saizai the others are slightly pink / yellow, the bad one's white 07:57
saizai tho same with the other center ones 07:57
saizai shrugs 07:57
saizai any q from y'all? 07:57
— And2 joined the chat room. 07:57
saizai cutting off imminently 07:57
saizai 2m 07:57
— ing left the chat room. 08:00
kaleissin ouch, the clapping needs to be dampened on the final mix :) 08:00
vincent that was really loud 08:00
broadcaster Sorry. 08:01
Serena loud and long... 08:01
Broca kaleissin: they have a separate camera for recording 08:01
kaleissin goody 08:01
broadcaster I'm not sure if there's anything we can do about that on the stream. 08:01
Broca kaleissin: you coming to LCC4? 08:01
kaleissin dunno 08:02
And are the dates decoided? 08:02
And for lcc4 08:02
kaleissin I don't know if I have a job next year :) 08:02
kaleissin so money might be tight 08:02
stephenb broadcaster: maybe a hand/w/e over the mic? 08:03
kaleissin I really like Trey Jones's posters 08:03
vincent me toowho's the next speaker? 08:03
vincent sorry typo 08:04
pgadey # Samantha Gorman & Edrex Fontanilla - Lingua Ignota 08:04
kaleissin I wonder if they'll mention Sally's book 08:04
broadcaster I can try dropping the volume from the controls here when the applause starts. 08:05
Carsten I'm probably a student next year, but I hope I'm able to afford a train ride to Saarbrücken and back anyway 08:05
kaleissin not on the ICE maybe but DB is an amazing service 08:06
Carsten as well as overnight staying costs 08:06
kaleissin if it's together with the qepHom they stay in a youth hostel iirc 08:06
kaleissin so cheap 08:06
saizai don't have their slides, will get 'em to you when I do 08:06
saizai And: no dates yet 08:06
— schuyler-ouwi1 joined the chat room. 08:06
— schuyler-ouwi left the chat room. 08:07
Carsten I have quitted my YHA membership again last year 08:07
saizai =? 08:07
Carsten it's not a problem getting it again though. 08:07
Broca Youth Hostel A...someting? 08:07
Carsten YHA = Youth Hostel Association 08:07
kaleissin saizai, rebates on staying at youth hosetls 08:07
Broca Ah. 08:07
saizai oh, that 08:07
saizai *nod* 08:08
Carsten kaleissin: over here you must be a member of YHA to be able to stay in youth hostels *at all* I think 08:08
kaleissin whoa 08:08
Carsten well *I think* 08:08
kaleissin might be different in different bundeslands 08:08
Carsten or countries 08:08
Carsten yeah 08:08
kaleissin Trey Jones's poster ought to be in any linguistics department :) 08:09
Serena I'm going to a youth hostel in Berlin next week, and no one asked about YHA membership 08:10
kaleissin whether an ancient person like me (older than 27) can stay, now that's another matter :) 08:12
Serena I thought youth hostels just had age limits now 08:12
pgadey kaleissin: What kinds of diagrams are in the syllables poster "http://conlang.org/lcc3/posters/Trey_Jones-Syllables.gif"? 08:12
kaleissin it's how to analyze syllables 08:13
kaleissin not the faces, that is :) 08:13
Carsten Serena: so it may just be that I misunderstood the concept and it's like kaleissin said wrt discounts 08:14
Broca pgadey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syllable#Syllable_structure 08:14
kaleissin worth checking out in advance though 08:14
kaleissin pgadey, the little sigma is of course s, for syllable 08:16
kaleissin there's no mora-level in trey's diagram though 08:16
pgadey Groovey. 08:16
kaleissin that's often symbolized with a mu 08:16
pgadey When I tap into my copious free time, I'll learn some linguistic theory and phonology :) 08:17
kaleissin :) 08:17
kaleissin I feel that autosegmental phonology is more useful for conlanging than optimality theory though, as a tip 08:17
And2 Tal - deffo 08:18
kaleissin ? 08:18
kaleissin deffo = define? 08:18
And2 i agree about autosegmental 08:18
Broca Looking at non-trivial OT descriptions makes me think of epicycles. 08:18
And2 deffo = definitely 08:18
kaleissin ah 08:18
pgadey Shower time. 08:19
kaleissin Broca =) 08:19
broadcaster Was that better on the applause? 08:19
— MiaS75 joined the chat room. 08:20
stephenb wonderful 08:20
kaleissin Varkuzan: a language named after the creator. hmmm 08:20
kaleissin broadcaster, yes 08:20
Serena broadcaster: yes, much better 08:20
Broca kaleissin: I thought it was vice versa 08:20
kaleissin oh 08:20
kaleissin hm 08:20
stephenb Yup, checked the website: he named himself after his language. 08:21
broadcaster Switching tapes... 08:21
And2 a bit like Javant Biarujia 08:21
kaleissin http://www.conlang.org/lcc3/posters/Steven_Travis-Billy_Budd.jpg Pretty... 08:22
stephenb What is it...? 08:22
kaleissin a text in tapissary I think 08:22
kaleissin "the text is mightier than the word" 08:23
stephenb It looks like an Arabic-Hangul-Heiroglyphic hybrid. 08:23
broadcaster Sai, we're all set here. 08:24
saizai aand his slides are up 08:25
saizai kaleissin: correct. "translation" of Billy Budd 08:25
kaleissin oh goody, Diana is still working on Glide it seems 08:25
kaleissin what's Billy Budd? 08:26
saizai no idea 08:26
saizai wikipedia knows tho 08:26
broadcaster An American novel. 08:26
saizai I've vaguely heard of it 08:26
— MiaS left the chat room. 08:26
— MiaS75 is now known as MiaS. 08:26
And2 it's melville isn't it 08:27
stephenb It is. 08:27
Carsten saizai: how're you gonna handle the poster Q&A when most people who made posters aren't there? 08:28
saizai um 08:29
Carsten (at least I guess so) 08:29
saizai how 'bout putting this laptop in the room 08:29
saizai and people can ask questions on irc 08:29
saizai or in person 08:29
saizai I hadn't thought it out honestly :p 08:29
Carsten doing things spontaneously is most fun sometimes :) 08:30
saizai Carsten, you have no idea :p 08:30
saizai with all the prep that goes into this thing, there's a huge amount that's still winged 08:31
saizai we were working on getting the movie ready to show *while* he was still talking 08:31
kaleissin rikchik rocks 08:31
saizai when he stopped talking, that was exactly when we were ready 08:31
Carsten saizai: :) 08:31
saizai >< 08:31
kaleissin saizai, 404: http://www.conlang.org/lcc3/talks/John_Cayley.pdf 08:32
And2 have we got slides for varkuzan 08:32
kaleissin they're up, And 08:32
And2 i must be looking at wrong page then 08:33
kaleissin http://www.conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Paul_Varkuza.pdf 08:33
saizai kaleissin: known 08:33
saizai messed up putting the link there, don't have his stuff yet 08:33
saizai will comment out 08:33
saizai I was putting up lila's when he was talking 08:34
saizai and got confused :p 08:34
saizai hm, I wonder if he's a synaesthete 08:35
— Serena left the chat room. 08:35
broadcaster He is. He mentioned it earlier. 08:35
And2 tal: i just hadn't refreshed since yesterday 08:35
saizai any q? 08:36
pgadey Oh man. 08:36
pgadey Is the person on camera with a laptop on this channel? 08:39
saizai yes, broadcaster 08:39
pgadey Okee. 08:39
broadcaster What's up? 08:39
saizai or the person w/ laptop at front? 08:39
saizai that's me 08:39
pgadey No there's someone on the right hand side of the video stream, we can see the white/blue of their screen. They have dark/grey hair. 08:40
broadcaster David Durand. 08:41
pgadey Ah - Okee. Just curious. 08:41
Carsten oh, it's jeff burke now :) 08:41
pgadey Next up: # Jeff Burke - The Early Central Mountain Ordinal-Aspectual-Modal System 08:41
And2 His photos looks like he's out of the American Civil War 08:42
— Serena joined the chat room. 08:42
pgadey And2: Agreed. 08:43
— ive joined the chat room. 08:43
And2 pg: are you in the room? 08:43
broadcaster I think he's in Canada, And2. 08:44
pgadey pgadey: Nope. I'm in Canada. 08:49
pgadey I'm here http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=149+lake+st+peterborough+ontario&ie=UTF8&ll=44.294858,-78.319194&spn=0.007587,0.019226&z=16&iwloc=addr 08:50
saizai And2: he looks like that in person too 08:53
saizai aside from the clothes that is 08:53
broadcaster any qs? 08:54
saizai not much time left 08:55
saizai gonna cut off after this one 08:56
kaleissin graaah 08:57
kaleissin my ears 08:57
pgadey kaleissin: Find the mute button and use it. 08:57
kaleissin might be needing a better sound card anyways 08:57
broadcaster I've been trying to lower the volume on the applause, but I don't have jedi reflexes. 08:58
kaleissin hehe 08:58
pgadey broadcaster: Use your 49 tentacles damn it! 08:59
stephenb broadcaster: you don't need *jedi* reflexes—just ninja ones. 08:59
broadcaster It's not the 49 tentacles, it's the one eye. 08:59
And2 pg: you live across a lake from Sally, right? 09:01
broadcaster I'm certainly not a Rikchik ninja. They're very good at hiding their emotions, since other rikchiks can sense those as an aura. 09:01
pgadey Next up: # Sylvia Sotomayor: Letters tied up in knots 09:01
Carsten actually, just click on the little speaker in the window to mute the stream 09:01
broadcaster And we're up! 09:01
pgadey And slides: http://conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Sylvia_Sotomayor.pdf 09:01
kaleissin go Sylvia! 09:02
And2 gorrrgeous slides 09:02
Carsten 09:02
— MiaS left the chat room. 09:03
pgadey Nicce slides. 09:03
stephenb they are indeed 09:03
Carsten http://www.subblue.com/projects/guilloche btw 09:05
pgadey I would like to see a Kelen artifact with this on it. 09:05
broadcaster pg: There's a stole in the poster room. 09:06
Carsten I'm curious for the photos from the poster room 09:06
saizai will get 'em online when we have 'em 09:06
saizai and make sure we have 'em 09:06
saizai ?lila's boyfriend is taking lots of photos 09:07
Carsten cool 09:07
pgadey saizai: "Do you do the knotwork translation by hand in your preffered-graphics-editor? And, have you every done this kind of knotwork on a physical artifact?" 09:08
Carsten samantha gorman looks quite much like a friend of mine in the photo of her that is in the programme leaflet 09:09
pgadey Oh - Sorry about that. 09:09
saizai btw s/every/ever/ 09:10
saizai have time for another q or 2 09:11
saizai if gotten soon 09:11
pgadey "That's actually a feature." Wondderful! 09:13
saizai :) 09:14
Carsten thanks applauders, now I'm deaf ;) 09:14
saizai likes cryptoling 09:14
saizai you're welcome 09:14
Carsten lila sadkin now 09:14
pgadey saizai: Thanks for forwarding the questions, by the way. 09:14
broadcaster Was it at all lowered? I hit the volume less than a second in. 09:14
saizai 'course 09:14
pgadey http://conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Lila_Sadkin.pdf 09:14
pgadey Slides. 09:15
pgadey # Lila Sadkin: Nonspoken text in Tenata's written language 09:15
Carsten btw, how is that pronounced? [laIla]? 09:15
saizai [li:l@] I think 09:15
pgadey "That's not a real thing"? 09:16
saizai dunno what she meant 09:16
stephenb She was talking about morphemes, so I have no idea. 09:16
broadcaster David mentioned in his talk that natural languages don't represent morphemes. I don't entirely agree with him. 09:17
pgadey stephenb: I think she was refering to graphemes standing in for morphemes? 09:17
stephenb Oh. When did David talk? 09:17
Carsten yesterday 09:17
Carsten quite early, at like 11 am local time or so 09:18
pgadey I like the indic style with the logography added in. 09:18
Carsten looks like indic writing mixed with chinese 09:19
pgadey Carsten: Written by Japanese kids studying their katakana.. 09:19
kaleissin saizai, missing pdf-symbol on Lila's link 09:19
stephenb Carsten: mixed with Linear B 09:19
Carsten :) 09:20
pgadey stephenb: It's everything plus funky. 09:20
Carsten इंत्रॅस्तिं 09:21
stephenb It's actually kind of hangulish too, but with morphemes instead of phonemes. 09:21
pgadey stephenb: Yeah - It's got that stacking / featural thing going on. 09:23
broadcaster Was that at all better for the applause? 09:24
Carsten no 09:24
Carsten now it's too quiet 09:24
pgadey broadcaster: yes 09:24
Carsten ok, now you can hear her talk again 09:24
saizai kaleissin: thanks, will fix 09:24
saizai any q? 09:24
broadcaster I don't think this volume slider means what I think it means. 09:24
And2 broadcaster, your efforts are appreciated even if they are in vain... 09:25
saizai it ought to 09:25
saizai but it didn't work very well for me in testing fwiw 09:25
saizai hopefully people can just move their headphones :p 09:26
pgadey saizai: "What is the writing implement / medium used to write Tenata? You mentioned that 'many mundane things' aren't written in Tenata, so could you describe the context of written language e.g. are there Tenata street signs, or tabloids?" 09:27
saizai . 09:27
pgadey Oh sai, moreover, could you add that I think it looks wonderfully both graphically, and systematically. 09:28
pgadey *looks wonderful 09:28
saizai . 09:28
kaleissin hm, the links to Davids "golden knight" is broken on his own site 09:29
saizai ? 09:30
saizai which david 09:30
kaleissin oh. javascript-links 09:30
kaleissin how... swell... 09:30
kaleissin David Peterson 09:30
saizai will tell him 09:31
— Serena left the chat room. 09:31
— Serena joined the chat room. 09:31
pgadey I like the formal / informal writing divide. It seems groovy. 09:33
saizai m 09:33
Carsten ah, now it worked 09:34
pgadey Soooo much food for though about NL2DWS has come out of all the orthography talks I've listened to. 09:34
broadcaster We will probably be gone for lunch. 09:36
— schuyler-ouwi1 left the chat room. 09:36
pgadey Have a nice afternoon folks. 09:37
pgadey Thanks everyone. 09:37
Serena have a nice lunch! 09:37
— pgadey left the chat room. 09:38
Carsten amost dinner time here 09:38
Carsten *almost 09:38
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 09:39
Serena carsten: yes I guess we're on the same fuse 09:39
Carsten well yes, I said I'm from Germany 09:39
Carsten so Central European Time 09:39
Serena Germans usually do eat earlier than Italians though 09:40
Carsten yeah 09:40
Carsten but I don't prefer eating my evening meal at 18h already either 09:40
Serena might consider this "tea-time" 09:41
Carsten hm, no, coffee is usually ~17h in my family 09:41
Carsten personally I don't usually have coffee/tea time though. 09:42
kaleissin dinner is 17-18 here 09:42
Serena kaleissin: that's an early dinner 09:42
Carsten i. 09:43
Carsten (indeed) 09:43
kaleissin supposedely it's to be at 1600, that's when work usually stops 09:43
Serena it's 20h here, in most families, but mine is famous for eating at 19 and most people laugh at us 09:43
Carsten my flatmates usually eat at 19:15, which felt kind of early for me at first. 09:44
Serena the more south you go, the later people eat (does this sentence make sense in english??) 09:44
Carsten at least I know what you mean 09:45
Carsten I think it should be ok 09:45
vincent I know this is probably a really stupid question but which coast is this on? 09:45
Serena when I lived at college with flat mates we had dinner at 21 - 22, but that was really late for most people 09:45
Serena vincent: East 09:46
vincent What college is this at? 09:47
Carsten Brown 09:47
Carsten Providence, RI 09:47
kaleissin saizai, have you visited the server housing the listserv? a pilgrimage? 09:49
— ive left the chat room. 09:52
— parkerglynn-adey joined the chat room. 09:52
Serena Be back soon - I'm going to get some tea and some chocolate cake :) 09:52
— parkerglynn-adey left the chat room. 09:53
— pgadey joined the chat room. 09:53
— pgadey left the chat room. 09:54
— pgadey joined the chat room. 09:54
pgadey Hello 09:55
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 09:58
— vincent38 joined the chat room. 09:59
— Sentaro joined the chat room. 10:01
— vincent left the chat room. 10:01
vincent38 it said I quit 10:02
— vincent38 left the chat room. 10:03
Sentaro How are you all. That's it this time. Sentaro MIZUTA from Tokyo 10:04
— vincent joined the chat room. 10:04
vincent hello 10:04
Carsten hey 10:05
kaleissin i assume the smiley awards will be in the room with the camera 10:05
Carsten well I hope so 10:05
Carsten heh, is that someone blowing their nose right now? 10:05
pgadey I am waiting for someone in a monkey suit to run through the room. 10:07
Serena it's funny to see these people passing by... 10:07
pgadey Your Sunday is dull when... 10:08
vincent pgadey: That would be really funny 10:08
pgadey Oh mam, you're not alone... 10:09
pgadey pgadey: Agreed. When Sai / Alex and myself were testing this set up, I was able to convince Alex to throw their cat at Sai. It was grea to telepresence a cat onto Sai. I wish I could do the same now. 10:09
Carsten pgadey, vincent: agreed 10:09
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 10:10
pgadey I think I need to learn a to use Ouwi. 10:10
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 10:10
pgadey Hey Sai! 10:11
Jan Big Brother is watching you! 10:11
— JohnQ joined the chat room. 10:11
Broca Little sister, rather. 10:12
Jan Actually, I do have a question. 10:12
Carsten johnq = John Quijada? 10:12
Jan To Sai, I mean. 10:13
JohnQ Hello, Sai. John Quijada here, signing on! Greetings to all! 10:13
kaleissin :) 10:13
pgadey Hi John. 10:13
Serena Hi John 10:13
Jan Hello, John! Only 15 minutes ago I was listening to a song with has the text: "Johnny Q.". 10:13
Carsten hey john 10:14
kaleissin "My name is John and I'm a.. *pause* conlanger." 10:14
JohnQ In Sacramento, California where I live there's a restaurant called John Q's. 10:14
Broca Hi, JohnQ. Welcome! 10:14
kaleissin Conlangers Anonymous 10:14
JohnQ Guten tag, Carsten und alles. 10:14
Carsten *alle 10:14
Carsten alle-*s* = NOM.neut 10:15
kaleissin I wonder if (m)any of the Americans will show up next year... loooooooooong trip 10:15
Jan Nice to "meet" you here. We've met before on Conlang, I think, but years ago. I'm Jan van Steenbergen. 10:15
JohnQ Ich studierte deutsch in der universitat in 1979. Ich habe alle vergessen. 10:15
Serena oh god... I need to revise my German - I would have gone for aller 10:15
Jan alles 10:15
Carsten serena: no, that is "of all" 10:16
Serena but of course, that's plural so that would have been really stupid... 10:16
JohnQ Hey Kaleissen, it just so happens I may be in Germany on vacation at the time of the LCC4 so I may drop in! 10:16
kaleissin whoo 10:16
Jan I think I'll be there for sure! Saarbrücken, right? incompatible encoding 10:16
Carsten yep 10:16
Jan Quite a trip, but worth the effort, I guess. 10:16
Carsten as I said, I try my best to be there. at least as a guest. 10:17
— Sentaro left the chat room. 10:17
Jan It's a great idea to do the next one in Europe. And Germany is not *that* far away. 10:18
Carsten well it's quite much in the middle of (western) Europe 10:18
Serena yes, and being central Europe it's the best choice for a european location 10:19
Carsten and quite accessible at that 10:19
Carsten with several airports and stuff 10:19
kaleissin lovely, lovely trains... 10:19
Carsten also, dense train and road net 10:19
JohnQ And lots of shiny happy smiling people... 10:19
Carsten 10:19
JohnQ Nein, es ist wahr!! 10:19
Jan Loten von scheinenden, schmeilenden Leuten. 10:19
pgadey Are the poster Q&As being televised? 10:20
Broca saizai: are you wearing what you wore to LCC1? 10:20
Carsten Jan: met veele schijnende, lachende luit 10:20
Jan :) 10:21
JohnQ La gente sonriente. 10:21
Jan Sonriente i smilente? 10:22
JohnQ Certainly there must be a Spanish verb smilar, right? Yo smilo, nosotros smilamos. 10:23
JohnQ The 2nd person informal present subjunctive would be "smiles". How cute. 10:24
kaleissin muh, too limited vocab... making vocab sucks 10:25
Jan In German, that would be "du schmeilest", oder? 10:25
Serena E un sacco di persone raggianti, felici e sorridenti 10:26
Carsten schmeilen isn't a word though 10:26
Carsten to smile = lächeln 10:27
Carsten seems to be a repetitive diminutive derivation of 'lachen' (to laugh) maybe 10:27
pgadey I'm flipping through the Kēlen Dictionary, sooo neat. 10:28
JohnQ Hey Carsten, my favorite German word is "ermöglich" but I don't remember what it means. Was bedeutet dieses wort? incompatible encoding 10:28
Jan Serena: "And a sack of ragging, feline people with sorry teeth?" 10:28
Carsten ermöglichen means 'to make possible' 10:28
Carsten möglich = possible 10:28
JohnQ So is ermöglichkeit a real word? Love the sound of that. incompatible encoding 10:29
Carsten no, there is no nominalization of that 10:29
Carsten at least not commonly 10:29
Carsten it would be Ermöglichung 10:29
JohnQ Pgadey, is the Kelen dictionary online? 10:29
Carsten but you hardly say that. 10:29
Serena jan: yes of course... sorry teeth .. lol 10:30
pgadey JohnQ: Yeah. http://www.terjemar.net/Dict/ 10:30
pgadey It's wonderfully put together. 10:30
JohnQ Thanks. I'll take a look. 10:30
pgadey " 1: pack predator analogous to either wolves or velociraptors. " 10:32
pgadey Awesome definition. 10:32
JohnQ Sylvia must have had nightmares about such animals as a kid. 10:32
JohnQ So Broca, is your nom-de-chat a reference to Broca's area in the brain? 10:33
Carsten pgadey: that is really neat 10:33
Carsten you even get the words spelt in the native script 10:34
JohnQ Actually, I just realized nom-de-chat means "cat name". 10:34
Carsten seems to be an alphabetic script though, in spite of looking like devanāgarī 10:34
pgadey Carsten: Yeah. 10:35
Carsten I've always wanted to be able to do that with my script as well, but so far it's been too complicated 10:35
pgadey Link? 10:36
JohnQ Carsten, I still think the Ayeri Wine script is the coolest. 10:36
Broca JohnQ: partly a reference to the area, partly to the scientist. 10:36
Carsten JohnQ: it's neat, but unuseful 10:36
JohnQ Useful? You're talking to me about useful scripts? Ha! 10:36
Carsten heh 10:36
Carsten I'm curious whether there'll be any questions from the attendees about my posters 10:37
Serena Carsten: how did you make that creed in Tahano Hikamu that's on the LCC3 site? 10:37
Carsten first of all I translated it into Ayeri 10:37
Carsten then I took an a3 sheet of paper 10:38
Carsten and put it into a dye I made from water and lots of black tea 10:38
Carsten the tea I had brewing for like half an hour or so 10:38
pgadey Ayeri wine script? 10:39
Carsten oh wait, before putting the sheet into the tea dye I crumbled it a couple of times so that the fibres break up a little 10:39
Carsten http://benung.nfshost.com/index.php?go=scripts&action=thv 10:40
Carsten however, I let the paper sheet in the tea for half an hour or so and then carefully took it out, unfolded it and dryed it in the sun 10:40
Carsten then I ironed it and wrote on it 10:40
Carsten I find the burnt edges a bit ridiculous now however 10:41
Carsten oh, also I had put some oil into the tea I think 10:41
pgadey Tahano Hikamu looks wonderfully tibetan. 10:41
Carsten I liked that v-like swash over letters in tibetan, so it's maybe that :) 10:42
Serena I find it lovely, and I really like the alphabet itself, it looks natural yet very artistic 10:42
JohnQ My favorite aspect of Tibetan script is the hanging tails on the characters. 10:42
Carsten well I have put some work into that. almost 4 years actually. not that I worked permanently on it, though. 10:43
Serena is that golden paint or some kind of embossing powder you used? 10:45
Carsten golden golden felt pen kind of thing, yeah 10:46
Carsten 10:47
— pgadey left the chat room. 10:47
Carsten http://benung.nfshost.com/index.php?go=media&file=examples/txt/xmp_iceskater.html is the most recent example I have 10:48
JohnQ Speaking of changing calendars, I recently read that people rioted when the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian, because they thought they were losing ten days of their lives. 10:48
Carsten and when someone makes a photo of you, they take a piece of your soul... 10:49
Carsten who are the people currently talking in the stream? 10:51
Carsten with the green hat and the red pullover 10:51
JohnQ That's why I leave my soul in a locked drawer in my spare closet whenever I go out in public. 10:51
JohnQ The one on the left is T. Winston Blathermot III, Esq. and next to him is his would-be mistress Lyudmila "Big Boss" Borscht-Bruehler. 10:53
Carsten and you expect me to believe you? 10:53
kaleissin not that many wth hats there 10:54
Carsten jeff burke wore a hat all the time 10:54
JohnQ You can believe everything I say, as I have a direct line into the underlying kosmische Infrastructure Manual, Chapter 4, on personal identities. 10:54
Carsten Das kosmische Infrastrukturhandbuch 10:56
Carsten Handbuch der kosmischen Infrastruktur 10:56
Carsten whatever 10:56
JohnQ Ah, natürlich! incompatible encoding 10:56
kaleissin I wonder how Jeffrey Henning is doing... 10:58
kaleissin langmaker is still only half there 10:58
JohnQ I sadly miss the old Langmaker. 10:58
kaleissin there's a bit of it in the waybackmachine though 10:59
broadcaster Hello channel! We're back in 10 minutes or so. 11:05
Carsten cool 11:06
kaleissin I think I'll play with cals in the meantime 11:06
Carsten is that sai in the black suite thing running up and down? 11:06
Carsten *-e 11:06
Carsten s/is/was/ 11:06
broadcaster Possibly. 11:06
Serena dinner time here, be back later - cya all!! 11:07
saizai starting in 5m 11:07
JohnQ By Serena. 11:07
saizai howdy john 11:07
— Serena left the chat room. 11:08
Carsten good apetite then ;) 11:08
JohnQ Hey, Sai. Lemme know if anyone has questions about the Ithkuil/Ilaksh posters. 11:08
Carsten yeah, same here 11:08
broadcaster Are we doing the poster Q&A in the presentation room or the poster room? 11:08
saizai anyone reading relay live get on skype 11:09
saizai er, remotely live that is 11:09
Carsten I've already said I sent you a file... 11:09
Carsten but reading stuff life is certainly more fun ;) 11:09
saizai or hm 11:11
Jan I'm currently making a sound file anyway. Just in case. ;) 11:11
saizai hm 11:12
saizai we're gonna do poster q&a first 11:12
Jan Whether Skype will work in this case depends pretty much on you laptop, I guess. 11:12
Jan * your 11:13
saizai anyone here need to be present for poster q&a? 11:13
saizai eg via skype 11:13
Carsten it would be fun I guess 11:13
saizai ok 11:13
Carsten so if anyone has a question about my stuff, feel free to call :) 11:13
saizai get on skype now 11:13
JohnQ I don't have skype. Just this chat thingie. 11:13
saizai okay then 11:13
saizai will do what we can through it 11:13
Carsten saizai: as for my sound file, I've also sent that to David, just in case. 11:15
broadcaster I guess we won't be filming that. See you after the Q&A? 11:16
JohnQ oh, well... 11:16
Carsten *sigh* 11:16
Carsten I'm waiting for the photos :) 11:16
And2 look how they treat us! 11:17
And2 what cavalier disregard!!! 11:17
And2 us so forlorn 11:17
JohnQ Hey, And. Aren't you a member of the LCS. Can't you speak to the Head Cheese in Charge? 11:17
Carsten heh, there's a guy picking up the litter now ;) 11:17
JohnQ He must be the Head Cheese. The Secret Head Cheese. 11:18
And the head cheese ain't listenin. he swannin around in kimono 11:19
JohnQ So, And. How is Livagian coming? (I'm going on memory, so forgive me if I didn't quite get the name right). 11:19
Carsten Sir Gauldewyrd Treakmount 11:20
And you got the name right 11:20
JohnQ Kimono my house, my house a kimono... 11:20
And Jim Henry quoted me yesterday as having likened my relationship to Livagian as like a motorcycle nut whose bike is always in pieces in the garage so that he never gets to ride it 11:21
JohnQ Carsten, would that be the infamous Treakmounts of Outer Transwaldia? 11:21
Carsten probably 11:21
Carsten I'm not so firm in Katchiltonian history 11:21
Carsten *-anian 11:21
JohnQ And: Ah, a very illuminting analogy re the mortorcycle... 11:21
And and this year I've been working on English. Only really time for one project at a time. 11:22
Carsten English? 11:22
And My area of research is English grammar 11:22
Broca *clang* 11:23
Carsten whew 11:23
JohnQ We native speakers know that English grammar is a lifelong learning situation. By the time I die, I hope to master the use of prepositions. 11:23
And JohnQ: what's your day job? 11:23
kaleissin *grin* 11:23
— saizai_ joined the chat room. 11:23
JohnQ I manage a web development team for a state government agency. 11:23
And but you have a background in cognitive lx too, right? 11:24
saizai_ JohnQ: if there's something you need and I'm not online, call my cell [REDACTED] 11:24
saizai_ anyway no internet there 11:24
saizai_ so we're going to have to bring people in here after we're done there 11:24
saizai_ and do the q&a from you people then 11:24
saizai_ sorry 11:24
JohnQ Right-o. 11:24
saizai_ will be back in a few 11:24
Carsten kk 11:24
— saizai left the chat room. 11:25
JohnQ And: I got my linguistics degree in 1981. Had no money to go to grad school so linguistics remained a life-long hobby. I retaught myself the field on my own during the late 80s and early 90s when all the cognitive stuff began coming out in the mainstream (Fauconnier, Langacker, Lakoff, Talmy, etc.) 11:26
Carsten lx = linguistics, nice :) 11:27
And linguistics is effectively a hobby for me too. Most of the day job is taken up with teaching and trade-unioning 11:28
Carsten trade-unioning? 11:28
kaleissin <-- programmer/sysadmin 11:28
kaleissin I need the "something else" of conlaning :) 11:29
And being a trade-union representative -- sindicalisto 11:29
Carsten <-- civilian servant (instead of compulsory army service) for another 8 months :\ 11:29
JohnQ What programming languages/RDMBS, kaleissin? 11:29
And Carsten: I thought you were a trainee printer??? Am I totally confused? 11:30
Carsten And: not printer 11:30
Carsten publishing clerk 11:30
Carsten but yeah, I have finished my job training in january 11:30
Carsten and then didn't get a job in my firm 11:31
Carsten so the gov't said I must serve *now* 11:31
Carsten before I turn 23 and they may not draft me anymore 11:31
Carsten (I turn 23 in late August this year) 11:32
Carsten brb 11:33
JohnQ What city do you live in/near in Germany, Karsten? 11:33
JohnQ I mean Carsten. 11:33
— stephenb left the chat room. 11:34
Carsten I'm living in Kassel at the moment 11:35
Carsten so back to northern hesse again 11:35
Carsten I used to live in Braunschweig for the last 2¬Ω years though 11:36
Jan In Braunschweig? Jörg is also living there, isn't he? incompatible encoding 11:38
And John: I was going to ask re the posters: (a) what implement used to write Ithkuil; 9b) how on earth does one write Ilaksh? 11:39
Carsten Jan: yes 11:39
Carsten I've met him once 11:39
Carsten and a couple of times on the street of course 11:39
And Carsten: what was that like? 11:39
And Is he the same in person as online? 11:40
Jan Hehe, I guess so. Funny to have Germany's two most prominent conlangers living in the same city. 11:40
Carsten I don't want to sound biased, but he's an aspie and you notice that a lot if you're not used to that 11:40
JohnQ I create the Ithkuil characters with Powerpoint. Whenever I need to write something, I cut and paste the necessary characters from the master list. Ideally, Ithkuil would be written from a database in which the writer pieces together the morphology from a custom interface of menus, and the computer strings the characters together automatically. 11:41
Jan Sorry, what's an Aspie? 11:41
Carsten someone with Asperger's Syndrome 11:41
Carsten all in all I found it rather difficult to talk to him because he never actually looked at me 11:41
Carsten or only fleetingly 11:41
Carsten the last time I met him on the road he made some progress however 11:42
JohnQ As for Ilaksh, it is done in Powerpoint from scratch each time I have to write something. Very slow and tedious. 11:42
Carsten still he almost exclusively talks about Old Albic. 11:42
And John: so can't be done without a computer? I thought maybe Ithkuil cd be penned. 11:43
Jan Ah. Well, I have to say that I've always deeply respected him as a conlanger. But we've had quite some trouble in the past. 11:43
JohnQ Ironically, I developed an informal written script for Ilaksh that can be handwritten. 11:43
And Carsten: I didn't know about the aspiehood. That maybe explains stuff. 11:43
JohnQ Yeah, I recall several times when Jorg really managed to put his foot in it on the zompist bb. 11:44
And The handwritten Ilaksh is related to the formal? Or completely different? 11:44
JohnQ Speaking of zompist, I wonder why he's not at the LCC3 or participating in some way, as I know he lives within 100 miles of there. 11:45
Broca JohnQ: would you count it as a failure if a lot of people started using Ilaksh? :-) 11:45
JohnQ Handwritten Ilaksh is based entirely on the formal script. It is explained in Chapter 11 of the Ilaksh site if you want the details. 11:45
Broca JohnQ: re Zompist: I read an announcement on his blog that he was looking for a job. I haven't heard that he's got one. That could explain it. 11:46
And I'll take a look. 11:46
JohnQ Broca: No, that's why I created it -- to appease all the Russians who told me they wanted to learn Ithkuil but couldn't pronounce it. 11:46
Broca haha 11:46
JohnQ Ultimately, Ithkuil was created only for me. I don't expect anyone not trained in phonology/phonetics to be able to pronounce it. 11:47
And I would never be able to learn aural comprehension of Ithkuil. 11:47
And I mean because of the phonetic difficult, let alone the grammatical 11:48
JohnQ Yeah, actually there are some phonetic distinctions in Ithkuil I'm no longer pleased with. For example, I allow diphthongs ending in the high unrounded back vowel /M\/ while also allowing syllables to end in velarized L. That was dumb on my part, as the aural difference between the two is very difficult to distinguish. 11:50
kaleissin JohnQ, being paid for the lamp-stack (python php perl mysql postgresql apache linux) 11:50
JohnQ Ah, I admire open-source!!! 11:50
— guitarplayer joined the chat room. 11:51
guitarplayer meh, computer crashed 11:51
JohnQ So can we still call you Carsten or do we call you guitarplayer now? 11:51
guitarplayer anyway 11:52
guitarplayer oh. wtf. 11:52
And JohnQ: for Livagian, even tho I was aiming for concision, I never went for overdifficult phonetics; not robust enough 11:52
guitarplayer broadcaster, could you please kick my other self? 11:52
— guitarplayer is now known as Carsten_. 11:52
— Carsten left the chat room. 11:52
Carsten_ aha, it kicked itself 11:53
— Carsten_ is now known as Carsten. 11:53
kaleissin JohnQ, I'm also postmaster for about a hundred people and run an antispam-relay which gets about four million mails a day 11:54
Carsten oha 11:54
Carsten 4m. spams/day 11:54
Carsten or 4m actual mails? 11:54
Broca kaleissin = the place where spam goes to die. 11:55
JohnQ R.I.P. 11:55
— DonB joined the chat room. 11:57
JohnQ And: Originally I thought a large phoneme inventory was necessary to achieve conciseness, plus the fact that i happen to like all those ejective affricates! It wasn't till I took on the challenge of Ilaksh that I figured out how to do it with a limited phoneme inventory. 11:58
— stephenb joined the chat room. 11:59
JohnQ Welcome (back) stephen b and DonB. 11:59
DonB Hello. 11:59
JohnQ We're waiting for everyone to come back from the Poster Room 12:00
DonB Ah! I thought that might be the case. 12:00
kaleissin 4m actual mails 12:00
kaleissin roughly 12:00
And2 Yes. Ithkuil & Ilaksh pretty much killed my ambition for Livagian to be concise. My strategy could never match I&I's. 12:00
DonB We should ask Sai to take a video of the poster room and post it as one of the blog entries for LCS. 12:01
kaleissin the combination is a little problematic is programming demands being in the zone 12:01
kaleissin so the mail-stuff interrupts 12:01
DonB Sorry, I'll be quiet. JohnQ and kaleissin are discussing. 12:01
JohnQ And: Sorry, if I put a damper on your efforts. As I recall, Livagian had some very unique/interesting ideas on word categorization, no? 12:02
JohnQ Not on my account, DonB. Chat away! Two or three simultaneous threads is always fun. 12:02
DonB Thanks. I'm disappointed I can't be there in person... 12:03
kaleissin Don B, B as in Boozer or Blaheta? 12:03
And2 Not a damper. It just made me further clarify my aims. I don't think Livagian has such unusual ideas about word categorization; it's just one of those one-PoS lgs 12:03
kaleissin DonB, this is IRC. IRC == CHAOS :) 12:03
DonB Boozer..I still remember JohnQ saying you'd pay good money for the Babel Text in Dritok at LCC2. 12:04
kaleissin hehe 12:04
JohnQ LOL 12:04
DonB JohnQ: I also noticed your welcomes in Ilaksh and Ithkuil.... 12:04
DonB still 2 of the coolest conlangs on the 'net. 12:04
JohnQ By the way, Don, great Conlang presentation at the Cleveland library. The pix and description were very illuminating. 12:05
And2 Certainly the 2 most awe-inspiring 12:05
DonB Thank you very much. 12:05
DonB JohnQ did a great job submitting his bio and photos. 12:05
DonB All the conlangers were extremely gracious. 12:05
JohnQ Thanks, guys. 12:05
DonB How much of the exhibit was Sai et al. able to display? 12:05
Carsten it's funny listening to people chatting ;) 12:06
DonB This whole IRC and simulcast has a tinge of voyeurism to it. 12:06
DonB ..but in a good way ;-) 12:07
Carsten people aren't actually aware of it. 12:07
JohnQ At LCC4 someone (Carsten?) should script a fake conversation to be "inadvertently" overheard by the people watching. Say, a plan to murder someone or making plans for a secret tryst or something... 12:07
DonB :-) 12:07
And2 as far as I have noticed, nobody has been caught in flagrante before the webcam 12:07
Carsten JohnQ: lol 12:08
DonB we can only hope. 12:08
— Serena joined the chat room. 12:08
JohnQ How was dinner, Serena? 12:08
Serena Leftovers... 12:09
Carsten man, how long will the poster browsing take? 12:09
Serena but nice 12:09
Carsten it's 8pm alreay 12:09
Carsten already 12:09
And2 OK. At LCC4 I will get caught having a clandestine tryst with some willing partner, for the delectation of the onliners 12:09
Jan Does anybody know at what time the Relay Text is supposed to get started? I'm getting very hungry!\ 12:09
Serena What's on at the moment? 12:09
Carsten two women talking 12:09
Carsten but nothing important 12:09
DonB :-) And2: TAking one for team, eh? 12:09
Serena And2: it's not as funny if you're aware of the camera 12:10
DonB Do we have any idea when attendees will be returning from the poster salon? 12:10
Carsten anyone willing to call sai? :P 12:11
JohnQ They left for the poster room at least half an hour ago. 12:11
DonB Were they actually discussing things there, or were they coming back to the room for a panel? 12:11
JohnQ I'll call Sai on his cellphone. Give me a couple of minutes. 12:11
DonB cool 12:11
— pgadey joined the chat room. 12:12
— pgadey left the chat room. 12:12
Carsten I don't like to know what even sending a texto from here to the US costs 12:12
DonB I believe the word "prohibitely" would come into play. 12:12
Carsten probably 12:12
DonB oops,..prohibitively. 12:12
Serena what's a texto? 12:12
Carsten a text message, an SMS whatever 12:13
kaleissin but compared to the Olden Days(tm) we live in a scifi utopia 12:13
DonB indeed. 12:13
Carsten oh, there's people coming back now 12:13
— pgadey joined the chat room. 12:13
pgadey Hello. 12:13
JohnQ Just called Sai and got his voicemail. that's him back in the room now. 12:13
Carsten it seems to go on, parker 12:13
Carsten you're just in time 12:13
Serena Hurray... there's life on cam 12:13
pgadey What's going on now? 12:14
DonB yay! 12:14
broadcaster We are back. 12:14
JohnQ Are they calling for you, Carsten? 12:14
Serena those are nice trousers 12:14
broadcaster To ask y'all questions about your posters, 12:14
pgadey Ah - Awesome. JohnQ, you're not present? 12:14
DonB I see the conlang flag draped over the podium 12:14
Carsten yeah 12:14
Carsten moment 12:14
JohnQ Pgadey, I am here. 12:15
DonB Don Boozer, present and accounted for. 12:15
pgadey JohnQ: Are you physically present at LCC3? 12:15
JohnQ No, sitting at home watching the stream. 12:15
saizai_ jq - anything to say re posters? 12:16
JohnQ No, however, I can answer any questions anyone has. 12:16
saizai_ ok 12:16
DonB ditto for me, too. 12:16
saizai_ ohight 12:16
saizai_ don, you on kpe? 12:17
saizai_ skype 12:17
And2 creed = credo??? 12:17
saizai_ or can be? 12:17
DonB Sorry, no, just IRC. 12:17
pgadey http://conlang.org/lcc3/posters/Carsten_Becker_Creed.jpg 12:17
saizai_ or I can call you 12:17
— pgadey left the chat room. 12:17
DonB sure if you want. 12:17
saizai_ msg me your # 12:18
saizai_ /msg saizai stuff here 12:18
saizai_ jq, you want to do that also? 12:18
— saizai_ is now known as saizai. 12:18
JohnQ Sure, my number is [REDACTED]. Or I'm willing to call in as well. 12:18
— saizai is now known as Guest1321. 12:18
— parkerglynn-adey joined the chat room. 12:19
Guest1321 ok, 1m 12:19
DonB My phone is [REDACTED]. Let me know if you plan on calling and I'll move the laptop. 12:19
Carsten hm 12:20
Carsten I couldn't watch while skyping 12:20
parkerglynn-adey Who is Sai talking to? 12:20
Guest1321 don 12:20
And2 don b 12:20
Guest1321 jq, you're next 12:20
Carsten I should add a translation into English of the creed thing 12:21
— Guest1321 is now known as saizai. 12:21
JohnQ Standying by. 12:21
parkerglynn-adey Carsten: That would be nice. :) 12:21
broadcaster Calling John now. 12:22
And2 Carsten: the nicene creed is usually known in English as the "credo" 12:22
parkerglynn-adey Haha! WINNNNN. 12:22
Carsten ah, ok 12:22
parkerglynn-adey John Q - You just won so many points. 12:23
Carsten I didn't understand what he said :( 12:23
Serena Carsten: Neither did I - but I was distracted, I admit it 12:23
parkerglynn-adey Carsten: Neither did I but he just answered a phone in something that sounded like Ithkuil. 12:23
DonB Neither did i 12:23
Carsten "I believe in God, the Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, and in his [eingeboren] son, Jesus Christ, our Lord..." ‚Üê that one, if anyone know sit 12:23
broadcaster I assume it was something like "Hello, how are you?" 12:23
Carsten ah, ok 12:23
And2 "credo in unum deum" 12:24
Carsten so is that the English name? 12:24
DonB CLAP! 12:24
Carsten yay! 12:25
parkerglynn-adey Well said John Q. 12:25
And2 was the ilaksh first or second? 12:25
parkerglynn-adey saizai: I do 12:25
saizai what 12:25
Carsten JohnQ has won an internet 12:25
parkerglynn-adey saizai: How long did the respective translations take? 12:25
saizai . 12:25
broadcaster Carsten, In English it is often called the Credo, or, I think, the Nicene Creed. 12:25
Carsten ok 12:25
And2 Carsten: English name is "the credo" 12:25
Carsten in case you phone me for the relay text, I'll mention that again if that is ok 12:26
Carsten /krido/ 12:26
Carsten ? 12:26
And2 yes 12:26
Carsten k 12:26
Serena it's credo in latin and italian too 12:27
Carsten 12:27
Carsten confession-of-faith 12:27
Serena literally "I believe" 12:27
DonB I still love German's compound words :-) 12:27
Carsten heh 12:27
DonB I'm actually incorporating something like them into my Umod language. 12:27
broadcaster Credo is also the first word in the original Latin text. 12:28
Serena then the prayer took the name from the first word, 12:28
DonB AH! earthquake 12:28
Carsten in the relay & up here :) 12:28
broadcaster Yes. 12:28
Serena yes, it goes like "I believe in only one God.... et cetera" 12:28
Carsten only bad thing is I need to close the window with the simulcast 12:28
Serena I think English should learn to pronounce it /kredo/ as in latin 12:29
broadcaster Yes to Serena, not Carsten. Providence is not seismically active. 12:29
saizai ok, who's on relay 12:29
saizai just jan? 12:29
Jan I'm here. 12:29
Carsten me too 12:29
Jan But my image is gone. :( 12:29
DonB This was one of my favorite parts of LCC2. 12:29
And2 Serena: Latin is pronounced in special ways in english 12:29
Jan Are they relay texts going to be read/displayed chronologically? 12:29
Serena just as I hate the way english and americans say vice versa... lol 12:29
broadcaster Because engish speakers are so good at pronouncing other languages. :) 12:29
DonB As a native American speaker...:-) 12:30
parkerglynn-adey And2: "Special ways" 12:30
DonB Serena: How should vice versa be pronounced? 12:30
Carsten Serena: Latin is pronounced in special ways in english ‚Üê indeed. ones that make non-natives struggle pretty quickly 12:30
Jan [pejdR: na:stR:] 12:30
And2 It's because the pronunciation of Latin in English was fixed before the great vowel shift 12:31
broadcaster [wike wersa] 12:31
DonB SAI: Does David have the relay texts online? 12:31
Serena old latin /vike versa/ - modern latin and italian /vitSe versa/ 12:31
DonB Oh, I like the italian pronunciation. 12:32
broadcaster unless you're in germany, where it's /vitse versa/ 12:32
Serena and I don't remember the ascii for the long S, the sound is like chair 12:32
DonB SAI: Does David have the relay texts online? 12:32
Jan Just like in Poland. 12:32
Carsten we don't say that here. 12:32
Carsten it's just "umgekehrt" 12:32
saizai http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/1.html 12:32
DonB Thanks! 12:32
Serena the worst thing about this, is not the way english speak latin, but the way italians have, of saying latin words with english pronounciation to sound cooler... that's awful 12:33
DonB Agreed. 12:34
And2 Serena: i've never heard of this. Examples? 12:34
Jan claps 12:36
DonB Who was singing? Was that Teonaht? 12:36
And2 it was sally's starling song, no? 12:36
Serena And2: mass media, latin/italian should be /mass m025bdja/ 12:37
— stephenb left the chat room. 12:37
Serena And2: english say /mæss midja/ and you'll hear everyone saying it like that in Italy, because they want to sound proficient in english incompatible encoding 12:38
broadcaster Apparently it was "Irena"? 12:38
kaleissin Irina Rempt's Starling's Song 12:39
broadcaster Calling Jan. 12:39
And2 o that's right; irina 12:40
Carsten jan's on the phone :) 12:40
parkerglynn-adey And he sounds adorable. 12:40
Carsten Jan: you're even well understandable on the simulcast :) 12:40
parkerglynn-adey Jan: http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/3.html 12:41
timonator oh, btw: was Conlang already transcoded and uploaded? 12:41
timonator been absent for most of the day 12:41
And2 wenedyk -- wowwwwww 12:41
DonB clap! 12:42
parkerglynn-adey Wooo! Jan: that was awesome. 12:42
broadcaster timonator: Possibly. Sai can respond when he's less busy. 12:42
DonB I have to get involved in a relay...it sounds like a lot of fun. 12:42
Carsten agreed, it was great 12:42
DonB Carsten: How many have you done? 12:42
Carsten how many what? 12:43
DonB relays 12:43
Carsten 2 12:43
DonB I'm assuming in Ayeri? 12:43
Carsten yeah 12:43
And2 Serena: mass media is ordinary english, latin only by etymology; so italians are right to pronounce it englishly... 12:44
DonB looks like you're up next, Carsten. 12:44
Carsten yeah :) 12:44
And2 well done, jan 12:44
Jan Thanks! :) 12:44
DonB Nicely done, Jan. 12:44
saizai any others than carsten, jan? 12:45
saizai caps pls 12:45
Jan I had to switch of the sound here, otherwise I'd have heard everything in stereo. Was I understandable? 12:45
JohnQ Perfectly, Jan. 12:45
Jan Glad to hear that! 12:45
Jan Thumbs up, Carsten! 12:45
DonB Well done! 12:45
And2 clap clap 12:45
Jan claps for Carsten! 12:46
JohnQ Nice job, Carsten. You, too, Jan. 12:47
Carsten thanks 12:47
Jan Thanks, guys. Complements, Carsten. 12:47
Carsten Jan: you're even well understandable on the simulcast :) 12:48
Serena I was looking at the relay site - Jan, Carsten you sounded lovely 12:48
Serena I love hearing other people reading their conlangs 12:48
Carsten time to hear some Kēlen :D 12:49
DonB I second that! This is a great idea for LCC! 12:49
Carsten claps 12:49
Jan Thank you, Serena. 12:49
DonB ditto 12:49
Jan Cool! I wouldn't be able to pronounce Kelen that way (tried it once). 12:50
Carsten man, I'm shaking now of excitement... you don't speak (English!) with people so far away usually. 12:50
DonB You did great, Carsten! 12:51
Jan True. Really great, amazing! 12:51
Serena I've got too strong a venetian accent to try recording myself reading anything... :( 12:51
Jan Nice to live in the 21th century, isn't it? 12:51
DonB And, Jan, you sounded like you were in the room. 12:51
Carsten Serena: I have a German accent too. 12:51
Jan You should complement my mike for that. ;) 12:52
Carsten Alex's conlang sounds nice :) 12:52
DonB :-) 12:52
And2 wow, alex reads it so well too 12:52
JohnQ SAIZAI: I have a question for Alex Fink. 12:52
DonB He did a great job at LCC2 12:52
— stephenb joined the chat room. 12:52
Jan Well done, Alex! 12:52
saizai what 12:52
saizai pls say saizai for anything needed now 12:52
Serena carsten: noticeable in English but not when you were reading Ayeri, or only partially 12:53
Carsten yeah 12:53
JohnQ SAIZAI: Could Alex explain the levels of vowel length implied by the word Ausuuuil? 12:53
Carsten 12:53
Jan Wow, this languages sounds and looks like a mixture of Hawaiian and Gothic. 12:53
Carsten so I sneak in Vr\ sometimes 12:53
Serena the problem we venetians have, is a strong inflection, like a tonal tune you get when speaking 12:53
Jan But that's lovely. I like it when people sing while speaking. 12:54
JohnQ thanks, Alex. 12:54
Carsten Serena: also, I can't help the final devoicing thing 12:54
Carsten I do it subconsciously 12:54
Serena Jan: it's not singing, it's just going up and down in an absolutely un-lovely way 12:54
Carsten also, [{] vs. [E] 12:54
Jan Ah, I think I get what you mean. 12:55
Jan My native dialect is a bit like that. 12:55
Carsten are they doing Asha'ille now? 12:55
Carsten ah, Jim Henry now 12:55
Carsten now I'm curious for *that* 12:55
stephenb I just got back from taking my dog on a walk. What's going on right now? 12:56
Carsten claps 12:56
DonB awesome. 12:56
Carsten sounds pretty chineseic 12:56
broadcaster Language relay. 12:56
stephenb Ah. 12:56
Jan Wow, difficult! 12:57
JohnQ StephenB, the URL is http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/10.html 12:57
stephenb thank you. 12:57
— ][mez][ joined the chat room. 12:59
][mez][ hi all. 12:59
Carsten hey mez 12:59
][mez][ apologies for being late. 12:59
Carsten have you seen us skyping in for teh relay? :) 12:59
Carsten (jan and me that is) 13:00
][mez][ i haven't no. 13:00
][mez][ is it fun?;) 13:00
broadcaster Welcome, mez. We're doing the language relay. 13:00
][mez][ 7am here + i only have hlf an hr but will bbl 13:00
][mez][ am watching the cast 13:00
][mez][ ..now:) 13:00
broadcaster http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/11.html is the current slide. 13:00
Serena hi mez 13:01
Carsten http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/11.html 13:01
DonB yay! 13:01
][mez][ excellent, checking them 13:01
DonB shattering-sea place sounds like an Anglo-Saxon kenning. 13:01
][mez][ gorgeous 13:02
DonB very cool 13:02
DonB laugh 13:02
Jan "slovik"... that's the Polish word for "nightingale". 13:03
Jan Written "s0142owik". 13:03
DonB VERY cool. 13:04
Carsten słowik 13:04
And2 sounds like Navajo or suchlike 13:04
Carsten it comes out as square-0142 here 13:04
DonB The native american inspiration definitely comes through. 13:04
Jan Wow, this language wouldn't happen to be polysynethtic, would it? ;) 13:04
DonB And2: Jeff's inspiration is Mohawk ... 13:04
DonB ...if I remember correctly. 13:05
][mez][ interesting. 13:05
broadcaster Matt, are you on? 13:05
Carsten heh, btw, I realize now that I said "äh... moment!" somewhere while reading my text ;) 13:06
Carsten [mo."mEnt] 13:06
Jan :) 13:06
JohnQ All Jeff's languages are polysynthetic, inspired by Algic/Algonquian languages. 13:06
— Mia joined the chat room. 13:06
][mez][ hi mia. 13:06
Carsten hey mia 13:06
Jan Hi Mia! 13:06
DonB hi mia 13:06
Serena hi mia 13:07
DonB This must be Amanda? 13:07
JohnQ Mia: current slide is http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/15.html 13:07
Carsten it is amanda babcock-furrow, yeah 13:07
Jan claps 13:07
DonB CLAP! 13:08
DonB She sounds fluent. 13:08
][mez][ ditto clepping. 13:08
][mez][ [new zealand clap = clep] 13:08
][mez][ ;) 13:08
And2 she's one of our longest-standing conlang-listers, from antiquity 13:08
Jan That was beautiful, Amanda! 13:08
And2 nice to see a face for first time 13:08
Jan My thought exactly! 13:08
Mia Hello, everyone 13:10
Carsten the ejectives and [K]'s in Jeff Jones's remind me of Nahuatl 13:11
Jan The ending -atl, too. 13:11
Carsten yeah 13:11
Jan Lovely, this final text! 13:12
Carsten yeah 13:13
Carsten quite a change 13:13
Jan claps 13:13
][mez][ cleps 13:13
DonB YAY! Very cool. 13:14
Carsten "That happens when you don't read a text very carefully" ‚Üê true :) 13:14
Carsten happened to me as well 13:14
Carsten viz. "beloved boat" ;) 13:14
saizai mez, can you get on skype? 13:14
][mez][ i can't no sry 13:14
DonB changing tapes. 13:15
Carsten ok, going back to real life now. 13:15
Jan Well, I have to say: quite a nice relay! Nice text at the beginning, nice text at the end... 13:16
DonB Agreed. 13:16
Jan No magic eggs or cosmic trashcans... 13:16
— MattHaupt joined the chat room. 13:16
broadcaster Are those common hazards? 13:16
JohnQ Matt: We missed you reading your conlang in the relay. 13:16
][mez][ hi matt. 13:16
MattHaupt Hiya 13:16
MattHaupt Did they play the podcast on my blog? 13:16
Jan That's the kind of things that sometimes happen when people misunderstand something but try to transliate literally. 13:16
Broca Mmm, tapes. Lovely tapes. 13:17
MattHaupt I gave Dave the link 13:17
Jan Thanks, guys. Dinner is calling! 13:17
JohnQ Bye Jan. 13:17
MattHaupt Hey John good to see you on here by the way 13:17
Jan Bye! 13:17
Carsten yeah, dinner... 13:17
Serena bye jan 13:17
kaleissin bye jan 13:17
Carsten or should I watch teh smiley award? 13:17
Carsten hm 13:17
JohnQ Yeah, I logged in to check out the relay and answer any questions about my posters. 13:18
kaleissin got some CALS-programming in. productive weekend 13:18
broadcaster We have some techincal issues with advanced tech... like chairs. 13:18
][mez][ as did i john. don't think they r interested unless u can skype in howeva. 13:18
MattHaupt Feh 13:18
MattHaupt Well I guess it looks like they don't have a way of playing podcasts, short of someone holding a mic up to a laptop 13:19
broadcaster We did Q&A before the relay, so I think the posters weren't as fresh in people's minds. 13:19
kaleissin the tech-stuff is impriving with every lcc though 13:19
MattHaupt True 13:19
][mez][ ok all. can't handle the ear-bleed:) 13:20
JohnQ What's your phone number, Matt? Don and I simply had Sai call us and broadcast the phone call live. 13:20
— parkerglynn-adey left the chat room. 13:20
MattHaupt Hey John, what are you doing currently with Ilaksh or Ithquil? 13:20
Carsten congrats, don :) 13:20
broadcaster Sorry about the ear-bleed, mez. 13:20
Broca *clap, clap, clap* 13:20
MattHaupt If they still want to, my number is [REDACTED] 13:20
Serena claps!! 13:20
broadcaster Trying to fix it doesn't seem to help. 13:20
MattHaupt But its not a big deal for me if its over 13:20
][mez][ if anyone has any questions regarding mezangelle, feel free to email me @ netwurker.mez@gmail.com 13:20
][mez][ thanks all and enjoy the rest of the conference. 13:21
broadcaster Thanks for stopping by! 13:21
][mez][ no problem *waves* 13:21
— ][mez][ left the chat room. 13:21
Broca *sitting at edge of seat* 13:22
JohnQ SAIZAI: call Matt Haupt at [REDACTED] to have him pronounce his conlang from the relay. 13:22
saizai jq: too late for now, will try to see if it can fit later 13:22
Broca Talk INTO the mike, David. 13:22
MattHaupt KK 13:23
MattHaupt David needs to speak up or something 13:23
DonB SAI:That is SO COOL. Thank you, and thank you to the LCS BOD! 13:24
MattHaupt high fives Don 13:24
DonB I am very honored! 13:24
DonB Now, I really do have to get the Library populated with content. 13:24
DonB :-) 13:25
Carsten stands up 13:25
Carsten (not really) 13:25
Carsten (but anyway) 13:25
DonB :-) 13:25
MattHaupt Heh heh 13:25
MattHaupt Hey I would still be standing at this point 13:27
MattHaupt LOl Ok not anymore 13:27
Carsten who is it now? you can't hear dave speak with all the clapping 13:27
Carsten ah, sylvia 13:27
MattHaupt Nice 13:27
Carsten claps in appretiation 13:28
JohnQ Congratulations, Sylvia! 13:28
DonB Yay, Sylvia!! 13:28
saizai http://dedalvs.conlang.org/smileys/next/2009.html 13:28
MattHaupt Way to go! 13:28
Serena Congrats Sylvia! 13:28
Mia applauds... late. As usual. 13:29
kaleissin :) 13:29
broadcaster Switching tapes. 13:29
broadcaster 5 min break. 13:29
DonB Sai: Still there? 13:30
MattHaupt Aw man I wish I hadn't missed the relay, but I knew I probably would 13:30
MattHaupt So PLEASE someone tell me how the relay started - what was the original message??? 13:30
Carsten ok. laters then 13:30
MattHaupt Anyone? 13:31
saizai yes 13:31
saizai doing other stuff sorry 13:31
MattHaupt Whats up Alex 13:31
kaleissin MattHaupt, it'll no doubt be put up on a webpage somewhere 13:31
And2 Matt: it's on david's site 13:31
saizai ok, mez is gone? 13:31
And2 do you want the url? 13:31
MattHaupt Not yet methinks 13:31
MattHaupt Sure 13:31
Serena matt: http://dedalvs.conlang.org/relay/results/1.html 13:31
kaleissin he left ten minutes ago 13:31
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 13:31
saizai she 13:32
saizai ohwell 13:32
MattHaupt YAY 13:32
MattHaupt Thanks And2 13:32
DonB saizai: I was so overwhelmed with the citation, I actually missed part of it. 13:32
And2 Serena beat me to it 13:32
DonB What was the ending? After being named Librarian? 13:32
MattHaupt Holy crap 13:32
MattHaupt It got majorly changed 13:32
DonB Matt: It was lot of fun seeing the evolution as they worked through it. 13:33
MattHaupt I bet! 13:33
DonB The "beloved" disappeared fairly early on. 13:33
DonB Man, I wish I could be there! This afternoon has been very entertaining. 13:34
Mia I would have loved to be there. I've enjoyed it from a distance, and there are people there I'd love to meet. 13:35
kaleissin http://cals.conlang.org/translation/lcc3-live-relay/ 13:35
saizai brb 13:36
Broca discovers http://www.terjemar.net/Dict/index.php 13:36
— saizai left the chat room. 13:36
DonB saizai: I have to get going, but thanks again for the honor. I shall endeavor to uphold my...oh, you get the idea! ;-) 13:36
kaleissin :) 13:36
DonB bye everyone! See you all online. 13:36
Broca > 2000 entries? That's insane! 13:36
MattHaupt See you Don 13:37
— DonB left the chat room. 13:37
MattHaupt Congrats again! 13:37
And2 senti Serena: soscrivi a Conlang List? 13:38
Serena oh - i was looking at the kelen dictionary, and how funny, the word she has for husband, and male head of a clan, sounds like a bad word in italian, that's actually related to a men attributes... lol 13:39
And2 is it the word we once tried to introduce as a lojban gismu, katso? 13:40
Serena And2: I've been lurking on it, I did subscribe yesterday to the conlang mailing list 13:40
broadcaster Serena: That seems like a general hazard. 13:40
And2 only yesterday? How did you know of LCC? 13:41
Serena no, "maron" that's a word that means chestnut, nuts 13:41
MattHaupt LOL 13:41
MattHaupt Luv it 13:41
And2 Ah! When I heard it I thought people were saying "Madonn'"! 13:41
MattHaupt Wow, just got done reading a bit about the relay 13:42
Serena I subscribed to the list yesterday, but had been reading it for sometime, and watched LCC1 videos, and listened to Lcc2, and watched Sai's DeCals 13:42
MattHaupt Its always so funny to see how it changes 13:42
Broca And2: I don't remember katso 13:42
And2 Were you around in the days of Nick Nicholas's heyday? 13:43
— parkerglynn-adey_ joined the chat room. 13:43
And2 as a lojbanist i mean 13:43
MattHaupt Hey, can anyone tell me anything about Conlang: the movie? 13:43
MattHaupt I'd like to hear how it was 13:43
kaleissin yeah, I wasn't by my computer yesterday 13:43
— stephenb left the chat room. 13:44
And2 i missed it all, trying to reboot my pc 13:44
And2 Serena: post something about your conlang to conlang-l and I'll keep my eyes open for it... 13:45
MattHaupt :( 13:45
MattHaupt BRB 13:46
— MattHaupt left the chat room. 13:46
Serena And: most of what I have is just flashed out bits of the strangest grammar systems I can come up with (which is probably not very strange since I just started experimenting 2 years ago - previously I kept imitating languages I knew, English mostly) 13:46
— MattHaupt joined the chat room. 13:47
— Guest1326 joined the chat room. 13:47
— Guest1326 is now known as saizai. 13:47
saizai aaaand I'm back 13:47
And2 Serena: you at university, Venezia? 13:47
MattHaupt Velcum 13:47
Serena The one conlang I developed the most was an imaginary language for a African tribe I was supposed to have been living with when I was a child, as I told a friend of mine at 12 - and she did believe that 13:48
kaleissin maybe I should add relay-support to CALS... 13:48
Serena And2: Yes, I do 13:48
MattHaupt kaleissin: CALS? That sounds familiar - what is it? 13:48
And2 kal: what wd that involve? 13:49
kaleissin http://cals.conlang.org/ 13:49
MattHaupt I think I heard about it on zompist.com 13:49
JohnQ SAIZAI: Don't know how relevant it is to the present panel discussion, but one of the first artists to include his conlangs in his art was the Argentine painter Alexandro Xul-Solar. Here's an example of one of his works incorporating his conlangs: http://www.xulsolar.org.ar/obras/60-06.htm 13:49
kaleissin it started as wals (http://wals.info) for conlangs 13:49
And2 Serena: good backstory makes for good conlang. E.g. Miapimoquitch. 13:49
And2 "backstory" > "framing story" 13:50
Serena Venice Ca Foscari, is one of the few italian university that has an undergraduate linguistics program 13:50
saizai JohnQ: suggestion for how to raise it? 13:50
And2 glottologia? 13:50
kaleissin And2, I'd add a way to enter data from a relay: ttranslation, dictionary, grammar-notes etc. 13:51
kaleissin they are all over the place now, and lots of them are basically lost 13:51
Serena it's called "Lingue e scienze del linguaggio" 13:51
MattHaupt kaleissin: I think I signed up on here awhile back 13:51
JohnQ Saizai: I'll leave that up to you as to whether it fits in to the conversation or Q&A that develops. 13:51
MattHaupt Hey Saizai - please nudge Jeff Burke for me and tell him I said hi. 13:51
kaleissin not that I don't like the impermanent arts but still 13:51
Serena Glottologia is the name of the first year's linguistics exam 13:52
saizai JohnQ: I suspect it probabl does fit, but as is it's just a factoid; I also expect none of 'em know about it enough to comment 13:52
saizai and I sure don't know anything about it 13:52
saizai MattHaupt: will do 13:53
And2 tal: you mean the relays are scattered & shd be archived on conlang.org? Or that they specifically tie in to CALS? 13:53
MattHaupt :) 13:53
MattHaupt nudges Timonator to see if he's alive 13:53
Carsten what're they talking about right now? 13:54
timonator falls over 13:54
And2 their interests in art and conlanging 13:54
MattHaupt Conlang in Art 13:54
JohnQ SAIZAI: Xul-Solar was a friend of Jorge Luis Borges who created 2 conlangs which were hybrids of English and Romance languages: Neo-Criollo and Pan-Lengua. They had native scripts and he used them as ingredients in his later paintings. 13:54
Carsten ah 13:54
MattHaupt helps Timonator back up 13:54
saizai JohnQ: it looks really interesting 13:54
timonator whoa. what happened? 13:54
— DonB joined the chat room. 13:54
saizai and something I should look up 13:54
saizai but I can't think of any good way to add it conversationally 13:55
— schuyler-ouwi joined the chat room. 13:55
Carsten wabi don, schuyler 13:55
saizai if you were here I'd make you tell us all more :p 13:55
JohnQ Another example of Xul-Solar's work incorporating his conlangs: http://www.xulsolar.org.ar/obras/60-03.htm 13:55
DonB I couldn't stay away,. 13:55
MattHaupt Welcome back Don 13:55
DonB hi, matt. 13:55
timonator saizai: so, how about the "Conlang" movie being transcoded? 13:56
saizai timonator: delays 13:56
MattHaupt Hey Don, have you made some progress/added to/improved upon Dritok since last LCC? 13:56
timonator 13:56
DonB Matt: I've posted a PDF at my geocities site: 13:57
And2 is that steven travis on the phone??? 13:57
saizai yes 13:57
And2 what a genius he is 13:57
DonB http://www.geocities.com/donaldboozer/Drytok_TLoK1.pdf 13:57
And2 extraordinary artist 13:57
DonB And2: agreed. 13:57
JohnQ Yeah, I was looking at his work online. Fantastic! 13:58
Carsten steven travis was who again? 13:58
saizai just re-copied the movie 13:59
Carsten sorry for my ignorance 13:59
saizai need to reencode now 13:59
saizai prev one failed 13:59
saizai travis = tapissary 13:59
And2 he's a visual artist & creator of tapissary 13:59
MattHaupt DonB: Very nice. But needs more pictures of the kangaroo dudes! ;) But I'm impressed with the new PDF, especially the hand pictures 13:59
Carsten ah, ok 13:59
DonB I got those from public domain images at Wikimedia commons. 13:59
DonB I'm working on more pictures of the kangaroo dudes! 13:59
MattHaupt OIC 13:59
kaleissin I've added a whole bunch of relay-texts as translation exercises on CALS now 14:00
DonB My daughter has decided to go to college for computer animation, so I told her she has to animate me a Drushek jumping or talking with his hands ;-) 14:00
MattHaupt OMG, that would be a great project for her. Her professor would prolly be very impressed once she accomplishes that 14:01
MattHaupt You'll prolly have to record the sounds for to animate to though 14:01
Carsten jeff burke's talking style is funky. 14:01
JohnQ He has a natural voice for speaking languages that have creaky-voiced vowels. 14:02
MattHaupt He's a deep dude. 14:02
Carsten JohnQ: lol 14:03
saizai reencoding movie now, looks like it'll take ~10m 14:03
DonB Matt: Oh, that would be cool. I didn't think of recording. 14:03
timonator 10m only! 14:03
saizai + upload etc 14:03
saizai .... hypothetically 14:04
saizai last one failed for unknown reason 14:04
DonB So, will the Conlang movie be available online?? 14:04
timonator how big is it going to become? 14:04
saizai 480x270 14:04
MattHaupt How long is the movie? 14:04
saizai original is 1920x1020? 14:04
timonator hm, i meant the filesize actually :P 14:04
saizai ~15m 14:04
saizai oh 14:04
saizai no idea 14:04
broadcaster They're putting together a dvd. 14:04
DonB Cool! 14:04
saizai I figure they probably prefer I don't post the ultra-high-res version w/out asking :p 14:04
DonB I understand that. 14:04
saizai it's 3gb anyway 14:04
Carsten yeah 14:04
And2 can we have the full version as a torrent, not necessarily today? 14:05
saizai but DAMN it looks good 14:05
DonB I just caught a bit of it this morning... 14:05
MattHaupt Are they trying to sell DVDs or are they going to put it on YouTube? 14:05
timonator you can see each and every pimple of the cool-conlang-dude :P 14:05
MattHaupt LOL 14:05
saizai this is jim rosenberg 14:05
timonator *will* get it on dvd 14:05
DonB me ditto 14:05
broadcaster selling DVD's in small release, apparently. 14:05
And2 who is speaking now? 14:05
broadcaster jim rosenberg. 14:06
Mia wants one of those DVDs too. 14:06
And2 who he? 14:06
Carsten yeah... 14:06
saizai email me if you want a Conlang movie DVD 14:06
Carsten I'd like one too 14:06
saizai like now so we don't forget 14:06
Carsten only thing I worry about is shipping costs 14:06
saizai shipping cost for DVD is like $7 max anywhere 14:06
DonB any ideas (not that I expect it) on cost of DVD itself? 14:06
Carsten oh, that's pretty cheap actually 14:06
saizai no 14:07
Carsten last time I ordered something from the US I payed like $15 14:07
saizai I didn't know they were making one :p 14:07
saizai shipping? 14:07
saizai that seems like a very large amount to me 14:07
Carsten 15 for shipping, yeah 14:07
saizai dvd can ship in a padded envelope 14:07
Carsten or 12 maybe, however it was over $10 14:07
saizai shrugs 14:07
saizai anyway, I don't know details 14:07
Carsten k 14:07
DonB Who is Jim Rosenberg? 14:07
saizai friend of durand's 14:07
MattHaupt Hey Sai - has Tony Harris attended the LCC? 14:08
DonB gotcha. thanks. 14:08
saizai does structured poetry 14:08
Carsten will LCC3 be available on DVD as well, and how much will it cost if so? 14:08
saizai unusual stuff to me, dunno if it's odd within electronic lit 14:08
saizai I know very little about that world 14:08
saizai Carsten: yes nd don't know 14:08
— Mia left the chat room. 14:08
saizai it'll take some months to rip 14:08
Carsten ok 14:08
timonator hey, can i get it on blue-ray, too? 14:08
saizai hopefully reasonable price 14:08
saizai and um... no idea? 14:09
saizai email me to remind and explain why 14:09
saizai I have to figure out how we'd do duplication etc 14:09
Carsten I thought about getting both DVDs at once to save shipping costs. 14:09
— Mia joined the chat room. 14:09
timonator i would also settle for a non-dvd-player-compatible-dvd with the 3gb highres file on it :) 14:09
And2 how about a torrent and an honour-system of payment? 14:09
timonator that would be fine with me, too 14:10
saizai And2: will ask marta 14:10
And2 thanks 14:10
Broca I kinda like physical stuff. 14:10
saizai Carsten: probably not possible 14:10
Carsten ok 14:10
And2 i kinda dislike physical stuff. that's why I like grammar 14:10
saizai LCC DVD = me basically (tho if you can do decent video editing PLEASE EMAIL ME PLEASE) 14:10
MattHaupt Sai: Is Tony Harris in attendence at the LCC? 14:10
saizai Conlang DVD = them 14:11
saizai MattHaupt: he was 14:11
saizai not sure if he's here now 14:11
saizai I don't see him 14:11
saizai I think he left 14:11
— schuyler-ouwi left the chat room. 14:11
DonB saizai: Excellent interview with Tony Harris btw on the blog! 14:11
saizai DonB: thanks :) 14:11
Mia I really enjoyed that interview as well. 14:12
saizai fwiw I thought it was one of the best I've done so far 14:12
And2 i always thought sally and steven wd be made for each other -- living in model villages 14:12
saizai just in terms of enjoyability to do 14:12
saizai he's a great guy 14:13
DonB as are you, Sai! 14:13
saizai flatterer :p 14:13
JohnQ *COUGH* 14:13
DonB :-) 14:13
saizai it's kinda weird to meet someone you've talked with tho 14:13
saizai voice-face association 14:13
saizai his voice is a sort of independent thing that I knew 'cause we talked for 2h 14:13
Broca If you think the Tony Harris interview was great, just wait for the next episodes! 14:14
saizai and then - woah person behind it! 14:14
DonB I know what you mean. 14:14
saizai Broca: reminds me - could you send us a clip of that section you emailed about? 14:14
saizai +/- 1 min or so 14:14
saizai I didn't get what you meant re transition 14:14
Broca saizai: do you want it before or after I cut things out? 14:14
saizai both 14:14
Broca Okay 14:15
saizai thanks 14:15
kaleissin I nead to do something smarter with the translations on CALS. Large texts look rather bad. 14:15
kaleissin oh, late 14:15
saizai reencode is almost done 14:15
kaleissin lots to do before bedtime 14:15
saizai looks like this thing isn't so bad when it's running off hd 14:15
saizai yay technology 14:15
DonB saizai: What was the official attendance count for LCC3? 14:15
kaleissin "better living through technology" 14:16
saizai DonB: 43ish 14:16
DonB saizai: in-person, right? +the 27 people viewing online? 14:17
saizai DonB: right 14:17
MattHaupt Nice 14:17
saizai online peak was ~30ish? 14:17
DonB Cool!! 14:17
saizai tho not sure exactly how many IRLs are logged in too 14:17
saizai at least 3 14:17
saizai broadcaster, me, sky 14:18
saizai durand 14:18
saizai shrugs 14:18
DonB Are those figures comparable to LCC2? 14:18
saizai that's ~+10 14:18
DonB woo-hoo! 14:18
saizai maybe a bit less 14:18
saizai LCC2 was ~35 iirc offhand 14:18
DonB who's that talking right now? 14:19
MattHaupt Can you imagine someday us having a conlang conference like in Las Vegas or something? :D 14:19
DonB Vegas, baby! 14:19
saizai that's samantha 14:19
DonB thanx 14:19
MattHaupt LOL Swingers 14:19
broadcaster Sam from the Lingua Ignota process. 14:19
broadcaster project. 14:19
saizai MattHaupt: about as well as I can imagine a Conlang TV sitcom 14:19
saizai :p 14:20
DonB Hey, they have "the big bang theory" for science nerds... 14:20
saizai yeah but science is generl ;) 14:20
DonB ...We should lobby for a continuing conlang character on that show. 14:20
saizai and very wide ranging 14:20
saizai hmmm 14:20
saizai that's an interesting twist 14:20
saizai find out their producer contact 14:21
DonB mild-mannered linguist by day, swinging conlanger by night 14:21
saizai should be on the station's page 14:21
saizai wooo! 14:21
DonB and of course all the "hard" scientists could look down on the linguist. 14:21
saizai I assure you there are such conlangers IRL 14:21
MattHaupt LMAO Sooo money 14:21
saizai :-X on who tho :p 14:21
timonator well, they already had one episode in which they played klingon boggle 14:22
saizai woo encode done 14:22
saizai testing 14:22
DonB I remember hearing about the klingon boggle. 14:22
saizai looks good 14:22
saizai going up 14:22
timonator (which inspired the german lojbanists to play lojban scrabble at the 25c3 last year 14:22
DonB :-) We are part of a such a cool community. 14:23
MattHaupt Well folks I'm going offline to get some important stuff done (six-month old son is calling) 14:23
Carsten did they have ' and . Klötzchen too? 14:23
DonB By Matt! 14:23
MattHaupt Talk some more online later 14:23
JohnQ cya matt. 14:23
Carsten what do you call the things in Scrabble with letters on them in English? 14:23
DonB tiles 14:23
Mia See ya, Matt 14:23
MattHaupt ?me hops on the magic bean bag chair and zooms away 14:23
timonator http://jbotcan.org/jbo/src/1230508956996.jpg <- lojban scrabble :)) 14:23
timonator Carsten: ' yes . no 14:24
MattHaupt hops on the magic bean bag chair and zooms away 14:24
MattHaupt Ah there we go 14:24
Broca timonator: i'e 14:24
DonB me wants one of those magic bean bags. 14:24
— MattHaupt left the chat room. 14:24
Jan Hello folks, just back from dinner. A really belated one, I admit (it's 10:23 PM here now), but there you do. I'm going to sign off for today. I really enjoyed being with you, even on such a distance! I wish you a nice and pleasant continuation of the conference, a lovely dinner & lots of fun. 14:24
Jan Cheerio, everybody! 14:24
Serena is back - after having finally re-found the LCC3 page among all the open webpages on the desktop 14:25
Serena bye Jan! 14:25
JohnQ Bye Jan. 14:25
DonB bye Jan...great relay performance 14:25
Mia Bye, Jan 14:25
Jan Bye bye! 14:25
Jan waves 14:26
saizai uploading now 14:26
saizai 2m eta 14:26
timonator a) watch Conlang and have a blast and feel smashed the whole next day, b) go to bed, survive the next day somehow and then watch conlang 14:26
timonator 14:26
— Jan left the chat room. 14:26
kaleissin so: how do you guys like irc? 14:26
DonB so is Conlang going to be available online then? 14:26
broadcaster timonator, the film itself is only ~15m. 14:26
kaleissin We've been trying to keep a conlang-channel going on freenode but it's pretty dead 14:27
DonB sorry, I meant is the Conlang movie going to be online? 14:27
saizai GET IT NOW http://conlang.org/lcc3/talks/Conlang_Final_sm.mp4 14:28
broadcaster Switching tapes. 14:28
timonator goes for a) 14:28
timonator oh god faster plz kthx :< 14:28
Serena Is there anything as a conlang-forum? That would be more manageable than a IRC chat probably, yet less "structured" than the mailing list 14:30
saizai zbb 14:30
DonB I wonder if there's some way we could have an IRC-type live forum from time to time? 14:30
DonB like this? Maybe on a specific topic? 14:31
DonB every so often? 14:31
kaleissin the trick is telling ppl when to show up... 14:31
DonB exactly. 14:31
Serena I mean, the list is pretty much linguistics & conlanging stuff, a forum is closer to a chat in being less formal, that's what I meant, not really less structured 14:31
kaleissin and then have them show up! 14:31
broadcaster Neat. 14:32
kaleissin the cool thing with irc is that you can live conlang :) 14:33
DonB oooo, I hadn't even really thought of that. :) 14:33
timonator yay at lcc flag in background 14:33
DonB It still warms the cockles of my heart to see the photos of the conlang flag hanging in the Cleveland Public Library 14:33
Broca timonator: that's the conlang flag. Don't let the LCS/LCC think they own it all by themselves. :-) 14:34
DonB Broca: Amen! 14:35
timonator woops. 14:35
DonB How about a regular IRC chat (once a month??) sponsored by the LCS with a specific topic? 14:35
DonB or to "talk" about or create a specific language. 14:35
parkerglynn-adey_ DonB: I think that would be realllly good. 14:36
— parkerglynn-adey_ is now known as pgadey. 14:36
DonB ...and they'd be a specific amount of time so people didn't go on and on (unless they wanted to ? ;-) 14:36
Broca DonB: why not? That would probably bring out some of the folks who aren't total IRC junkies. Like now. 14:36
DonB I know this is my first extended IRC *ever*... 14:37
pgadey I used to be much more a IRC person, not so much these days. 14:37
saizai ditto 14:37
DonB except for what I did at work with virtual reference. 14:37
saizai Broca: we don't 14:37
Carsten I've tried to cut my ircing down recently 14:37
pgadey It's a much nicer medium than MSN / GTalk / etc. 14:37
saizai as I posted to CONLANG recently it's public domain 14:37
Carsten I've been way too much on #isharia during the last 3 years 14:37
Carsten and actually *only* that 14:37
saizai but fwiw if you want to buy a real life flag, email me as we're doing a group buy 14:37
saizai to make it feasibly cheap 14:37
DonB ya know, I don't even know how to get onto IRC other than this. 14:37
saizai DonB: what OS? 14:38
DonB On my laptop? Windows. 14:38
DonB Windows XP, I believe. 14:38
pgadey mIRC is super popular, well supported, and sucky according to me. 14:38
saizai get mIRC 14:38
Mia I used to be an IRC rat before I started playing MMORPGs. (*sigh* I'm a hopeless nerd.) 14:38
DonB Let's hear it for the hopeless nerds! 14:39
saizai wooo! 14:39
DonB hip hip hoorah! 14:39
kaleissin hear-hear! 14:39
Broca saizai: sorry, what was that a response to? 14:39
Mia applauds wildly for all the hopeless nerds. 14:39
saizai Broca: which that? The woo was for Don :) 14:39
Broca 22:37 < saizai> Broca: we don't 14:40
saizai we don't own it 14:40
saizai in any sense 14:40
kaleissin Maybe we should write about irc on the list. 14:40
Broca Right. 14:40
kaleissin there are better clients than mirc after all :) 14:40
DonB I think it's great that the LCC is able to promote the ol' black, gold, and purple flag. 14:40
DonB Promote...not own. 14:40
pgadey I really like it. 14:40
saizai right 14:40
DonB Those colors are going to get associated with our art and craft. 14:41
saizai likewise we promote, not own, conlangs & conlanging ;) 14:41
saizai huge diff 14:41
JohnQ Well, folks, I gotta go. Nice seeing y'all. I may be in Saarbrucken next year for LCC4 if the timing is right. 14:41
DonB just like the American Philatelic Society doesn't own stamps. 14:41
Mia brb. I messed up my sound. Need to restart my browser. 14:42
DonB Bye JohnQ! 14:42
kaleissin ouaah, late! 14:42
saizai waves 14:42
kaleissin g'night all 14:42
— Mia left the chat room. 14:42
— kaleissin left the chat room. 14:42
— JohnQ left the chat room. 14:42
pgadey How much are the conlang flags? 14:43
saizai http://conlang.org/lcc3/movie.php 14:43
saizai pgadey: ~$35 + ship 14:43
saizai depending on # people in on it 14:43
saizai more people, less cost 14:43
saizai the majority of cost is upfront 14:44
saizai in making the sceenprint 14:44
pgadey saizai: Fair enough. I just took out a lease on a nice apartment in a century home from 1886, so that would be nice to fly out front. 14:44
saizai pgadey: I did that for quite a while :) 14:44
saizai my current apt disallows flags tho :( 14:44
Carsten ah, so that is another application for screenprint. I didn't know that 14:44
Carsten though it makes sense 14:44
saizai there are several techniques for making flags 14:45
Carsten it's a textile after all 14:45
saizai but this one works quite well 14:45
pgadey I think my roomie will be flying Karmapa's Dream Flag. 14:45
Carsten also, you can't print flags in offset ;) 14:45
broadcaster Sorry if that was loud for y'all. 14:45
saizai if anything the next order will be higher quality 14:45
saizai 'cause paul s. remade the flag pic 14:45
saizai much better than what we had then 14:45
timonator haha, fun movie 14:46
saizai go to the php for flash 14:46
— Mia joined the chat room. 14:46
DonB I just saw the movie link. I'm looking forward to watching. 14:46
saizai about same quality 14:46
saizai mp4 is a bit better but bigger 14:46
saizai anyway we're wrapping up now 14:46
DonB This time I have to go for sure. Sai, David J.P., David Durand, et et al., Congratulations on a great conference! I am soooo glad for the simulcast.... 14:47
saizai thanks :) 14:47
DonB ...and honored by the official citation and kudos from the BOD. 14:48
DonB Say Goodbye to David Peterson for me. 14:48
DonB and have a safe trip back to CA. 14:48
pgadey DonB: Likewise. The simul cast was great. 14:48
DonB CLAP@ CLAP1 14:48
Carsten clap 14:48
— LCC3guest left the chat room. 14:49
timonator .o(why isn't the dirty limmerick in lojban dirty?) 14:49
— DonB left the chat room. 14:50
Carsten yeah, the simulcast and chat was a great opportunity to be there without being there ;) 14:50
Serena yes, simulcast without chat wouldn't have been the same 14:51
Mia I am glad that I had this opportunity to see things and to chat. 14:51
Broca timonator: isn't it dirty? 14:51
saizai aaand we're out 14:51
saizai hope y'all had a great time 14:51
saizai thanks for the participation 14:52
timonator Broca: didn't seem too dirty to me? 14:52
saizai and pgadey particularly for the questions ;) 14:52
saizai Carsten: great to hear you by voice :) 14:52
pgadey saizai: I hope there weren't too many, or they weren't too mundane. 14:52
timonator it's basically "the noobs find it hard to make something that has [lots of properties of limmericks]" 14:52
Broca saizai: great conference, the community spirit was awesome. 14:52
Carsten thanks for letting me phone in to you too :) 14:53
Broca timonator: I thought one of them was Jorge's “doi dirba”. 14:53
Carsten I've said it before, it's pretty much awesome that this is possible at all 14:53
timonator maybe the one carl was writing 14:53
timonator couldn't read it 14:53
Carsten speaking live to people who are 5,000 km away over the internet 14:53
pgadey Carsten: Yeah - That's /pretty/ rad. 14:54
pgadey I think that it all came together. With the simulcast, and all. 14:55
— vincent left the chat room. 14:55
Carsten we definitely need to have that for lcc4 as well 14:55
pgadey Carsten: Mhmm. 14:55
Carsten uh oh, why is the lag so high again... 14:55
Carsten I hope my connection isn't short of failing 14:56
Carsten uh 14:56
Carsten *about to fail 14:56
Carsten ah, back to normal again, phew 14:57
timonator Carsten: see you at the lcc4 in germany? ;) 14:58
Carsten I try my very best ;) 14:59
Carsten will any of you american/candadian folks be there? 14:59
Carsten or at least planning to go already? 14:59
Carsten or considering 15:00
pgadey :S I hope. 15:00
Mia I was just discussing that with my husband today. With lots of time to prepare in advance, I think I am going to try... 15:00
Carsten with people from other european countries we'd be truly international :) 15:00
pgadey A year. A couple grand... I think I can manage. 15:01
Mia This year just ended up being a mess of bad timing and finances. Just last week I was still trying to work out the logistics. 15:02
pgadey Mia: Agreed. 15:02
timonator good night everyone! next year i'll be a little less passive :) 15:03
broadcaster killing feed now 15:04
— saizai left the chat room. 15:09
Carsten night folks 15:10
— Carsten left the chat room. 15:10
— guitarplayer joined the chat room. 15:10
guitarplayer that is, nice to meet y'all :) 15:11
guitarplayer night 15:11
— guitarplayer left the chat room. 15:11
Mia Well, time for me to put dinner on the table. 15:12
Mia It was nice chatting today and yesterday. Hope to see y'all around. :) 15:12
— Mia left the chat room. 15:12
— broadcaster left the chat room. 15:12
— Serena left the chat room. 15:24
— And2 left the chat room. 16:14
— pgadey left the chat room. 16:42
— parkerglynn-adey joined the chat room. 17:06
— LCC3guest joined the chat room. 17:07
— And left the chat room. 17:19
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— parkerglynn-adey left the chat room. 18:25
— saizai joined the chat room. 20:38
— saizai is now known as Guest1364. 20:3