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2nd Language Creation Conference
Berkeley, CA - 7-8 July 2007
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The Second Language Creation Conference took place on the weekend of July 7-8 at UC Berkeley. The 3rd LCC is currently being planned for April 2008, at U. Rochester, NY.

Ever wondered to what extent the languages of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series are languages? Or whether the unbreakable linguistic universals that are claimed to underlie all languages are truly unbreakable? Or perhaps how to say, "Where's the restroom" in Klingon? If so, or if you're a fan of language in any form, come check out the Second Language Creation Conference July 7-8 at UC Berkeley!

On the agenda are several in-depth talks ranging in subject matter from language games, to the problematic nature of the success of a created language -- including a keynote address by David Salo, the linguist in charge of bringing Tolkien's languages to the screen in the recent Lord of the Rings film trilogy. In attendance will be language creators from all over the country -- some who have been working lovingly on their creations for forty or more years, and others who continually try to push the boundaries of what a language can do, rather than being satisfied with what naturally evolved languages currently do. Come to chat about languages (created or natural), hear some great talks, participate in several panel discussions and workshops, and take in the atmosphere of downtown Berkeley in summer.

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