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2nd Language Creation Conference
Berkeley, CA - 7-8 July 2007
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Event Schedule
LCC2 Program (pdf)
LCC2 Relay (offsite)


Shirts etc


Update: Jim Henry's Glossotechnia website now up, as well as Matt Haupt's spinoff


Photos (Hosted on Picasa):

Free video of all talks will also be made available online once the tapes are ripped. For video from the first LCC, see Google Video.

LCC2 live webcast archive: Saturday (162 MB) and Sunday (174 MB)

They are q -1 mono ogg (ABR 36.3 kb/s) transcoded from the original 128kbps .ogg (which were ~550MB each).

Ogg Vorbis audio files can be played in most modern audio player software, including current versions of Winamp, VLC, xmms, Amarok, etc. Many thanks to HEx & P2E on freenode #vorbis for donating their packet hacking skills to recover Saturday's corrupted file! If you have the tools to remove the hiss in the recording, please contact Sai.

For those interested: the file headers were lost for some unknown resaon. HEx took a splice dd'd off the front of both the Saturday and Sunday originals and gave me back a 4k header to cat on to the front of the corrupted file. If you want *more* detail, you'll have to ask them. ;-) The files they worked from are linked above.

Slides etc.:

John Quijada (pps); handout (doc)
Jeff Burke (ppt)
Jim Henry (pdf); talk outline (html); Glossotechnia rules (html)
Donald Boozer (ppt)
David Peterson (ppt), IPA font (ttf), Sidaan font (ttf)
Sylvia Sotomayor (ppt), handout (pdf)
James Gang (pdf)
Incorporating Conlangs Into Your Life panel (ppt)
Vocab Workshop (ppt)
Vocab Workshop part 2 (ppt)