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4th Language Creation Conference
May 14-15 2011, Groningen, Netherlands
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LCC4: Live!

Chat Log for LCC4 Day 1 | Chat Log for LCC4 Day 2

Join the IRC chat below. To ask questions of the presenter, address them clearly to the moderator and write as if you are directly speaking to the presenter (they will be read verbatim). It's also a good idea to tell them how to pronounce your name (or handle, whichever you prefer). If you want to use your own software, join OFTC #lcc4 on IRC.

(Note: The preceding means that you should enter "" as your hostname [no password], and once you're there, join the channel #lcc4.)

LIVE audio only stream

(for low bandwidth)

Using your software: live mp3 stream or this Flash widget:

LIVE video

(higher bandwidth; requires Flash)

Video chat rooms at Ustream

IRC Chat (requires Java)

Enter the nickname you want to be known by in the IRC Java client into the box provided below, then click on the "Chat!" button. You will be asked to allow several things: Please allow them all. Once it's done, a window will appear in the browser window below where you entered your name, and you will be able to chat in the LCC4 IRC channel. Be patient, as it may take a few minutes to load.

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